2 Ecig companies to watch in 2018: O2Pur and Reynolds-American

Online investing has hit a high note in 2018, where anything from tea companies to Crypto currency has the market place excited. While there are very obvious investments that anyone should look into, What if I told you that the Tobacco industry was a great place to shelf some of your extra money? Companies/Brands like Reynolds-American, O2Pur, Sevia, and Halo are penetrating the market place and making large strides that will become long term profit for anyone willing to plant down the seed investment. Below we’ll highlight 2 of these companies to give you an insight into the Positive R.O.I. (Return on investment) that is ECig Investment.

O2Pur is a relatively new brand with the potential plus rate of growth that would make it a worthy addition to any investment portfolio. Being a new addition to the market, they have an enthusiastic approach to customer care. The many flavors they offer are smooth and sweet, and their marketing is simple and effective. Even the price point of many of their products are reasonable, and sometimes even a bargain. And as the case with most internet based companies, they provide a level of convenience that comes from ordering something and having it delivered straight to your house. As far as investment goes, this company is a strong contender.

Reynolds-American is the opposite to the previous company we just discussed in a few ways. First and most obvious is the length of which this company has been around. If nothing else, this provides a good track record. However, Just like O2Pur, This company is a solid investment because of the growth of the ecig industry as a whole. This particular company has made a few power plays including (but not limited to) buying Blu eCig for $135 Million in 2012, before building the brand and selling it off. Currently It’s building out a new brand called Vuse. When looking at a history of that caliber. It is easy to understand why this company is continuing to draw interest to it and is constantly referred to as one of the best Ecig Brands.

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