Developing A Diversified Career

A diversified career is one that involves many different industries. An individual has to understand the different skills and have mastery so that they can have influence in the industry. This means that a person must have multiple interests and talents. This is not popular for most people. People mostly believe that mastering one skill opens doors for the mastery of other skills. This is a bottleneck for diversification career wise. Open-minded people build their careers on the foundation of different skills. This opens many opportunities for a person and also gives them the exposure to different industries. Arthur Becker has developed his career through diversifying it. He has built a brand for his career. Becker is a great leader in the industry. Becker studied Ceramic and Photography. This shows the passion he has towards art. He has developed his career from a young place and worked hard to become an industry leader.

According to The Real Deal, Becker believes in hard work and persistence. These are the key principles that he has mastered while developing his career. He takes every stage of his career as a place of learning. This enables him to enlarge his knowledge of the different skills. The various stages of growth have made him understand servant leadership. It is important to note that Becker has worked with various people who have influence in the arts industry. This has made him understand how to lead in a tough industry in a way that he can accommodate different people.

In an article on Huffingtonpost, Arthur Becker’s career journey can be a lesson for young entrepreneurs. The career journey of Arthur Becker shows that hard work is a key to career development. This means that working hard to achieve the mastery of the right skills will land them different opportunities that will boost their lives higher. Young entrepreneurs should understand persistence and open-mindedness. They should also learn that leading by serving others will benefit them because they will understand how to accommodate different people in the long run. This will build their ability to understand leadership and diversification in their career. They will eventually achieve career success.

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How Susan McGalla Would Recommended Overcoming Obstacles

Susan McGalla is an entrepreneur and a successful business professional. She is someone that one can learn a lot from when it comes to making a lot of progress towards goals. In a world that is filled with a lot of different mentalities that are not profitable in the long run, Susan McGalla has shown herself to be more about playing the cards that she was dealt. Because she was so willing to work with her situation, she has gone very far. She has held a lot of positions in leadership which allowed her to experience a lot of the luxuries that success offers.


Susan has worked for many different companies. Among the companies that she worked for was American Eagle Outfitters. Given her ideas and a willingness to execute her ideas, she has brought forth a lot of expansion to the company. American Eagle Outfitters has opened a couple of new lines of clothing for more people to take advantage of the styles and the quality of products that the company offers. She has gone on to work for other companies and brought similar results. She now runs her own networking and marketing company called P3 while she also does marketing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Susan McGalla is also a speaker on business success. When she speaks, she is someone worth paying attention to because she makes sure that women get advice that is practical. She refrains from going into the woes of being a woman in the workforce. She instead goes into ways that women can protect themselves while asserting themselves. She is using her own life as an example for people to follow. One thing that she says is helpful is to actually think about everyone else as human beings as opposed to their gender. She also provides advice on how to come up with sound business plans.


Susan McGalla’s attitude and work ethic is what brought her very far. She has the right balance that helps people get up to the level that they desire. She is assertive without being overly aggressive. She is very respectful to people, including people who are working under her.


Troy McQuagge is Honored by the World CEO Awards

Troy McQuagge is the CEO is USHealth Group, and he has helped grow the company from its small beginnings the level that it sits today. It is one of the largest companies int he world, and Troy has been a large part of the company’s growth. This article explains how Troy McQuagge is helping every customer receive the finest insurance services from his company.

#1: Family Insurance

Family insurance is easy to order from USHealth Group, and Troy has expanded his coverage for all because he believes it helps the public find the best coverage possible. There are many families that may purchase coverage from the company, and they will have an insurance plan that protects everyone in the family.

#2: Group Insurance

Group insurance may be purchased by companies for their employees, and they will chose a number of different plans to be offered to workers. The USHealth Group will help administer the plans, and they will give the customer service that is needed when they call or help. The company is willing to help anyone who wishes to purchase group insurance for their company, and they will help the company show their partners how easy it is to find better group insurance. Click here to know more.

#3: Troy’s Management Style

Troy manages the company in an open style where he hears out all ideas that may make the company better. He believes in empowering all the people he has working for him, and he believes that he may help foster ideas by allowing the people around him to do the work they must do. He was honored at the World CEO Awards because of the work he has done, and he has shown that he knows how to make his company a better place to work.

There are quite a few people who are searching for better insurance, and they will find it through the USHealth Group. Troy McQuagge is the CEO who makes it all possible, and he will continue to do this work with his partners and private customers. USHealth Group will grow undoubtedly because of Troy’s fine leadership.

Thor Havlorssen and his Human Rights Foundation

Thor Havlorssen is a human rights activist of Venezuelan and Norwegian origin. He has been a human rights and social justice crusader for a very long time. Thor Havlorssen even has his own human rights foundation with headquarters in New York. The influence of the foundation that he started is so widespread that it hosts one of the largest events on human rights activism in the world.

The journey that he has taken to get to the point he is right now has not been easy. When he was growing up, he witnessed his father getting arrested and mistreated by the Venezuelan corrupt regime. His father had been protesting the scam at the Mendela Castle when it happened. Then, he witnessed his own mother getting shot during peaceful demonstrations against the government. The worst thing about the whole ordeal was the fact that after the people who did the shooting were arrested, they were only sentenced to three years on prison, of which they only served six months.

These are some of the forces that led him to become the activist that he has become. Thor says that he does not respect people based on who they are, where they come from or their race. He stated that the thing that he respects the mot in a person is finding out that they are working towards the same cause. He is deeply committed to social justice and at times, it has led him into dangerous situations. For instance, there is a time he narrowly escaped getting jailed in Vietnam for reporting about the plight of the political prisoners there. Click here to know more.

He is also the patron of the Czech organization known as the children peace movement. Another organization that he founded is the Moving Picture Institute that deals with human rights issues. In 2010, he purchased the Norwegian News Magazine known as NY Tid.

He has been published in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he studied political science and History and graduated with the highest honors. He is a true inspiration to lovers of social justice.

Finding The Best French Wine With UKV PLC

Many people have a hard time buying French wine. Picking the right French wine can be daunting at times. There are so many to choose from that it seems difficult from the very start. Sometimes, even the most experienced wine experts have a difficult time with the many types of French wine. French wine is complex because there are some production and labeling limitations that can cause confusion. UKV PLC, a wine consulting company has some advice on how to work around the confusing parts of French wine. UKV PLC suggests that individuals should get acquainted with the labeling system of French wine. French wine is labeled by region. Wherever the grape originates from, will be placed on the wine label. The believe that certain aspects of a region of origin play a role in the production of the wine. They believe that altitude, soil, and climate play a role in the taste of the wine.

Many would argue that where the wine is produced is just as important as the grape that is used in the production. While wine produced in many French regions is good, there are some places that are more notable than others. Burgundy is a notable region that produces both red and white wine.

UKV PLC is a leading wine consulting company that helps individuals and businesses find the most exclusive wine. Individuals can use the services of UKV PLC to invest in some of the best wines, from all over the world.

Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Officials Protect and Serve Safely

Securus Technologies has been in the limelight of the inmate communications world for many years and rightly so. The company has been making tremendous progress in the field and has helped develop some of the finest and most helpful products and services. The company has a broad range of phone, video, and e-mail services, which helps the inmates to communicate with their loved ones. Previously, it was much more difficult for the inmates to get in touch with their loved ones, but thanks to the advanced technology, now it is very much possible.


Securus Technologies reaches out to over 1.2 million inmates across the country today, and more than 3,500 law enforcement agencies use the company’s products and services. The company recently published a news release online where it showed few comments from the letters it regularly receives from the law enforcement officials. The law enforcement officials find the services of Securus Technologies highly useful, and express their gratitude towards the company by sending them an email or a postal letter with kind words to thank the company for making the incarceration experience modernized and providing services that secure the law enforcement officials.


Securus Technologies, in their attempt to uplift their goodwill in the market, published a press release recently where it showcased the letters from the law enforcement officials. The letters showed what the jail officials and police agencies’ officials feel about the company’s products and services. Most of the law enforcement personnel around the country who have used the products and services of Securus Technologies believe that the firm helps them protect and serve safely and securely while doing their duties without any complacency. It helps them in ways more than one by getting the information needed to arrest the offenders as well as by obtaining the evidence necessary to convict them in the court.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Contribution towards Cancer Treatment Taken a Notch Higher

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) has made a huge step in making cancer research easier and more efficient. The organization recently joined hands with two other stakeholders in oncological research, NantHealth and Allscripts Sunrise, to establish an informative patients’ cancer treatment platform labeled Clinical Pathways.

Clinical Pathways brings together electronic health records (EHR) and eviti® such that the latter can access clinical workflows in the former. eviti® is a clinical software that was developed by NantHealth while Allscripts Sunrise developed EHR. With Clinical Pathways program, physicians will be having an easy time since they will have a reliable source of patients’ treatment history.

Words from the Executives

According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America chief medical officer, George Daneker, Clinical Pathways creates an ecosystem in which clinicians will be able to get undiluted and factual research data. Patients, on the other hand, will be presented with a wide range of treatment procedures to choose. Since Clinical Pathways puts treatment regimens at the patient’s and clinician’s disposal, it creates room for clinicians and patients to discuss and reach a consensus on the type of diagnosis to be given.

On his side, Allscripts CEO, Mr. Paul Black, was happy to witness the launching of a project they had started way back in January. He took pride in his organization’s input in developing what will potentially revolutionize the traditional chemotherapy regimens.

Senior executive director of medical affairs at NantHealth, Bobby Reddy, expressed optimism that Clinical Pathways will be a success. He was happy to have helped Cancer Treatment Centers of America develop the program that he described as a game changer.

About CTCA

CTCA operates five cancer treatment facilities in America. On top of administering chemotherapy and surgery procedures on cancer patients, facilities under CTCA also offer side effects management services to their patients.
CTCA opened its doors at Schaumburg, Illinois in 1988. Its founder, Richard Stephenson, had been pained by losing his mother to cancer, and that served as an inspiration to start the firm. Four of CTCA’s hospitals were opened a decade ago.

Eric Lefkofsky on His Idea Behind Establishing Tempus

Tempus is a technology company that will collect, sort and analyze the clinical data from different organizations across the country and abroad to help in the research and treatment of cancer. The data gathered will be made available to different doctors, researchers and physicians to allow them to make better treatment plans for their patients. They have partnered with a number of different organizations and universities for the purpose of collection of their data and then analyzing them.

In a recent interview, the founder of the company, Eric Lefkofsky said that it was important to mix technology and medical science to be able to provide the researchers and the doctors with the right information that they need at the right time. Tempus is yet another effort to ensure that people with cancer that has increased odds can see a ray of hope and get treatment using real data and not just speculation. It is the aim of the company to provide as much information as they can to allow doctors to make better treatment plans. Eric Lefkofsky on Twitter.

Eric Lefkofsky, the CEO and the founder of Tempus is not new to the technology industry. He has founded a few technology companies like Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, MediaOcean and more. Among these, the top is Groupon that now has a presence in many different countries across the globe. He is also associated with many different non-profit organizations. In fact, he and his wife, Liz created a family foundation under the name of Lefkofsky Family Foundation that has made a huge difference to many different communities. Apart from that, he is also a trustee of the Art Institute of Chicago for many years now. He is also the member of Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Eric Lefkofsky is driven by passion when it comes to overlooking the working of his new company, Tempus. After his wife had been diagnosed with cancer, he realized how little information was there to help researchers and doctors to make important decisions. He wanted to create something that will allow cancer patients across the world to find all the information they need from one place.


ORM: Fake Reviews and Ratings

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the influencing and control of public perception of an individual’s or an organization’s reputation on the Internet. The main focus is on search engines, news portals and social media. With the rise of the internet, buyers’ temperament have become quite volatile. It is, therefore, imperative for organizations to continuously guide their customers’ feelings as well as the feelings of the general public.

Customer reviews and ratings play a vital role in influencing the decisions of future buyers and ensure the loyalty of present ones. According to Bazaarvoice 71% of consumers now consider online reviews before making a purchase. But how valid and authentic are these reviews?

With buyer sentiments largely dependent on reviews and ratings, there’s the rising problem of manipulation of their emotions with fake reactions. Companies and their competitors alike indulge in this underhanded practice to gain an advantage, bitter employees and obnoxious people may want to mar the reputation of a brand. According to a Harvard study, as much as 15-30% reviews and ratings are inauthentic. Falsification is basically in the content itself but extends to the use of fake profiles.

In addition to content and profile is the distortion of reviews and ratings through reverse SEO techniques and an increasing number of bots used to automate the production of fake reviews. In this regard, a technological warfare is already in progress as the usage of bots becomes commonplace and the need for more effective ORM increases.

Review fraud can be found not only on Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook, but also on many professional portals for craftsmen, car dealers and even doctors – politicians now churn out alternative facts without batting an eye.

Essentially, it is not easy to differentiate between real online reviews and fake ones; length, content, language, spelling errors, speed and writing frequency are not criteria for detecting what’s real and what’s not. As a matter of fact, real reviews can easily be substituted with fake ones and vice versa. In 2016 Twitter campaign #NoreceiptNoreview brought to light the issue of lack of review verification systems. This prompted TripAdvisor to create a system that flags phoney reviewing behavior.

But generally, there are still factors which do not encourage truth in reviews and ratings and the simple fact is that fabrication by companies, their competitors as well as by customers is not going away anytime soon.

Alexandre Gama Is The Only Relevant Marketer In Latin America

When one thinks about the communications market of Brazil, they may think of it as unsophisticated and irrelevant. That may have been true in the past, but that to the innovator Alexandre Gama, the market has now modernized to the point of similarity to Europe or the United States. His work is so renowned that he has received awards in Europe.

The Cannes Film Festival has certainly favored the work of Alexandre Gama. Having received more than 23 awards since the early 2000’s, it is safe to say that he is a regular. He had even been invited as a guest judge during several of the events.

Also as a lover of the musical arts, he decided to start up one of the most popular recording studios VIOLAB. This studio creates magic with some of the best guitar players in all of Brazil. Videos are published both digitally on Youtube and in albums.