Kyle Bass Wants To Make Sure People Know He Has A China Connection


The China connection that Kyle Bass claims to have has given him a piece of information that he thinks will change the way people will invest. China is having a hard time, but they are not giving up all the information they have on how they will fix the problem. Their problem is very hard to manage because it is something that a lot of countries have dealt with before. Kyle Bass says that they will do the same thing that was done when the financial crisis his the United States, but there is no way to prove that he is right.


The information that Mr. Bass has is not actionable on its own, but he believes that he can convince people to make investments that will bet against China. Betting against China could backfire because the country could make changes that improve the economy faster. They could improve because they changed course after Kyle Bass announced this new piece of information, and he could invest on this without putting much money at risk. He is going to convince people to make a bad investment, and that will cause major issues that people cannot recover from.


The country will do all that it can to make itself stronger, and the investors from America who listen to Kyle Bass could lose all their money when China recovers. They have been very good at taking care of their economy, and it is critical that a person who likes to invest knows more than just one piece of information. Useful Stooges original reported that Kyle Bass is not operating with all the information, but he is trying to convince people that he is doing all this correctly.

Take Back Your Financial Freedom With A Popular Online Course

Jim Hunt is a successful financial analyst and Founder of VTA Publications. In a recent interview with PRN Newswire he shares a few tips on how to take back your financial responsibility. He shares the secrets to wealth with the other guy to ensure that you’re not being taking advantage of by a complex financial market and the banks. He gained his reputation in the stock market for building honest and reliable trades and now Hunt is a name that is trusted around the world by investors and individuals that want to discover true wealth.


VTA Publications is an online course that teaches you the secrets to wealth. You are able to earn while you learn. Hunt allows his clients to receive tuition assistance if they have difficulties paying for their course. In fact, clients will be glad to know that they have 24/7 assistance when they need it through customer service or a friendly online representative. You can even use their online Cd’s and tutorials for more information when you need assistance with the course. You learn how to get a hundred fold of your investment with the biblical secrets to wealth or becoming a stock market guru under the advice of Jim Hunt.


Hunt is also well known for his Youtube account and he gives away strategies and advice on his investments. Hunt admits that the first step to making a real income is generating cash flow. He encourages most of his online viewers to say goodbye to their boss and start their own business. You can take the first steps to pioneering your own Fortune 500 company. His clients have been able to buy a new home, a car, boat, and save money like never before. You can live the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted under the advice of Hunt.


There is more information about VTA listed on their official website. They allow you to become a member right away and take part of the 5,600+ strategies that they have available. Jim Hunt encourages you to become a part of a winning team.  Read Jim’s interview in it’s entirety here:

Thor Halvorssen Is Fighting Dictatorships Around The World

Thor Halvorssen started the Human Rights Foundation to help people who must fight oppression. The oppressive governments around the world that are hurting their people, and Thor Halvorssen is working against that with Human Rights Foundation that he runs out of New York.

He has a very unique story that includes him working in his native Venezuela, and now he is in New York where he is trying to reach as many people as possible. He wants to speak to the media when he can, and he wants to work with world leaders who can help him make the mission work. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

There are many things that people are dealing with every day that could be impossible for the average person, and Thor Halvorssen wants to make it stop in every country in the world where it occurs. He knows that he can use the media to get his message out there, and the message is one that speaks to people around the world.

It is sometimes easy for him to speak to the media because it is a story that people have heard before, but it can be even better if he is talking about things that people would be shocked by.

According to BuzzFeed, the best thing that Halvorssen has done is show that he can get his message out there and raise money to help the cause. The cause is very dear to his heart because he stopped corruption in his home country before he left the government.

He left that position, and he moved to America to open the Human Rights Foundation. His whole career has been focused on people, and he will fight for what he believes is right every day. There are many people who have had their lives changed because the way that Thor Halvorssen runs the Human Rights Foundation.

Securus Technologies’ Eleven Field Officers are Now Holders of BICSI Certification

According to a recent article posted on PRNewswire, the Senior Vice President of Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, announced that eleven of the company’s field specialists acquired training from the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). At the end of the training, the field technicians were issued with a BICSI certificate. BICSI is a professional body that supports the ICT sector by offering project management, sound, video, data, electronic safety and security solutions. The body comprises of competent personnel who focus on designing, installing, managing, and maintaining ICT-related projects. Watch more on


ICT projects include wireless-based infrastructure and fiber optics systems. BICSI is known for handling more than 20,000 ICT experts through publications and conferences in 100 countries. When asked about Securus’s new initiative to train its field specialists, Danny said that BICSI was the perfect institution because, through its ICT solutions, Securus is now reliable in performance. The field experts chosen for the certification program had an average of 15 years of expertise. Danny believes that the certification will enable the recipient to provide excellent services to the clients.


Securus Technologies in brief


With its central Headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus is the leading provider of inmate communication systems across North America. The firm was formed as a result of the merging of Evercom and T-Netix in 2004.  Securus’s clients include inmates, correction agencies, law enforcement departments, and public safety agencies. The company is mainly driven by its customers and strives to provide services such as inmate self-service, biometric analysis, emergency response, investigation, communication and public information access. Securus Technologies has $600 million in investments. The company aims at using this money to develop new technology solutions & products, for acquisitions, and patent filing.

Celebrating Jewish Holidays At The Kabbalah Centre

Judaism is a world into itself in many ways. Jews have a calendar that is different from the Christian and Muslim calendar. They also have holidays that differ from Muslim holidays. Jews celebrate the new year at a different time. They also celebrate holidays such as Passover and Succos that are not celebrated by people of other faiths. Many Jews have found solace by celebrating with other Jews in order to learn about such holidays in more depth. While Jews everywhere celebrate many things, they always seek whenever possible to expand their own foundation of knowledge. Doing so is easier with the help the Kabbalah Centre. This centre can serve as a resource place when they are seeking guidance during the Jewish holidays. Turning to the ancient texts again can help Jews reaffirm their own faith.

 The Kabbalah Centre

Working with those at the Kabbalah Centre offers the kind of insights that can help any Jew discover what the holiday means to them. They can take this time during the new year to look at the ways they may have fallen short of their ideals and they ways they can meet them again. Many Jews find that studying the work of the Kabbalists can help them see each holiday in a new light completely.

 Holidays Of Learning

Holidays come along each year at roughly the same time. At the Kabbalah Centre, each person here is free to explore what the Jewish holidays might mean as seen through the eyes of those who know the world of kabbalah. Each person has the chance to see the world during each holiday season and rethink anew as the holiday flows around them what it means yet again. The turn of the year in the Jewish calendar offers times of the year where reflection is possible and it is easy to think freely about larger issues of all kinds such as the place of all people in the greater world.

Brian Bonar Gets the Highest Honor

The society has a lot of people doing great things and making a positive impact in the society. In most cases, these people do what they do without expecting anything in return.

One of the institutions that have been on the forefront in awarding exemplary performance among people is Cambridge Publishing, and one of the recent beneficiaries of its prestigious awards is Brian Bonar.

Brian Bonar emerged the top candidate for Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. The award is a big one because only two males and females in each field get the honor. The process of getting individuals who qualify for the award is comprehensive.

The committee has to look deeply at an individual’s credentials before considering him or her for the award. Factors such as academic qualifications, level of experience and leadership skills come into play. Once, a person gets the award, he or she earns a lot of respect from his peers and the people he leads.

Bonar, who is the CEO and Chairman of Daldara Financial Corporation, has over 30 years of experience in professional management in the financial industry. He has guided the company in the competitive financial industry in America to become one of the companies with the most established market presence.

Bonar prides himself in hard work and passion, which have guided him as a financial expert. His management skills are unique and highly effective.

This is boosted by a level of experience he has achieved working as CEO of different companies. He has served at different positions as the one in charge of large corporations dealing with employer benefits and market products.

Brian Bonar started his career as a procurement officer for IBM. He then worked for QMS as the Director of Engineering. At QMS, he was in charge of 100 employees who were tasked with ensuring the company remain relevant in the competitive market. Bonar later resigned to work for Adaptec as the Sales Manager before starting his own company Bezier Systems. His engineering and architectural skills have enabled him analyze situations with a technical approach, unlike other chief executives.

Brian Bonar continues to steer his company to greater heights. He employs creative and personal touch on everything he does. He is a Ph.D holder and a professional who is recognized by the American Finance Association for his expertise and high level of experience.

Apart from business, Brian takes time to engage in other activities such as boat rides, golfing and trips. He is a respected man in the country. He has mentored hundreds of people who have worked their way up the business ladder.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa Offers 10 Interesting Facts About Panama

Everyone who has visited Panama knows that it is a socially and culturally diverse country that connects South America to Central and North America. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and diverse ecosystems on Earth. The tropical climate provides for a wonderfully diverse array of scenery that everyone can enjoy. Why not read about some of the interesting facts that Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has shared with people?

1. The Panama Canal produces almost a third of the country’s income. This is a major and heavily used shipping lane on built by the United States over 100 years ago.

2. Panama is home to more species of birds than Canada and the United States put together. For such a small country this is impressive.

3. For those who didn’t know, the US Dollar is the national currency of Panama. It has held this title since 1904.

4. El Valle de Anton is a major tourist attraction on for visitors to Panama. People may be surprised to learn that this village sits in the middle of a huge volcano. Thankfully, it hasn’t erupted in over 300,000 years. Does this mean it’s overdue?

5. Despite having a wide array of birds, Panama is the least populated country in Central America with around 3.6 million people. This is about the population of New York City.

6. Panama used to be called the republic of Gran Colombia and seceded from Colombia in 1903 with the help of the United States and the construction of the Panama Canal.

7. Panama City is the only national capital in the world to be placed in a tropical jungle. This makes it a wonderful tourist destination.

8. Panama constructed the most expensive railway along the edge of the Panama Canal.

9. Panama is home to close to 2500 km of beautiful beaches and blue ocean.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a prominent businessman in Panama. He serves in multiple leadership capacities on five different major companies in addition to serving as a mentor for young entrepreneurs looking to improve the economic conditions in Panama. Figueroa serves as a shining example of success to all those looking to make it in the business world of Panama.

Learn more about Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: