Eric Lefkofsy: One Genome At a Time

Eric Lefkofsky is co-founder and CEO of a company called Tempus. Tempus is a company that provides cancer treatment and now has the ability to help those with a cancer diagnosis personalized care. Eric Lrefkofsky is also a philanthropist as well. He and his wife founded their own charitable organization committed to causes that they both believe strongly in.

Eric Lefkofsky has had quite a few entrepreneurial ventures over the last fifteen years. He helped create businesses like in 2007, Lightbbank in 2010 and became CEO of a company called Groupon in 2013. He is also a teacher and a writer as well. In an article for Eric Lefkofsky and his team at Tempus discuss the new frontier of personalized care when it comes to patients being diagnosed with cancer.

It seems these days that everyone knows someone who has battled cancer. Eric Lefkofsky and his team have come up with a new and inventive way to battle this horrible disease. The team at Tempus has come up with a computerized program that can analyze a patient’s molecular structure and provide top-notch care for that specific patient. By taking the structure of the DNA of the patient the team at Tempus can specifically create a program to help the particular patient with the type of cancer that he or she has. Genome sequencing can help doctors decide what kind of treatment is best for the patient.

Eric Lefkofsky and his team wholeheartedly that the future looks very bright in areas such as genome sequencing and personalized care. many other diseases could be treated with a program like this and hopefully, one day eradicate all types of cancer. This process is working for patients one step at a time.

Tempus and Eric Lefkosky are headquartered in Chicago. Through the efforts of Eric and his team, people can look into the future and one-day lives can benefit in a world where no one has to be diagnosed or suffer from cancer. With each program and progressive step, Eric Lefkofsky and his team are finding the keys to beat cancer each day.



Securus Technologies, Keeping Everyone Safe One Call at a Time

Communications in correctional facilities is a topic that seems to be drawing much attention lately. While there are many technologies available to help enhance the lives of the inmates, there are drawbacks when the communications aren’t monitored. More specifically, contraband cell phones have been a problem in correctional facilities for quite some time. Many might wonder why this would be a problem, as the inmates are afforded several ways to communicate via phone and even video chat. The problem that’s been presented is that when the calls aren’t monitored, inmates may have bad motives.


The problem has become so great that a baby has been murdered, and a former correctional officer was shot several times in retaliation. Robert Johnson is the correctional officer who was shot, and the act was plotted using a contraband cell phone. He now works as a consultant for Securus Technologies to end the problem by cutting off the cells before the communication can even happen.


The technology is known as a wireless containment system, or WCS for short. These systems intercept calls and text messages prior to them being sent. The technology has been proven to be effective and has intercepted nearly two million calls as of the publication of the news stories of Johnson. The nine-month-old baby, Kendarius Edwards Jr. could have lived had this technology been used in the facility. Johnson is an advocate for the installation of the WCS systems and continues to work towards his cause.


As previously mentioned, Securus Technologies provide inmates with the technology they need to stay connected with loved ones. They offer calling, video chat, email, voicemail and many other technologies at an affordable cost to the inmates. Securus Technologies has also acquired companies such as JPay to add even more to help inmates, such as tablets to use for educational endeavors. The company also provides monitoring services to keep everyone safe. The monitoring systems have intercepted many crimes, have been used as evidence to prosecute, and have assisted in investigations.


While many may deem the ending of cell phone calls and monitoring all calls as excessive, the procedure has worked out with incredible success. Inmates can access the tools to stay connected, however, they must understand that it’s in everyone’s best interest to curtail crime. The process has also identified unethical employees and has helped them to be disciplined for their wrongdoing. WCS systems provide safety for everyone. Hopefully, Johnson and Securus Technologies will be able to make this a required process for all facilities soon.


Cassio Audi: The Man & His Music

Brazil’s own Cassio Audi may presently be known as a college graduate, successful entrepreneur, respected financier and investment manager, but there is more to him than meets the eye. Indeed, in his younger days, Audi was something completely different.

While may have decades of experience dealing with money matters, Audi has lived an exciting past life. Decades ago, Cassie Audi was actually a renowned, professional musician. During the 1980s, Audi worked as a drummer and percussionist for the then-popular heavy metal band known as Viper.

He said goodbye to the South American-based band in 1989. Prior to his departure though he appeared on a pair of the act’s albums and even reportedly wrote one of the tunes for the band’s 1987 platter “Soldiers of Sunrise.” The album, re-released in 1992 and 1997, and his part in bringing heavy metal to Latin America in general, are why Audi remains known to fans of the genre today.

Cassio signed on with Viper while still a teenager. He was with the group for almost a decade until he felt he no longer had a purpose there. His term with Viper was a productive one as he is said to have played a significant role in the development of the act.

Audi plays on a number of their tracks including the demos. His final contribution was his work on their official debut disc, “Soldiers of Sunrise” which hit the record racks the year before he left. Like the rest of Viper, Audi was strongly influenced by numerous Brit heavy metal bands from the early 1980s such as Iron Maiden. In fact, the aforementioned Soldiers of Sunrise studio LP went on to become popular with both heavy metal fans and critics alike. To this day, it remains as Viper’s most popular releases ever.

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Sussex Health Care: United Kingdoms Top Retirement Home

Sussex Health Care is one of the top retirement homes in the United Kingdom. For the past 25 years, Sussex Health Care has received numerous awards and recognition because of the quality of service that they are providing.

The retirement home is not only known all throughout the United Kingdom, but it is also known overseas because of their world-class facilities, health care services, and treatment according to The retirement home welcomes senior tenants from different backgrounds, and Sussex Health Care ensures each of their tenants that they will be receiving the love and care that they deserve.

Located on a lush green field south of London, the retirement home at Sussex Health Care is described as peaceful and more akin to paradise. The retirement home has some facilities that the senior tenants can use for their enjoyment. There are also nurses which roam the facility 24/7 making sure that the medical needs of the senior tenants are being given on time. They are also making sure that the tenants are in good shape, and that all of their required activities to stay fit are being observed. Aside from providing their medical needs, the retirement home at Sussex Health Care is also making sure that their social needs are also being provided, by sponsoring different activities inside the facility that would allow them to meet new friends. They are also filling up much of their time by doing a lot of hobbies and attending several workshops inside the facility that focuses on music and arts.

The senior tenants who are living in the retirement home at Sussex Health Care revealed that their lives inside the facility are enjoyable. They are being provided with all of their needs, and they stated that they felt happy meeting new people. Aside from taking care of the seniors, the retirement home at Sussex Health Care also has a facility for treatment and rehabilitation for those who are suffering from brain injuries, dementia, and other disabilities. The trained and professional staffs that are working inside the Sussex Health Care knows how to deliver quality care to their patients.

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‘Who is Adam Milsten?’ You may ask. This name may not be new to you especially if you are familiar with the well-known philanthropists of the world. Adam Milstein is a popular businessperson and philanthropist who has a significant investment in real estate. Mr Adam is an Israel-American who acts as the managing partner of a company known as the Hager Pacific Properties. Adam’s birth country is Israel at a place known as Hafai. He was the firstborn of his family with his mother being a homemaker and his father a working as a real estate developer. These two met each other after each migrated into Israel. In 1950, they married and had their first child naming him Adam Milstein.

In 1971, Adam Milsteinfound himself in mandatory duty in the Israel defence forces. He served in the Army during the war of Yom Kippur which took place in 1973. During this period, Adam fought on the Egyptian front while Ariel Sharon led the defence forces of Israel. One of the most significant time in the forces was the crossing of the Suez Canal which Adam Milstein actively participated in. Adam, later on, decided to enrol in the Technion to pursue his education. Here he was able to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics. This was in the year 1978. As a student, he was also working with his father in efforts to grow the family business of construction and real estate.

Adam got married in his hometown, Haifa, to Gila Elgrably in the year 1974. Later on in 1981, Adam together with his family moved to the United States where he would eventually earn a master’s degree in business and administration-this was in 1983- from the University of Southern California. With his impressive expertise, Adam worked as a sales agent in real estate. Adam Milstein and his Wife, in 2000, decided to work together and founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This foundation had an aim of providing philanthropic and charitable services to organisations with relatable aims and objectives. This would, in turn, strengthen the State of Israel, the U.S. and the Jewish people in general and to know more

Nick Vertucci is Redefining the World of Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is a businessman and an entrepreneur. He came from a family that struggled to make ends meet. He saw his mother work very hard to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, after his father passed away. When Nick was barely 18 years old, he found himself living in his van. A couple of years later, Vertucci started his own business and began selling computer parts. He found operating a business quite challenging, but he loved the freedom that came with being his own boss. In the year 2000, the dot com bomb hit and everything he put into his business was gone. Looking back, he saw he did not invest in the future so when things got tough, such as they did in 2000, the bottom literally fell out of his business.

For the next year and a half, Vertucci had very little income and he was on the verge of losing what little he had left. He went to a three day seminar with a friend about real estate and even though he was apprehensive about the time he spent at the seminar, something for him clicked. Looking back, he realized it was the best decision he ever made. He took in all he heard and even though a lot of it was beyond his comprehension at the time, he knew it was the answer to his financial woes. He felt a tremendous sense of inspiration and he set on the path to learn all he could about the real estate industry. Nick Vertucci eventually developed a system that worked for him and his system was simple and straight forward.

He turned the information he learned about the real estate industry into a money making venture. He decided he would teach his system to others in the hopes he would help others make a better life for themselves, the way he did. Nick Vertucci found that most people have the passion and drive to be successful, but they lack the knowhow. He started The Nick Vertucci Companies that brings real estate solutions to those interested in that field.

NVReal Estate Academy is the centerpiece company that offers advice and knowhow, as well as the strategies that Nick Vertucci developed. The classes offered by the company are designed to empower individuals to take on whatever real estate opportunities are out there and be successful with them.

Scientist, Surgeon and Entrepreneur Dr. Cameron Clokie is a Proud Canadian

Dr. Cameron Clokie became a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) in 1985 after which he continued comprehensive medical studies graduating in 1990. Two years later, he was appointed as Head of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and received a PH.D in bone regeneration from McGill University in Quebec, Canada. A year later, in 1993, after becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and a Diplomat of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, he opened his bone research group at McGill University, which was later moved to the University of Toronto.

As a dedicated medic, his life’s work has been in the development of bio-implants that will eventually replace autogenous bone grafts. A protein known as BMP (Bone Morphogenetic Protein), discovered by renowned orthopedic surgeon, Marshall Urist, in the 1950s, under whom Dr. Clokie worked for 4 years, is implanted into the affected area, tricking adult stem cells into triggering new bone tissue growth.

The theory of stem cell therapy is not new and the many breakthroughs into the research of regenerative tissue have been highlighted in medical and scientific journals, but it was not until several years ago that Dr. Clokie began providing an alternative in reconstructive dental and facial surgery.

Widely sought after for his highly informative publications and presentations, he has lectured nationally and internationally on a wide variety of topics including “how maintaining regular dental care affects overall health” and regenerative medicine.

Involved in teaching and sharing his innovative discoveries with the medical profession, the entrepreneurial side of his character has resulted in him becoming the holder of 25 U.S. and International current or pending experimental patents including many related to bone healing.

He recently retired from academia and is now the CEO of Induce Inc., a company in the forefront of the development and improvement of BPM striving to reduce side effects and costs, which Medicare and other insurances do not cover.

Looking for a Content Agency? Look in Los Angeles.

Businesses who are looking for effective content can find content creators and agencies all over the world, but there is no better place to find a high-quality content agency than Los Angeles, California.

In past decades, Los Angeles was the place to move if you were looking to become a rock star or make it big in the movie industry. This is still true, but now content creators of all media are heading to Los Angeles. Aspiring YouTubers, bloggers and copywriters have also found the answer to their dreams in this exciting city. If you are looking to work in a content agency (or start your own,) Los Angeles is the place to go. Los Angeles is home to a countless number of content creators and agencies, as well as worldwide platforms like Snapchat and YouTube for creators to put their content. Huge developments in virtual and augmented reality are also happening in Los Angeles, changing the way we consume information and live our everyday lives. Content is king, and Los Angeles is home to his castle.

If you are looking to develop content for your small business or latest venture, look no further than agencies that are based in Los Angeles. With so much competition in the area, each copywriter or videographer has high standards to meet in order to produce content that will stand out from the crowd. Businesses can use this competition to their advantage, and can find high-quality work coming out of Los Angeles.

(Facing competition and struggles as an entrepreneur? Tenacity is the key to growing your business.)

Generating leads and closing sales requires a specific content marketing strategy that is true to your business and your audience. Let a content agency help you develop content that will work with this strategy and boost your marketing ROI.

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Em Writes is a content agency based in Manhattan Beach, a Los Angeles beach town. Emily Hubbell and her team of professional content marketers and creators will help you create content that guides your audience along the customer journey and grow your business. Get in contact with Em to learn more about how effective content can help you in the new year.

How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built Her Billion Dollar Empire

The tech industry is making incredible fortunes overnight and the dating world is the source of many of them. This is exemplified by the overnight growth of Whitney Wolfe Herd and her ability to turn her app Bumble into one of America’s household names without even trying, but there’s so much more to what she’s trying to do than simply making a successful app. She wants to use Bumble as a way to empower women and give them much more control over their lives. Starting with dating but going much further, she has made Bumble into one of the most popular apps for friend matching and business as well.

It can’t be stressed enough just how much her app is changing the world around us. While there have been plenty of dating apps, none have attempted to take on sexual harassment online in the same way Bumble has. Bumble makes sure all heterosexual encounters start with the woman making the first move. This means there is no room for sexual harassment and it means that women no longer need to fear rejection. The plan is off to a great start and it’s made Bumble into one of the most popular apps around, but there’s so much more to Bumble than dating.

In addition to dating, people are using Bumble to find friends and network. This makes Bumble so much more than its competitors. You can find other apps out there to get a date, but how many of them offer you the ability to network and talk to new people? This is going to give Wolfe an advantage her rivals only wish they could duplicate with their own apps. It isn’t going to take long for Bumble to turn into the female friendly equivalent of the other social media giants we’ve grown used to.

Whitney Wolfe Herd took on the role of CEO at the age of 27 and she’s proven she’s one of the greatest leaders around. There are so many tech entrepreneurs out there it can be difficult to decide which ones are really standing out. Given the profound success of Bumble, we can be certain she’ll be written down in the analogs of history as someone who helped redefine how we think about dating and social networking in general. The female voice in social media has spoken and it looks like she’s going to be here for a long time.

Desiree Perez Gets Recognized by Billboard

Desiree Perez is definitely doing her thing when it comes to helping Jay-Z build better entertainment business ventures. Desiree Perez has proven herself to be a powerful business woman that definitely knows how to make the best of any situation.

Jay-Z has been able to count on her a of number of times when it comes to doing things like helping with the Roc Nation roster and helping him build up Tidal. This has become the thing that she has excelled in over and over. She is the business woman that is able to give influence and take charge when she is needed.

She knows how to negotiate contracts and play her role behind the scenes when it comes to getting the artist what they need to excel to the next level. That is why she is one of the women of the year. She knows a lot about the entertainment industry, and she has put her heart and soul into creating business opportunities that will allow so many of the artists to shine.

Desiree Perez has proven that she is someone that knows a lot about business, and Jay-Z has relied on her heavily to take on things that he may not have time to tend to. This is certainly the case with Roc Nation entertainment. Desiree Perez has put so much time into building up this company and putting people in place where they could easily see exactly how Jay-Z was developing talent.

Desiree Perez has been the woman that has negotiated big contracts for Beyonce and Rihanna. She has also helped Jay-Z turn the Tidal music streaming service around. She has so many different roles, and yet she continues to balance all of these things as she works toward expanding Roc Nation Sports and Roc Nation entertainment.