Wikipedia Wants To Expand Coverage Of Native Americans

Wikipedia wants its users to expand the coverage of Native Americans on its encyclopedia. Native Americans and indigenous groups, it seems, are disproportionately underrepresented within Wikipedia. Take for example, the poet and artist, Esther Belin. She is a highly acclaimed Navajo writer and artist. Yet she is not even featured or mentioned anywhere on Wikipedia.

The good news is that Wikipedia is planning to address the issue. It is now sponsoring edit-a-thons that specifically focus on indigenous groups like Native Americans and African tribes. Wikipedia has even compiled a list of Native Americans that it believes should have articles featured about them. The goal of Wikipedia is to include a broad base of articles on famous Native Americans, major historical figures and movements within the Native American people.

The lack of articles on Native Americans and other indigenous groups is explained by the fact that many Indians and tribal groups lack internet access. Some have poor access, while others lack it entirely. There is also a lack of interest among the Wikipedia editors and community to edit and create Native American articles. This is slowly changing however, and we should see more Native American articles start to appear.

How Wikipedia Can Help You

So how can Wikipedia help you? How will having a Wikipedia article about yourself or your company or organization benefit you? It turns out there are several benefits to this. I discuss this briefly below.

Getting an online Wikipedia article up can help you generate a positive online presence. It should add credibility to your name and allow you build up your reputation. While Wikipedia does not allow promotion of products or brands, the fact that you improve reputation, can help increase sales. Finally, you can use Wikipedia articles as a way to help bury bad content or scandals about you.

Want To Create Your Own Wikipedia Article But Don’t Have The Time?

There are numerous benefits to creating a Wikipedia article. However, a lot of work must be put into creating one. There is research that must be done and sources cited. Additionally, the article must be compliant with the format and guidelines of Wikipedia. Otherwise it will be rejected.

If you do not have the time or skills needed to create a Wikipedia page, you can always count on the services of Get Your Wiki. They offer Wikipedia writing services that are professional, guaranteed and that will get a Wikipedia article up and running quickly. Get Your Wiki offers article writing services in multiple languages and can edit and monitor articles as well.

Fabletics Captures the Online and Offline Crowds

The Fabletics stores are coming to a location near you. There is excitement in the air because of this. That is definitely the reason that Kate Hudson is so happy about this brand. She has managed to get a lot of buzz about this company because she has done what many other brands have not done. Hudson has created a brand that has a subscription service that saves people even more time.


The experience of shopping online is saving people time. There have been a lot of people that do not want to go to the mall or department stores so shopping online saves time. What Fabletics has done to make that even easier to give customers access to a subscription service option. They can still shop for clothes and buy things like normal online shopping customers, but the subscription service just makes things so much more convenient. It reminds customers that they can get shipments sent to their home, and they don’t have to do any searching for what they will add to their wardrobe for the upcoming months. Credit cards that are on file are charged, and new garments are sent according to the style profile options that were chosen. This is a huge time saver. That is what make Fabletics different from the rest.


There is a surge in growth, however, that is going to give Fabletics some common ground with other athletic clothing stores. This common ground is the brick and mortar stores. Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are co-founders of Fabletics, and they realize that this company is growing. They know that the Internet market has become saturated, and they feel the need to reach an audience offline. That is what is going to change the tide for this organization. There will be more than 100 stores opening, and this is all because there is a need to capture the attention of an audience offline.


The Internet has made it easy for customers to discover Fabletics, but the brick and mortar stores are going to connect with people that have not responded to Internet shopping yet. There are some people that just are not going to shop online. They would rather go into stores, and that is why Fabletics is coming into stores. This also gives them the ability to compete directly with a lot of other stores that sell athletic clothing.

Technology, Innovation, Advancement: Eric Pulier

Many of todays celebrities and professional athletes seem to get all of the credit while those who are actually making a difference in life itself never get the credit that’s deserved. Though these pro athletes and celebrities as specialists at what they do, many of them never really give back to their communities or provide any services to better man-kind. This is actually the problem with modern society. Those who have “it” won’t share it and those that need “it” never get to receive it. Fortunately there are a few individuals in the world who are not seeking fame while experiencing the exact same euphoric rush by helping others and Eric Pulier is no exception.

If there is one person alive today that has truly implemented innovation, technology, and advancement into a way of life, this guy actually practices what he preach. Whether it’s providing disadvantaged communities with technology, creating multimedia education platforms for the people who suffer with specific diseases, or providing technological innovation to other countries that offers healthcare benefits, Eric Pulier has done it all. He is just one of the most progressive, forward thinking individuals of all time as he uses his talents for the greater good. Here are a few highlights of this extraordinary man’s career and life:

  • Developed Innovative Technology To Interact With The Astronauts In Space
  • Consistently Works With Non-Profit Organization
  • Founder of Up to 15 Companies
  • And many more

Pulier’s passion for helping others comes from the goodness of his own heart. He has used management in combination with micro-transaction systems for distributing clean drinking water for those in need. What separates him from his contemporaries is that his intense drive isn’t because of profit. With such an ethical (state-of-mind), Pulier has done far more than people twice his age and who are in the same category as he.

All in all, Mr. Eric Pulier uses technology, innovation, and advancement to get his point across and he does it in the most thought provoking way.

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Chris Burch Highlights How Fashion and Technology Work Together

Fashion attributes its advancement to the technological industry. Over the centuries, fashion designers have utilized sewing machines that were built based on technological innovations. Chris Burch believes that the past states of these two industries determine the future. He pointed out how the boom box was quickly replaced by the iPod as a music playing equipment.

Burch also highlighted that most fashion brands are made of recycled materials. SegraSegra is a cloth line of t-shirts and jackets. These items are made of inner bicycle tubes. Emma Whiteside also unveiled a big gown stitched with recycled radiator copper.

Technology and Fashion Working Together

Interestingly, designers are defying all odds by designing fashionable items that can generate power. Soledad Martin is one of those designers. He is finishing up his shoe prototype that can generate power as a person walks or jogs. The power can charge a mobile phone.

The good thing about fashion and technology is that they can work together. At times, new technological pieces require a fashion touch for them to be popular. Google Glass is an example of such innovations. This device can be worn like eyeglasses and can enable a person to perform basic computer operations like browsing the web.

About Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is a prominent entrepreneur and investor with over 40 years of experience. He has worked with numerous companies throughout his career. Burch is also recognized for his contributions to the creation of luxury and technology brands. These include Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, and Poppin. Burch previously sat on the board of directors of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.


Burch was passionate about entrepreneurship when he was still a young boy. He attended the Ithaca College in 1976. While in college, he enlisted his brother’s help and started eye apparel known as Eagle. Both siblings contributed a total of $2,000 as a capital venture to run the business. Luckily, the business grew rapidly and amassed $165 million. Burch and his brother decided to sell it to Swire Group.


Besides entrepreneurship, Burch is also keen in emerging business ventures. He usually conducts cost-benefit analyses on them before investing his money. Burch invested in the construction of luxurious residential properties in New York and Florida. He also signed a partnership with Alan Faena, an hotelier and Phillipe Stark, an architect, to develop a piece of land. They agreed on building a hotel known as the Faena Hotel + Universe.

Capitol Anesthesiology Helping Children Worldwide

Not only is Capitol Anesthesiology committed to providing the best care in their very own immediate community, but they are also dedicated to global outreach, providing excellent medical care to underserved communities. Some of the organizations Capitol Anesthesiology Association is involved with include many organizations that help children in the local area.

Austin Smiles is a nonprofit that provides surgeries for children born with cleft palette and palate deformations. The reconstructive plastic surgery helps children not only in the Austin area but extends to some areas of Latin America as well. Operation Smile is able to perform the same types of surgeries in lower income countries where families may not be as able to afford these surgeries and where medical care is not as good or as safe at it is here. In addition to providing surgeries for children they are also involved with Partnerships for Children which provides necessary resources for children who have come under the care of Child Protective Services.

Women Everywhere Can Benefit From Using Chaz Dean’s All Natural Cleansing Conditioner

The majority of women these days always have their eye on different hair care products that are on the market, mostly because how a women takes her hair into consideration when thinking about her own beauty. This is one of the big reason why Chaz Dean, professional hairstylist and cosmetics expert, created the line of WEN hair cleansing conditioners. This all natural product is not only affordable, but it is also convenient in terms of time. Not only do women no longer have to spend a fortune like they would at a salon, but WEN can be easily delivered right to the front door of anyone’s home.

Thanks to Chaz Dean’s thorough job in ensuring WEN cleansing conditioners would appeal to all women and work for all hair types, it has been used by thousands of women to gain beautiful and healthy hair. WEN also comes in several different varieties and scents, for the varying different tastes out there. Since WEN has been on the market so long, it has had time to be reviewed and get a large number of ratings from women online. One of the most popular was published on by blogger, Emily McClure. She tested out the WEN cleansing conditioners products for around a week to see if they work on her very fine hair like promised, and then published her review for her Facebook followers, along with photos as well. Not only did WEN give her fuller more manageable hair, but she ended up adding it to her routine permanently.

Nearly all women can take advantage of WEN’s amazing benefits as well, because each bottle only costs an average of $40, which is not much compared to other similar premium, all natural products that can run upwards of $100 dollars a bottle. Try out WEN for a great price today at select online marketplaces, such as Sephora and Ebay.


White Shark Media Keeps Up With It’s Updates

Running a business and bringing it to success is a really hard thing. This is especially true for people who live hectic lifestyles. People who have a ton of stuff going on are really unable to do the necessary work in order to bring in a lot of business. Among the things that are needed for a successful business is advertising. Advertising takes a lot of time. For one thing, people need to be able to come up with something that is creative and catchy. This often takes time. When people already have other things on their plate, then they are going to have a rough time. Fortunately, there are plenty of agencies that are willing to help with the advertising.


White Shark Media is one of the companies that is good about providing the advertising for their clients. As a matter of fact, they could take the time to come up with something that not only the client will like, but that would also attract the customers. White Shark have plenty of services that they could offer many users. They are actually quite effective at bringing in traffic. There are a lot of reasons for their effectiveness in their business as well.


One of the reasons that they are effective is that they are organized. They have made it so that they can provide regular updates to their sites. This is actually an important aspect of marketing. For one thing, blogs and websites that are regularly updated are going to have a lot more success than sites that are dead. As a matter of fact, the biggest and most successful websites are constantly updated. They also come up with some decent marketing techniques that spread awareness of the site so that people will know about it and want to visit.


Anyone that is interested in receiving service from White Shark Media can give the company a call, and a representative will sit with them and help them out with any campaign they might have. One good thing with White Shark Media is that it is able to help their clients market their companies.

Banking with a Clear Mind


As a resident of South Florida, Martin Lustgarten is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Lustgarten. Most of his career centers around helping Americans retire with the proper resources. He lends advice about smart investments to ensure that his clients will make a smooth transition into retirement


Lustgarten has good knowledge of international markets. Most of his wealth is distributed worldwide and he speculates ongoing trends towards each market in order to maximize his profits. His main message is the following: Making smart, strategic moves instead of acting on impulse will guarantee success in the world of business.

To inquire about Lustgarten, he can be contacted through his social media pages

Martin on Facebook

Martin on Tumblr

Background on Investment Banking

Investment banking is open to many interpretations but it mainly refers to to companies that provides a wide degree of financial services. These services are provided to individuals, corporations and governments. Private companies are usually sources of investment banking although the practice can be seen in public ones.

Main Functions of Investment Banking

– Mergers & Acquisitions- Investment banking can offer advice on the evaluation of businesses and negotiation terms such as the pricing of any transactions associated with property. In addition, banks clarify procedures for their clients.

– Creating Capital and Security

– Retail and Commercial Banking

– Front and Back Office Services- Altogether, they manage risks, control finance, conduct strategies, compliance and monitor operations.

– Sales, Trading and Equity Research- Creates a compatible match between buyers and sellers to facilitate the trading of securities.

Check Out Lime Crime’s Fabulous New Product

Lime Crime is at it again with a fabulous new product line with colors sure to make you want to get them immediately! When Doe Deere, the owner behind this company was looking at ways to revolutionize the make up industry, she hit a home run with many of her products. One of the latest products to be released is the amazing Diamond Crushers.

What Are Diamond Crushers?


Diamond Crushers are a way to make your face pop with a broad variety of colors. This product is great for your lips and will create the look of crushed diamonds on your lip. These leave a matte finish on your lips that is completely smudge proof. This goes great over top of liquid lipstick. You are not just limited to your lips though. These diamond crushers can add that crushed diamond effect to your cheekbones, eyebrows or even around your eyes. It would even make a great highlighter for your collar bones. There are many colors available. They include:

Lit. This is a unique rose gold color.

Choke. Baby blue and baby pink.

Dope. Cotton candy and champagne colors.

Trip. Turquoise and delirium purple.

Strip. Pink and nightclub pink.

Fluke. Blue and mauve colors.


Diamond Crushers can be purchased individually on, or they can be purchased in a package bundle that will allow you to try all of these colors. Lime Crime is definitely a popular choice if you want cosmetics that will help you stand out in the crowd and sparkle like a unicorn.  See how you can sparkle from the pictures on the Tumblr, or you can shop for other options on UrbanOutfitters.


Adam Goldenberg’s Influence In The Global Fashion Business

Adam Goldenberg is a successful businessman and the co-CEO of JustFab Inc. Following JustFab’s successful year, Built in LA recognized him as one of the three CEOs you ought to know. In 1999, he sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media. At the time, the gaming network was two years old. In 2006, Goldenberg established Intelligent Beauty, an internet-branding platform. Subsequently, he created JustFab, four years after founding Intelligent Beauty.

In a short time, JustFab has gained exceptional traction. In 2013, it raised $55 million to enhance its operation. Additionally, the company purchased ShoeDazzle, a shoe discovery service. Presently, its own program for celebrity stylist membership is used in over five countries. The company is also increasing its offerings with new undertakings like Fabletics, an athletic brand.

Speaking on what other entrepreneurs can learn from how he has run JustFab, Adam noted there is the need to understand the market. The company has also adapted well to its business. He went on to posit that they observe data and other crucial information on a daily basis. This strategy helps them to identify any deviations from the norms and undertake corrective actions in time.

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TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC

Additionally, he asserted that he has been a firm believer of openness within his organization. By sharing numbers with his team, whether good or bad, it helps each one of them to understand the tactical changes that are required. While speaking about their hiring strategy, Adam Goldenberg contended that they focus on the candidate’s passion. This is in addition to focusing on what they sale rather than how to sell it. These factors have enhanced the company’s success in the competitive market.

In August 2014, JustFab raised $85 million in a funding round spearheaded by Passport Special Opportunity Fund. Existing investors like Matrix Partners and Shining Capital also participated in that round. This fund brought the company’s total funding to $ 300 million. It also turned the firm into a unicorn, which is a company that has a valuation of more than $ 1 billion. When asked how he feels to be part of the $1 billion club, Goldenberg noted that they never view themselves as a unicorn. Adam asserted that all the credit should go out to the team of hard working professionals that are committed to creating excellent brands. The team is also dedicated to making the company’s customers happy. Recently, JustFab rebranded to TechStyle Fashion Group. It aims to reinvent the fashion business industry by engaging each customer and delivering trendy outfits at an affordable price.

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