Omar Yunes Makes It As The Best Franchise In The World

The contribution of Omar Yunes for Sushi Itto made him win the Best Franchise of the World (BFW) competition. This event had taken place at Florence, Italy, on 5 December last year.

This is recognition of the contribution of Omar Yunes to the brand that he is representing. He was aged 21 when he had taken this franchise of Sushi Itto. This food chain belongs to Japan. Omar Yunes owns 13 of such franchised units. These are located all over in Mexico City, and Puebla as well as Veracruz. In fact, 10% units of the brand are owned by Omar Yunes today.

Omar Yunes does not take credit for this honor. He says that he feels very proud, but he is only a representative. This is because it is a prize that has been won by all the 400 people who are employed in these units. It is their effort and work in the units besides the flexibility offered by the brand to innovate that has led to winning the award.

This is the 2015 edition of BFW which was a highly prestigious event as it was attended by people who represented 34 countries. These attendees came from Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, besides France. There were people from Italy, and Argentina besides Mexico too.

The parameters of evaluating the franchise were based on its impact on network. It included factors like how much the franchise could influence network and how it contributed with regard to knowledge. Also, the savings were considered besides the employee motivation factor. The invoice amount was another consideration besides the improvements being proposed by the franchise to business model.

Omar Yunes was able to win the highest award as he could take the franchise-franchisee relationship to another level. He could manage information in a better way. He was able to implement control boards. This allowed a better measurement of all units.

The CEO of Sushi Itto says that this award further strengthens the joint effort as they strive to offer their customers exemplary service along with remarkable flavor.

Clay Siegall: A Scion of Passion in the Fight against Cancer

In addition to his chief executive officer duties at Seattle Genetics, which he cofounded, Clay Siegall is also an avid blogger. His posts touch on wide ranging issues that he perceives are crucial for the promotion of the cause of human beings. One such issue is recycling; a practice that has been touted for decades as one of the best ways of dealing with the ever burgeoning problem of environmental pollution through human activities. His post, which is a repost of an interview of researchers on the negative impacts of recycling, holds that there is a significant downside to recycling. The effectiveness of recycling is gradually promoting a culture of complacence as people pollute the environment buoyed by the comfort that the trash will be recycled. The research showed that the presence of a recycle can nearby encouraged people to use more recyclable materials and items such as cups and wrapping papers.

Passionate Search for Alternative and Effective Cancer Therapies

Clay Siegall’s passion and commitment to the cancer community began from an early age when he was in campus following a personal encounter with the pain associated with conventional cancer treatment options. He dedicated his scholarly life and professional career to finding alternative treatment for cancer that is more effective and less painful. After graduating from the University of Maryland with Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, he later specialized in Genetics for his doctorate degree at the George Washington University. He has authored numerous articles on the subject while also getting over a dozen patents for his inventions in the field following years of study and working as a research scientist in several organizations.

However, Clay Siegall’s commitment to fighting cancer is not confined to scholarly endeavors. In 1998, he cofounded Seattle Genetics. The company is one of the leading entities in cancer research and development of targeted cancer therapies. He has been at the forefront of the company’s efforts towards achieving these initiatives, which have already bore significant fruits including the development of an FDA-approved Adcetris conjugate. He has guided the company’s cancer research partnership initiatives with several like-minded companies including Pfizer and Bayer. Clay Siegall has also helped the company raise capital worth millions of dollars to finance its research efforts.

People often look at the world in a divisive way. There’s a natural tendency to divide one’s life between spiritual practices and worldly concerns. But while this is a natural inclination, it’s also one which runs contrary to some of the most powerful spiritual practices. The Kabbalah, in particular, places emphasis on the fact that one should always be an active part of the world. This might well be one of the reasons why the Kabbalah is experiencing a modern resurgence. The Kabbalah is a spiritual practice which helps people be their ideal self within this complex world we all live in. There is one big obstacle standing in front of people who are interested in the Kabbalah though. It’s an ancient practice, but one which is only recently entering into the western world.

Thankfully the Kabbalah Centre is reaching out to help anyone learn all about this fulfilling spiritual discipline. The Kabbalah Centre is bringing a new way of looking at the world to people. They were first established in 1984 and have been growing just as steadily as western interest in the Kabbalah. One of the important things about the Kabbalah Centre is that it brings a certain level of expertise to students. Any study of the Kabbalah will be beneficial. But in general the practice needs teachers who really understand the underlying meaning of the Kabbalah. And that’s exactly what the Kabbalah Centre does.

For example, the Kabbalah Centre teaches that everyday actions should always have a deeper meaning. If someone’s eating a high calorie treat there might normally be an inclination to feel bad about it. But they teach that one can instead find deeper meaning by integrating the values of the Kabbalah into the meal. For example, they might suggest that the decedent treat be shared with friends or family to create spiritual and social bonds. The expert teachers understand both the culture the Kabbalah arose in and the culture which wants to learn from it.

To know more visit Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube channel

How Is Success Academy Achieving Much Success in the Industry?

Success Academy is a school like no other. This charter school that was started in 2006 by educational reformist Eva Moskowitz is making a name for itself and creating an impacting in the lives of its community by turning poor performing student and the marginalized one into the cream of the society. For the past few years, this is what the institution has been doing.


Currently, the charter school has 41 schools with student capacity of more than 14,000 students. To foster transparency in the education system from the word go, the institutions conducts two selection process where a list of students is selected from a pool of potential applicants. With limited vacancies at the the charter school, Eva is still hopeful that they will be given an opportunity to expand their territories and serve the increasing number of students better.


Since its establishment, Success Academy has been a force to reckon with when it comes to improving the quality of education. A number of factors have helped ensure that this is so. Top on the list is the investment in teachers and caregivers. One thing that Success Academy is determined to offer exemplary is quality education. With the realization that it tends to the needs of a special group of scholars in the economy, the institution has invested its facilities in hiring enough teachers and caregivers to provide special attention to its students thus helping nurture them academically and physiologically too.


Improved curriculum. In Success Academy, students are fully equipped with knowledge as compared to other schools. This chartered school ensures that at least a complete learning session takes a minimum of 80 minutes. During this time depending on the level of education, there are practical where scholars are helped to understand the concepts better.


Parent’s participation. When it comes to Success Academy, parents are involved in the student’s’ academic journey from the beginning. Among the many things, parents are required to attend all schools functions and help their children with school assignment that includes reading for them a storybook before they go to sleep.


Success Academy is revolutionizing the education system. With this timely and effective strategies sooner than later educational reforms will be part and parcel of every school.

Goodness in Every Bite

Discerning dog owners naturally want the best for their dogs, which includes providing them with quality nutrition. Beneful, part of Nestle Purina PetCare, is a leader in the pet food market and offers dry and wet dog food that contribute to the overall health of your animal. The term “Beneful”, according to the company’s spokesperson means, “full of goodness.” This not only a definition; it’s the company’s philosophy. Beneful is committed to “humanizing” their dog food brand and giving back to the community; they have acknowledged the strong bond between pets and their owners and offers a line of dog food that resembles human food. In 2001, when the company was founded, they produced a beef stew style dog food that was a success with consumers, and in 2010 they introduced “IncredibBites”, which is a smaller kibble size food enclosed in stay-fresh packaging.

In addition to their quality dog foods; Beneful is also committed to improving our dog parks. They host an annual “Dream Dog Park contest”, in which dog parks are submitted for renovations valued at $500,000. Beneful understands that our pets are like family; this is proven not only in their products but also in community service. In 2012 Beneful was ranked as the fourth most popular dog food brand, which is a significant accomplishment for a company established in 2001. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and providing quality foods is the reason for the company’s strong customer base. “Full of goodness” is not only a definition, it’s also a mission statement and to know more visit @


How to Get Legal Help in Sao Paolo-Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tostois one of the most popular and competent lawyers in Sao Paolo. He has been practicing law for the past decade and is one of the most respected lawyers in criminal, family and personal injury law. In case you have a business or personal dispute that you need settled, you should think about getting the assistance of experts such as Ricardo Tosto. The best way to get the help of these legal experts is going through the website that has been put up by the association of Sao Paolo Lawyers.

To gain access to lawyers such as Mr Ricardo, the first things you need to do is register on the site and fill in a questionnaire. The information that will be demanded from you includes your locality, the type of case that you have at hand, the place where the case will be tried and other important details. This information is what the site administration will use to link you up with the ideal lawyer to handle your case.

There are many benefits you get when you allow Ricardo Tosto to handle your process. To start with, you do not have to keep struggling with looking for references for good lawyers. The other benefit is that you can have confidence that the person you have chosen to handle your case will deal with it in the best possible way and that you will not be dragged through endless legal processes. Ricardo Tosto on Facebook.

For instance, when you have a lawyer like Ricardo Tosto dealing with your legal issue, you can be assured that if the case is connected to criminal law, personal injury law and business law, you will get the assistance you need to resolve it. Take time and visit the website as this will be the best way to get quality legal assistance.