Michel Terpins Journey in Brazilian Rally competitions

When Jack Terpins, a renowned basketball player, and the president of Maccabi Latin America Confederation and Latin America Jewish Council was raising his two sons, he never imagines that they would grow to become stars in the sporting world. Since they launched their career in a car rally in the early 2000s, Michel and his brother Rodrigo Terpins have grown to become utterly fearless, and utterly headstrong rally drivers.

Michel was born and brought up in a sport loving family. His father played basketball, and his brother is a passionate rally driver. Even though Michel is in his 40s, Michel has lost none of his nerves or the zeal to succeed.

Michel Terpins started differently than most of other rally drivers. He launched his career with the bikes, and the shifted to cars after participating and winning several motorsports competitions. Michel has always been passionate about cars. He loves speed and the thrill that comes with rally driving. To Michel, rallying is part of his life.

He has had a successful career in car racing since the early 2000s. Michel has been racing with his brother as the co-driver for many years. They are part of the Bull Serteos Rally that recently held one of the most challenging competitions. The Bull Serteos Rally Competition covered a total distance of 2600 km with the terrain traversing two States.

Participating in the Bull Serteos Rally requires a driver who is full of determination, commitment, and passion for the cars. Michel Terpins and his brother ride in the T1 prototypes. He teamed up with Fabricio Bianchini in the T1 prototype where they emerged in position three. They emerged in 8th position in the 22nd edition of the rally.

During the competition, Michel and his co-driver focused on familiarizing with the car that they were racing with and the terrain. They exercise caution throughout the competition, which enabled them to rank among the top. Michel was happy with the performance that they pulled out in the competition noting that they performed beyond his expectations. Bull Serteos 22nd edition was one of the biggest off-road competitions that Michel has participated in. The competition attracted a host of famous rally drivers, sponsors, and spectators.

The Duo Driven by Passion and the Strong Urge to Succeed

Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg have studied the market trends as well as people’s needs and preferences. This has led them to change how people view technology as well as fashion. The two did not have any background knowledge about fashion. What led them to the fashion world is their burning desire to succeed as well as prior information about what the customers required. They, thus, formed the Techstyle Fashion Group membership based clothing and beauty companies.

It is worth noting that Adam Goldenberg dived into the vast world of business when he was 15 years old. His first company was known as Gamers Alliance, an advertisement company solely meant for the gaming websites. In the year 1999, the company was purchased by Intermix Media. This saw Adam Goldenberg drop out of school so as to assume the position of a vice president in the strategic planning department at Intermix. He became the chief operating officer in the same company when he was only 20 years.

Don Ressler’s journey towards joining Intermix was similar to Goldenberg’s. Intermix purchased his fitnessheaven.com website in the year 2011. By that time, Don had been able to amass a lot of money from numerous online companies. This factor encouraged him to venture into the fashion world.

Don and Goldenberg became very good friends on the virtue that they were working together at Intermix. These two great men united to form Intelligent Beauty, which is an e-commerce, and subsequently other successful brands. This makes them think about a dynamic way of shopping online. The duo had ascertained that trendy and comfortable clothing was highly sought after by many people and that many customers found it hard acquiring personalized fashion.

Techstyle’s pioneer company was JustFab. JustFab provides customized athletic clothing as well as accessories on a monthly basis. In the year 2016, JustFab was rebranded to become Techstyle. The tech friendly name was coined from the fact that the two had a vast history in the field of digital commerce. Techstyle’s headquarters resembles the colorful, trendy and modern spaces found in numerous start-ups in Silicon Valley. The duo is greatly committed towards social responsibility. This aspect gives the company an upper hand. The company is committed towards giving back to the society. It takes part in many charity events. The future is bright for the two entrepreneurs and their potential to succeed is very high.

George Soros’ efforts to reduce human pain and suffering

George Soros is a Hungarian-American investor, business mogul, philanthropist, and author. He was born in 1930 to a Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary. He came from a humble background, and he was fortunate to have escaped the Nazi war that rocked Hungary as well as the Battle of Budapest which took place during the World War 2.

George Soros later migrated to England in 1947. Here, he attended London School of Economics and worked part-time as a waiter and a porter. This was when Mr. Soros realized that he has fallen in love with finance; as a result, he submitted his application to every bank in London. He was lucky enough to get an entry-level job.

In 1956, George came to New York City through Atlantic. While there, his hardworking spirit never left, he worked from an ordinary trader to analyst and later the vice president and ultimately, manager of an investment fund.

In 1973, George Soros launched Soros Fund Management which later made him one of the famous businessmen in America.

Well, Soros is well known for his heart of giving. According to Open Society Foundations, Mr. Soros has donated over $18 billion of his fortune to the foundation’s charitable work. Under his able and exemplary leadership, the fund has been able to help millions of people and organizations fighting for human rights.

Also, the donations from George Soros have enabled the foundation to sponsor thousands of students who wouldn’t have ever gotten the opportunity due to various unfortunate reasons.

According to New York Times Magazine, Mr. Soros’ generous donation made Open Society Foundation the second-largest charitable organization in the United States of America after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Ever since he was young, Mr. Soros has always depicted that soft part to sympathize with those in pain. During the Nazi occupation that took place from 1944-1945, Soros witnessed brutality and took away over 500,000 Hungarian Jews lives. To survive it, his family has to fake their identity documents and even helped other families to conceal their identity to evade the brutality. And two years after the Nazi occupation, Mr. Soros left Budapest for London.

His hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, made him among the wealthiest. He used his fortune to start Open Society Foundation, an organization present in over 100 countries and function by partnering with other like-minded organizations.

George Soros’ first philanthropic activity started back in the year 1979 when he opted to help black South African students get scholarships during the


Open Society Foundation helped set-up Ebola outbreak in 2014.

In the mid-’90s, when the former Yugoslavia was at war, Mr. Soros through his organization, helped the victims. He donated tens of millions of dollars to charitable organizations who were assisting with relief efforts according to Inside Philanthropy. His organization has also helped women, the disabled, and those who are discriminated because of their color, origin, beliefs, or even their religion.

Besides helping those in need, Mr. Soros also help both economic political sectors. He donated over $75 million to Millennium Promise and Millennium Villages Project to boost their efforts in fighting poverty in Africa.

George Soros also supports political candidates that possess reforms that will bring positive change to its people. According to Politico Magazine, Mr. Soros contributed to both Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. He also helped organizations that dealt with voters education. and Follow him Twitter.com

Four Reasons Classdojo Destroys Written Student Reports for Your Classroom

Classdojo is an instructional app that intertwines students, parents, and schools into a community. Teachers use this app as a tool to streamline communication between themselves and students by providing points for activities or daily achievements.

Work With Your Team to Build Student Engagement

Once one teacher begins to use the app at her school, she can introduce it to her colleagues. Students can then review their daily rewards from each teacher and show the progress to their parents by viewing their Student Profile online.

What’s Better Than Kid-Friendly Tech?

Teachers have an opportunity to introduce the app at the beginning of the school year so kids are aware of what’s expected. It’s designated for K-8 classes where children begin to learn about technology. Classdojo’s aim is to develop student technology knowledge by making it kid-friendly as well as adult/teacher-approved.

Devote Personal Time to Each Student’s DayTeachers use the Classdojo app as a way to encourage students by:

– giving students real-time feedback

– sharing their day with parents

– allowing students to build a portfolio

Real-time feedback is perfect for students because they are driven by rewards. An example of real-time feedback is when a teacher gives points to students that help other students during group activities or when a student volunteers to pass out materials. The students earn their daily point for leadership and teamwork.

Parents Can Chime In On the Fun!

Teachers can use the app to contact parents with private messages in their secure platform. With the student profile and parent access, students are not allowed to see parent-teacher conversations, but they are able to review their daily achievements at any time.

With this kind of technology available, each student knows their teacher is paying attention to their personal growth. You also notice that they’re invested in the parents’ interests. Classdojo is the next step into building a strong support system between the school, parents and students.

Consumers are Noticing EOS Lip Balm

The Evolution of Smooth is making a large amount of people take a second look at their lip balm industry. People that make never have considered changing their lip balm before are realizing that the Evolution of Smooth has something to offer.

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Lip balm is not commonly a big topic, but there is definitely a surge in the sale of lip balm for the Evolution of Smooth. This is a company that has actually made lip balm something of a trending topic. The sphere shaped containers created by the Evolution of Smooth are fun, and celebrities and the working class consumers are intrigued with these fascinating flavorful lip balm varieties.

People are embracing this lip balm because it is different than what they are used to. It is a brand of lip balm that is longer-lasting, and the marketing campaigns are all about the smooth kissable lips. This makes it the type of lip balm that people want to know more about.

It is safe to say that the marketing campaign for the lip balm presented by the Evolution of Smooth has been a success, read this great review. When people hear about smooth lips and safe ingredients for the skin they become intrigued. When consumers that go to eBay and see Disney themed Evolution of Smooth lip balm with a bidding war for these limited time lip balm items they become even more excited. This is the lip balm brand that has taken over social media and given people something to talk about.

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It goes without saying that this is lip balm that is leading the way in this product market. Many other companies that may have had a leading position with consumers in the past are nowhere in heavy competition with the Evolution of Smooth. It has become the lip balm leader.


Regional Dallas Bank Gifts $100,000 To A Women’s Foundation

The Dallas Women’s Foundation will hold their 32nd annual luncheon that will be sponsored this year by Nexbank SSB, a regional bank headquartered in Dallas, TX. Nexbank gifted the foundation with a generous donation of $100,000. This donation will help support the foundation’s cause in helping to advance women’s economic and social standing. The luncheon will be held at the Hilton Anatole, a hotel located in Dallas. Dr. Anne Hope Jahren, an American geochemist and the first woman to win the Macelwane Medal, will be delivering a special keynote address at the 2017 32nd Annual Luncheon. This address will be live-streamed and available to twenty schools, approximately 10,000 students across Northern Texas will be watching.

The Dallas Women’s Foundation Luncheon is hosted every year. More than 1,300 business and community leaders are expected to attend. This foundation is renowned as the world’s largest regional women’s fund. They are also leading in advancing women and girls with positive economic and social change.

Nexbank Capital, Inc. is a regional bank located in Dallas, Texas. They provide personalized banking and financial services for financial institutions, individuals and small or large-scale corporations. John Holt serves as the company’s current President and CEO. Mr. Holt was recently reelected to the Texas Bankers Association’s Board of Directors on April 17th, 2017. Nexbank operates with three core businesses to serve to their clients: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional Services. Each client is provided with tailored solutions from professionals to accommodate their individual financial needs.

Nexbank is currently hold the title as the 4th largest bank in Dallas, Texas and the 11th largest in the whole state of Texas. The financial services company has a rich history and was founded in 1922. The bank now has a lending limit of an impressive $117 million and has SBA Preferred Lending status.

Dr. Jennifer Walden, her medical training, and what she practices

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon who was born as raised in Austin, Texas. She was an All-state soccer player at Anderson High School. Dr. Jennifer Walden would later become an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, where she graduate with honors in a degree in Biology. She would later receive a medical doctorate and graduated with being the Salutatorian at the University of Texas Medical Branch. After college she moved to New York to pursue aesthetic surgery at the competitive Manhattan Eye, Ear, and throat hospital or MEETH. During her experience she got to learn the knowledge of someone of the world’s renowned plastic surgeons. She would learn the elite techniques to perform on the face, nose, breast and body. In New York, Dr. Walden would serve as the program director for the aesthetic surgery fellowship until she resigned. When she got her next project, she was an associate of the well-respected surgeon, Dr. Sherrell J. Aston. Aston is considered to have an important voice when it comes to aesthetic surgery as well as being very talented. Dr. Walden learned even more skills. Aldon’s practices rubbed off on Walden and she learned how to manage cosmetic surgery practice like a professional with discretion between the clients.

At her Plastic Surgery studio in Austin, She practices Face, Breast, Body, Hair restoration, skin, injectables and radio-frequency treatments. Her practice philosophy believes in health and well-being to cosmetic surgery. She wants her clients to be in-touch with their self-esteem and inner-beauty. The staff tries to make sure that the patient is well-informed and whats going happen and make sure that they get the best experience possible. Their goal is to give their customers the highest level of safety and satisfaction.

Goettl tips to keeping your home cool

Keeping the energy bill down during the summer can be a real challenge. Luckily, the experts at Goettl Air know a couple things about this. You won’t want to miss these easy tips.

Keep your AC unit out of direct sunlight. It will have to work twice as hard to cool your home because the unit itself is hot. This also will keep your HVAC unit in better shape, making it last longer. A overhanging tree or roof can solve this problem, just make sure your unit has 2 feet of clearance so it can work optimally. Speaking of direct sunlight, this also applies to your thermostat and applying window film to your windows. It will keep that home of yours cooler.

Investing in a programmable thermostat takes all the guess work out of your day. Forget to change the AC when you leave home? Don’t worry, your programmable thermostat has got it covered. You can even adjust your unit via your smart phone. How cool is that? No pun intended! I don’t know of you heard of these things called radiant barriers, but they can help insulate your home if you put them in your attic.

Arizona rated Goettl Air the best heating and cooling company in the entire state. Why is this? They put their best foot forward and deliver outstanding customer service with every job they do. It also doesn’t hurt that they have been doing business since 1926.

Goettl has an impressive resume when it comes to tract housing developments. They have also worked on lot of commercial projects, custom homes, remodels, and new builds. They are originally located in Phoenix, Arizona, but have acquired many businesses in the state. They have also branched out into Nevada and California. They plan on moving to Texas next. You can visit their Twitter page.

Click here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/goettl

Don Ressler, Blending Comfort and Trend to Suit Women’s Sportswear through Fabletics

In today’s world, trend plays a significant role when it comes to clothing. Sportswear falls into this category and is even a more complicated matter when it gets to deciding whether to consider comfort, cost, or trendiness. This is a common headache especially to women, giving most designers in the business a hard time to figure out what product would take care of all the needs. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took this to their advantage and targeted to come up with women’s sportswear that would be a representation of perfection.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg formed Fabletics, with a mission to create affordable, functional, and yet fashionable active wear. This was after the realization that women’s athletic wear was there to stay and there was close to zero chances for it to slow down. Other than relying on the obvious market trends, Don and his counterparts concentrated more on their customers’ demands. They carried out tests and came up with a plan to produce clothing that fitted their clients’ interest, therefore, narrowing the chances of rejection. The tests also helped them know what the consumers found challenging about sportswear and used this to eliminate possible hurdles to their success.

Kate Hudson was also part of the team that worked for Don Ressler, being the face of the brand. Kate is a renowned actress and was therefore familiar with skills necessary for marketing and selling their brand. Fabletics was in a better position to succeed because very few companies took the risk of relying entirely on the manufacture of women sportswear for their brands. Kate Hudson came in handy portraying her cheerful, confident, and appealing personality, thus, enhancing the company’s relationship with their consumers. She doubled up as Fabletics’ spokeswoman and pushed for a massive connection with their clients. Kate has a great passion for the media world and easily create a rapport with customers.

Don Ressler worked through the challenges that are associated with managing a new company. One of the major hiccups he faced was finance issues during the early stages of the company. Don Ressler maintained a positive spirit and was able to work through the complexity of the industry. Coming up with sportswear that fits in both the brackets of comfort and trendiness was not a walk in the park. It took the combined efforts of determination and innovative skills to make it happen. Eventually, the company got to its feet and is now thriving in the industry, offering high quality and affordable products.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Success in Cancer Research Space

Eric Lefkofsky is one of Chicago’s most influential tech experts and founder of Groupon. Over time, Eric has donated millions of dollars towards cancer research and treatment initiatives. He has recently established a startup that focuses on developing a smarter approach to cure cancer. Since stepping down as the CEO of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky has been working as the president of Tempus, a health-tech startup that specializes in modernized cancer treatment technology.

Tempus devotes to helping healthcare professionals to make data-driven, personalized, and real-time treatment decisions. The health-tech startup uses cutting-edge genomic sequencing to help doctors understand a patient’s tumor better. Tempus uses proprietary algorithms and statistical analysis to collect and analyze genomic data used to unravel opportunities to help doctors to provide more personalized and precise medication. Tempus uses this data to develop better treatment and care plan for cancer patients. Meanwhile, Teumpus only treats breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer patients, but it expects to incorporate more types of cancer in the future.

Tempus currently has 29 employees, including the former product director at HighGround, Hunter Lane. The former Trustwave alum, Anil Saldanha also works at Tempus as the Vice President of engineering while Ryan Fukushima, a former vice president of Lighbank holds an executive role at Tempus. Through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, Eric and his wife, Liz, often gives donations to cancer research causes. Lefkofsky’s donated $1 million to support the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center. They had also donated $500,000 one month earlier to support a gastric cancer research initiative undertaken by the Stanford University. In the same month, Lefkofsky’s donated $1.2 million to support a cancer study at the University of Michigan. In November, Eric Lefkofsky gave $250,000 towards a breast cancer research program at New York’s Cornell Medicine.

Besides his role at Tempus, Lefkofsky also serves as a Trustee at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He became a member of The Giving Pledge in 2013 and promised to donate at least half of his wealth towards philanthropic work. Chief Operating Officer Williams replaced Eric Lefkofksy as Groupon’s Chief Executive Officer. Eric Lefkofsky has established himself as a prominent entrepreneur, having founded a series of enterprises including Mediaocean, InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, and Uptake, a startup under Groupon co-founder Brad Keywell management. Eric Lefkofsky has recently begun a teaching career, lecturing at numerous business schools in Chicago. He previously taught a course in disruptive business models at Northwood University.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eplefkofsky/