Sheldon Lavin; a recognized icon in the growth of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a prominent figure in the growth and development of the OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He did not just become the CEO of the company since he started serving in the company many years ago when the company was a small business known as the Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons began as a family butcher business supplying meat to the Immigrant community in Chicago. The industry had undergone many transitions and the help of many significant people, and it was able to transform into a leading food company in the world.

Sheldon Lavin has contributed to almost every aspect of growth and development of the company. He started working as one of the most trusted partners in the Otto and Sons business, and he also acted as one of the businesses finances. Because of his excellent reputation to the Otto and Sons, they appointed him as the Chief Executive Officer of the company when it grew to such level that it needed qua; quality leadership of OSI Group and the time for them to retire had reached.

Since then, he has been working hard to see that he maintains the legacy that Otto and Sons left in the company. He had much experience as an in the business sector as well as in the banking sector. He utilises his knowledge and expertise to enhance a continuous growth of OSI Group.

Under his leadership, OSI Group has been rewarded severally on the matters about environmental and sustainability. In one of his interviews, he says that one of his primary objectives in life is to inspire the future leaders to have the ability to commit and dedicate themselves to the success of their companies and their responsibility to the society as a whole.

Besides, Sheldon Lavin is also an award winner. He received a Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision Word Academy. This is because he has contributed to the growth of economy all over the world through expansion of the OSI Group that has been providing employment opportunities to a wide range of population across the globe.

Also, Sheldon Lavin never forgets his responsibility towards the community. He creates separate philanthropy to assist the needy people in the city.He is one of the primary financers of McDonald House charities. He was also able to raise three needy children with his wife, and he also continues to work hard to see that he contributes to the overall welfare of the communities in the world.

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Fortress Investment Group working hard to provide customers with the positive experiences

The thing that Fortress Investment Group prides themselves on is that they like it when working with clients and offering them the chance of making money. They will deliver the experience that will assist the customers to make more money. When it comes to clients business with Fortress will offer them exactly what they are looking. Because for Fortress they know the importance of making money to a business. That’s why they offer the needed knowledge no matter the negative situation any company might be going through. Since the people that Fortress Investment Group hire will value the customers, and they work hard to show them that they can do something different.

As part of the commitment to the clients, they have tried their level best to maintain the presence at social media platforms. When it comes to the investment, they will demonstrate how they can make them work on their behalf and how to make the right choice. On the social media platform, they will share all the needed and necessary information about the company. That’s why their social media account will always be up to date. With that, they will be able to give the clients the best experience. Fortress Investment Group has been able to offer the background because of the running the social media accounts how they are supposed to.The ability that they have in growing is them knowing that they are offering the best to the people.

The staff members that the company has can lead the company in the right direction. They do so by trying to solve the issues as they occur. Fortress knows as long as they are offering their best to clients then their growth is assured off. That’s the reason why they follow the right path when they are doing their job. As the plan to grow further, they accepted an acquisition deal that was offered by SoftBank. With the help of the agreement, they can take more risk and provide more services to the clients. Also, it helpful is showing the clients that they can make the best decision for the sake of the future of the business. They will keep on growing as long as Fortress Investment Group will remain under SoftBank. Though that does not mean that the company has given away their dependency, they will still operate independently. The pan that they have is that they will use SoftBank s bettering the company.

Hussain Sajwani Strives to See DAMAC Properties Become the Most Relished Real Estate Company

Having a dream is one thing, achieving your goal is another scenario. With that said, Hussain Sajwani will be our main person of interest. Following the fact that Hussain Sajwani is the man behind the success of DAMAC Properties, his success story is one to admire.

Background Data

Hussain Sajwani is the son of Ali Sajwani. Ali Sajwani was an entrepreneur who used to import goods and sell them at his shop. Since he wanted Hussain Sajwani to take over the family business after he grew up, Ali Sajwani always ensured that Hussain Sajwani would always accompany him to the family shop whenever he was free. Although Hussain Sajwani’s father had outlined the path that he wanted his son to undertake, Hussain Sajwani had other plans in mind. As a man who had entrepreneurial blood, Sajwani started out by pursuing formal education. Later in his life, he delved into entrepreneurship by launching a catering company. The catering company used to serve a large population of almost 10,000 clients. While also safeguarding his business, Sajwani always ensured that nothing ever went wrong by seeking feedback from the various clients that his company served. In the process, Sajwani would also make good friends such as Donald Trump.

The Birth of DAMAC Properties

The Dubai, UAE government decided to allow foreigners to own land in Dubai. An opportunity then presented itself, and Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) decided to seize it. There and then, DAMAC Properties came to life. Since Hussain Sajwani had gained an exemplary skill set on how to handle business while working at his father’s shop, he deployed the acquired skill set in an effort to make sure that DAMAC Properties has thrived. Also, by working hand in hand with the likes of Donald Trump, DAMAC Properties has been able to gain a cutting edge in the Dubai real estate industry.


According to The National, Hussain Sajwani has not only showcased the ability to identify potential when it comes to business, but he has also indicated that he knows how to cultivate formidable friendships with people in high places. By working with the likes of President Donald Trump, DAMAC Properties has been able to attain great levels of success.

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The Young Innovative Milan Kordestani

At a very young age, Milan Kordestani has already achieved success being that he is the CEO of Milan Farms. He was born in Stanford, went to Phillips Brooks Elementary school and then attended Eaton Square School. His high school graduation was in 2017.

Persistence, commitment, passion, and confidence are some of the values that can be used to describe Milan Kordestani. At ten years, he was already participating in horse riding events. One event surprised many people. When trail riding, he fell off a horse.

Being a young boy, many people expected that he would give up, but he got back on the horse and continued riding. The National Horseman staff spoke fondly of him. Betts Coup asserted that he had a natural ability to ride horses and is fit to compete in complex horse racing events. He was also praised for his hardworking and dedication character.

Milan Kordestani has showcased his prowess in horse racing. He started training at Atherton when he was young. Due to his passion for the sport, he progressed quickly and began competing in challenging horse riding sports. In 2015, he was a winner of the Triple Crown and was ranked fourth in the Worlds Championship Horse Show. At the American Royal, he won third place. His highest ranking was in 2016 whereby he was the second in the Worlds Championship Horse Show.

Another great achievement by Milan Kordestani was the establishment of the Milan Farms. He started this business when he was in high school in 2015. Milan Farms was created with the sole aim of raising poultry and growing saffron organically. It, therefore, produces eggs, poultry, and pure saffron. Saffron is grown on microfiber sponges.

Milan Kordestani is the CEO of these farms. Through him, the company aims at being transparent on how the animals are raised. This idea of raising chicken organically came at the right time when people were skeptical about eating poultry due to the use of chemicals. Today, Milan Farms functions on three farms and is a supplier of eggs to the West Coast and saffron to several places around the world. Under the leadership of Milan Kordestani, the company will experience more growth.

Bob Reina: Someone Everyone Should Know

There are two big reasons that people work for Talk Fusion: Bob Reina and the product itself. It is always great when we get to hear and see about a CEO and founder being such a positive influence and such a big reason why someone wants to work for a company. In the case of Bob Reina, it has been earned every single step of the way. He has not had to change his personality or become someone that he is not. He has stayed true to himself every single step of the way. People are very familiar with his story of a former police officer that now runs a video technology company.


The thing is that Talk Fusion is not just any video technology company; they have awards to back up what they have done along the way as well. They have really carved out a name for themselves in the industry through good old-fashioned hard work and grit. Those are important qualities to a self-made man like Bob Reina. He is not a quitter and he is not someone that looks for the easy road. As a matter of fact, he looks for the hard road and he prefers the hard road. It is more rewarding for him when he reaches the end of it.


They also enjoy working for a company that is truly impacting lives on a day-to-day basis. They are making people’s lives better and they are allowing people to have their dreams come true. That is not something a lot of companies can lay claim to that is for sure. Talk Fusion can say that, and they can also say they are giving money back to charities as well. They are doing every single thing the right way and it is why the combination of Bob Reina, Talk Fusion, and the way the company is doing things is a great reason to work for them.


Everybody wants to work for a company that is worthy and a company they can be proud to tell their friends they work for when they talk to them. Talk Fusion fits that bill and then some. Learn more:


Jed McCaleb- Chief Technology Officer of Stellar

Blockchain technologies are going to disrupt the financial sector as we know it today. According to the founder and CEO of Stellar, stock markets. Global payments networks and access to fundraising are some of the areas that will be highly affected by the blockchain technology and another distributed solution. In the near future, we shall see developments that will change the industry greatly. Jed McCaleb is the founder of Stellar and Mt. Gox Exchange. He is among the early developers in the cryptocurrency industry. He was also the founder of Ripple although he later left the company to start his own- Stellar. Having been right there when the cryptocurrencies were starting, he is informed than many people about the capabilities of this technology. He is confident that cryptocurrencies will be huge and will eventually take over various financial sectors as we know them today.

Jed McCaleb is hopeful that there will be a universal payment network that will facilitate digital currencies as well as other currencies. The system will be a public ledger that no one will be able to change arbitrarily. McCaleb who opened Mt. Gox bitcoin later sold it. The platform was later hacked under the new management and declared bankrupt. It operated until 2013. The crash of Mt. Gox Bitcoin was so huge that it caused bitcoin to fall from $1000 to $100 in 2013. It was a blow to the cryptocurrencies industry although it later picked up and is now doing very well.

Jed McCaleb is the Chief Technology Officer of Stellar. Stellar is currently one of the prominent platforms which are facilitating the creation of new tokens and distributed creations. Stellar digital asset XLM is in the top 10 list of the most significant crypto assets by market capitalization. McCaleb started Stellar because he felt the financial sector was broken and needed to be reconciled.

Stellar is trying to reconcile the traditional financial sector with the blockchain technology. The company is working on a network that will facilitate fast exchange, within seconds, and will allow integration of digital currencies with other currencies such as the euros and dollar. The platform allows tokenization of all financial assets such as the stocks, currencies, and bonds among others.

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Vindo Gupta Extends A Helping Hand To Budding Entrepreneurs

What if you were a budding entrepreneur who had a great idea, but no one was willing to sponsor you? Interestingly, this was the case with Vinod Gupta, which currently is the Managing Director of Everest Group. A recent interview with Vinod Gupta revealed that his idea to create an informational database for businesses was rebuked by sponsors and his friends, who were sure that any such business venture was destined for failure.


However, Vinod Gupta was adamant that he had found a great business opportunity that was likely to be a hit. As a result, he created an informational database for mobile home businesses, and started floating his information with the help of direct mail marketing. For his first business venture, he had to take $100 loan from a local bank, which will eventually evolve into a multi-million-dollar company. The $100 loan proved pivotal in running a business that sold leads to various businesses. Eventually, the businesses extended into a variety of different fields. When sold, the company, InfoUSA was bought at a staggering $680 Million. See This Page for additional information.


As for Vinod Gupta, he advises young entrepreneurs to be careful of the costs and risks associated with running a new business. Therefore, Vinod Gupta emphasized conducting cost-benefit analysis if their business venture will succeed – most especially for new businesses. According to him, entrepreneurs should take many risks, but be conservative in their spending.


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Robert Deignan, CEO and Technical Support Innovator

Robert Deignan is a veteran businessman who specializes in technical support companies offered online. He has reputation for providing honest and trustworthy services to customers worldwide. Deignan’s tactful leadership, and keen eye for talent has translated to profitable businesses that not only provide jobs for certified computer specialists, but also provide reliable support for a loyal customer base. At the moment, Robert Deignan is the CEO of Ats Digital Services, which he co-founded in the summer of 2011. Ats Digital is a global computer technical support company which offers high level assistance for computer and networking issues. The company recently became one of the first call centers to become certified by the software review company,  AppEsteem. AppEsteem, is a website that works with cyber security companies to investigate, test, and review technical support companies, firewall developers, antivirus providers, and other software available online to download. AppEsteem offers many certifications to companies which ensure certain online products or services are safe for purchasing and downloading. Even freeware like new pc cleaners or free antivirus, software are vigorously tested, reviewed, and certified or rated. In 2017, Ats Digital Services was tested on 39 different rules and standards that the company passed and met to earn AppEsteem’s call center certification.

The innovation, and leadership of ATS Digital is nurtured by it’s co-founder and CEO, Robert Deignan. As stated earlier, Deignan is a veteran in the business industry, and has been since earning a Bachelors of Science in Business Management at Purdue University in 1995.

In addition to ATS Digital Services, Deignan has also successfully oversaw the day to day activities of iS3 as it’s Vice President. iS3 is a software company which has produced software in the realm of cybersecurity, computer maintenance, and desktop surveillance. Part of what makes all of these companies successful, is Deignan’s ability to network with other industry experts and recruit newly certified computer specialists to work for the company. As one can see from Ats Digital’s staffing page, the best and most experienced computer specialists are utilized to give customers worldwide an exemplary customer service experience.

Family man, and tech entrepreneur, Robert Deignan is one Floridian the tech industry will continue to watch as he molds and shapes the way end-user consumers maintain a high level of internet usability and computer functionality.

Vinod Gupta Is A Man Of Opportunity

Most successful men and women out there do not come from such humble beginnings, like Vinod Gupta has. Vinod has built a massive empire under his name and amassed millions of dollars thanks to his insight and hard work. All of this was accomplished with virtually no investment or support as well, considering Vinod grew up in one of the poorer parts of India in the 1940’s. Regardless, Vinod Gupta was determined to make it somewhere better than his ancestors before him. Vinod had joined the military in order to build opportunity for himself, following which he received an education and his very own degrees from college, both in India and the United States. Read more about Vinod Gupta on Vinod Gupta: Indian-born American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist.

Vinod Gupta moved to America in the 1960’s and ever since he has been a major player in the business world. He found the holes in the market and create a service that was needed, which he sold for a great deal of money. Using his technique and smarts, Vinod was able to build his name, his idea, and his company into a large empire. Vinod’s initial investment of just 100 dollars was turned into a company that was sold for nearly 700 million dollars.

Vinod Gupta is the Chairman of Everest Group LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Infogroup, a technology company and started the Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation.

One of Vinod Gupta’s biggest passion today is using his skills and success in order to create a more habitable world for everyone. Over the years, Vinod has created thousands of opportunities for people around the world, in terms of work and education. This is especially true of India, where he grew up and it all started for him.

Like every successful person before him, Vinod has experienced his fair share of failures, but he is all the better for it. According to Vinod, one of his best bits of advice to those looking to follow in his shoes or be successful in any industry is to accept the failures and use them to learn and build knowledge, so things can be done better the next time around. Refer to This Article on for more information.



Saygus Review NewsWatch TV

The American Smartphone manufacturer, Saygus, hired NewsWatch TV to promote their new line of smartphones on national TV and through online campaigns. NewsWatch made a trip to Barcelona to film and produce segments at the Mobile World Congress for the smartphone launch and Indiegogo campaign.

Saygus used NewsWatch TV for promotion at Mobile World Congress and to promote their indiegogo campaign. As a result, the Saygus Indiegogo Campaign raised over $1.3 million and exceeded their goal of $300,00. The president, Tim Rush, was proud of the profession video quality the NewsWatch TV team produced, saying “[he] would highly recommend NewsWatch” because “they connect us between what we want to say, to what our abidance wants to hear.”

The NewsWatch videos and advertising is privately produced by Bridge Communications, a video production and distribution agency in Washington, D.C. The staff offers over twenty five years of experience and expertise. Their videos help NewsWatch TV clients reach national audiences through television exposure and online distribution platforms.

Within the last year, Bridge Communications has produced over 100 television programs for a number of networks. Working with corporations, lawyers, doctors, app developers and more, Bridge Communications is able to offer a wide range of services through video production, corporate videos, and online and tv distribution.

NewsWatch TV airs on more than sixty broadcasting station, and in over 200 markets in the nation. This exposure reaches more than 100 million household across the country through a number of networks such as Ion, DirectTV, Dish, AMC, and social networking websites such as youtube and Vimeo.

NewsWatch is a trusted source for technology, travel, health, and entertainment news. NewsWatch can be seen in nearly every market in the United States and is reaching more than 100 million households nationwide.

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