Malls, Shopping Styles and How Roberto Santiago Caters to Each Shopping Style

There are plenty of shopping styles when it comes to any type of category. For instance, different people use different methods in order to find the clothes they want. While there are the methods of online shopping and offline shopping, there are even methods of doing each of them. For instance, with offline shopping, there are the casual shoppers and the more serious shoppers. The more casual shoppers tend to skim the surface when shopping the clothes. In many cases, they are just happy to find clothes that they can wear with very little attention paid to the fit depending on the person. These type of shoppers are more likely to find success at any mall or store that sells clothes.


For the more serious fashion shoppers, they may be more conscious about the different aspects of clothing. They may even have a specific style that they want to express. Malls are less likely to cater to those styles. These types of shoppers would have to go to a larger mall in order to find what they want. Fortunately, Roberto Santiago offers this with Manaira Shopping. His mall is a huge mall with tons of different stores that offer clothing and fashion.


With the huge size and multitude of stores in Manaira Shopping, there are plenty of options for customers. Therefore, people with a specific type of fashion style are more likely to find what they are looking for no matter what their style is. Given the size of the mall, people have a lot of space to explore. Therefore, if a customer does not find what he is looking for at one store, there are plenty of other stores to check out. He is welcome to check out each store until he finds one that is very close to his aesthetic.


Manaira Shopping has been made to be unique in more ways than just its size. Roberto Santiago has seen the value of providing a one stop shop for customers. After all, customers who stay are more likely to spend money than those who are bounce in and then bounce out when they go shopping.


The Awe-Inspiring Bold Shades Of Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dyes

Since its inception, Lime Crime cosmetics has become synonymous with creativity and artistic expression. The new products available from this company continue to reflect the unlimited potential their customers have in creating the type of looks they want. The new line is appropriately called Unicorn Hair, after the trend-setting products available in the company’s first line of lip colors. The new products are a line of hair dyes that reflect the company’s soul of creativity by coming in a variety of bold shades. The eight colors originally available in this line were designed to carry names that would inspire the outrageous and fantastical sides of anyone. Since the new hair dyes first launched the product line has grown to include more than 20 different awe-inspiring shades.

All of the new shades of hair color available from Lime Crime are categorized as being semi-permanent. These colors are designed to fade in a subtle manner over an extended period of time. These colors are available as either full coverage shades or as tint dyes. The main difference between the two is the amount of saturation the hair receives from the product. The dyes classified as full coverage provide more of a deep penetration to saturate the hair with vivid color. Dyes classified as tints provide a lesser degree of saturation to highlight the hair with a light touch of color. Fans of the delightfully fun shades available from this company will find the new line of Unicorn Hair dyes available in both full coverage and tint formulas.

In addition to the large size ready-to-use bottles of hair dye, Lime Crime also offers their innovative line of hair colors in convenient to use sample packets. Not only does this allow someone to test out a specific color, but it also makes it easier for people to incorporate multiple colors into one captivating look. All of the Unicorn Hair dyes have been categorized as being vegan and cruelty-free. As with all of the other products available from this company, no animal testing or animal products have been used in their formulation, which means hair is always left in a silky, soft condition.

Honey Birdette Airs Their Voice

Marriage inequality has been a menace that is shrinking women in the society. The Honey Birdette’s employees formed a flash mob in Sidney CBD to demonstrate against marriage inequality. The mob protested in the streets, and their message seemed to be received by a lot of the residents most of who ultimately supported what they stood for! Interesting to note, the company received so much love for making such a bold move.

The Honey Birdette staff, workers, and models wanted the country to advocate for a plebiscite. The entire protest had been inspired by an incident which had affected a store with similar products they produce. The store had gotten complaints about their advert poster promoting a lingerie product from Honey Birdette. The allegations claimed that the poster had been inappropriate and would upset certain people.

It wasn’t fair that the store was attacked and property destroyed too. Monaghan, the managing director, and founder brought the women together to create the flash mob. For women to get their deserved glory and empower themselves. This was the easiest way they would have been heard.

There had been trolls going around spreading bad word on the company, claiming they dwelled their demonstration on hypocrisy since there had been allegations of disrespecting and providing no security for their workers. Monaghan denied the accusations and stated that nothing of the sort had happened and dismissed the case.

The Honey Birdette has been bashed now for the second time the first time being in 2014 when people wanted adult wear removed from the lingerie chain. It had lost its case then besides having no inappropriate motive. Never the less, this time he decided not to nod and agree but spread the word on equality. There are still people who are against the poster and the protest and that the poster should be pulled down due public standards but the supporters for this demonstration outweigh those against it.

Getting to Know Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the simplest billionaires there is in the United States. Just by a mere glance, it would be impossible to tell whether he even went to Harvard leave alone being a billionaire. However, if you get to know Eric Pulier, you will understand that he has established over 16 companies in his long career. During this period, he has acquired numerous skills becoming a jack of many trades and a master of many. Today, Eric Pulier can be referred to as a philanthropist, public speaker as well as a brilliant technologist. Other titles that can be used to describe Eric Pulier include published author and columnist. One thing that Eric Pulier believes in is generosity. He does not keep all the money he makes for himself as he is active in helping the less privileged in the society.

Eric Pulier lived a normal childhood. Being born and raised in New Jersey, Eric Pulier learned that education is very crucial if someone is to succeed in life. He became interested in computers at fourth-grade, and he learnt how to code. Eric Pulier is said to have established his first company at the age of 14. The company dealt with database management, and he later sold it. During his time at Harvard University, Eric Pulier became a renowned columnist for the Harvard Crimson where he touched on issues related to technology. Immediately after completing college, Eric Pulier settled in California back in 1991. He has lived in California since then.

His philanthropic works have drawn the attention of prominent people in the US such as President Bill Clinton. The two worked on establishing a low-cost remedy for the rising issue of cloud computing. At the moment, Eric Pulier is involved with an organization called the Painted Turtle. Through this organization, Eric Pulier has focused on solving the issue of chronic illness to children. Through this forum, Eric Pulier is a proud donor of time and money. Painted Turtle makes it possible for children suffering from chronic illness to socialize. Eric Pulier can be found on social media. He is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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Dr. Akhil Reddy, Integrating Professionalism, Fashion, and Taste.

Dr. Akhil Reddy works at MB2 dental as a dentist. He has a vast interest in wine tasting, and over the years he has become an expert with a taste for balanced flavors and also masterful in wine production. According to Reddy, you can find good and inexpensive wine as long as you have an idea of where to find it. Many people believe that only French wine has good taste and delicious scent, but you can get inexpensive one with unusual flavors for less than $30. Naturally, good wine needs enough time to bring out the delicious taste and scent.

Akhil further clarifies that good wine is all about the type of grapes and also the mastery of fermenting to bring out its rich culture. For the French wine, you can get something good for less than $30 if you do your research well. On his list of good wine under 15 dollars, he includes Château Beaumont, Haut Médoc, Château Mont-port, Catillon and Asda Beaujolais. Reddy states that as a dentist his primary focus is to offer affordable dental care to all people regardless of stature or wealth. Additionally, when not in practice he is a wine Connoisseur and fashion advisor.

Dr. Akhil Reddy also advocate on fashionable dressing even when wearing the white coat. As a dentist, he says he understands why it’s always hard for those who work in hospitals or laboratories to think about fashion. Reddy says the advantage of white coats is that they cover your clothing from damage. According to Akhil, it’s important to maintain a sense of fashion and style. Dressing in a smart and profession outfits is a way of reassuring your clients of your style contribution in the fashion world.

For men, he advises wearing a bright shirt, trouser, and tie for a professional look. The combination is comfortable and stylish. It’s also an easy way to transit from official to business lunch without any fuss. For a casual business, Reddy suggests on a dress shirt without a tie to give you that professional look. He further says that business casual is versatile enough to be worn with a sports jacket, sweater or even blazer.

Dr.Akhil Reddy studied dentistry and biology at the University of Pacific; he is also the director of Just Health 510 and a former committee of California dental association. There are two journals published in his name, and he has received an undergraduate research award from Michael J. Minch.

Honey Bordette Makes A Stand On Two Important Areas Of Public Concern

The Australian luxury lingerie and sensuality store, Honey Birdette has never been afraid of becoming involved in political and social issues the brand believes are important to the world and their clients. 2017 has seen the activism of Honey Birdette reach new heights with the founder and Managing Director, Eloise Monaghan leading her employees and models on a campaign dedicated to the “#freethenipple” and marriage equality issues that have recently dominated the news media in Australia; marriage equality is the subject of a public plebiscite in Australia that has been seen as difficult to understand in a country where a reported 70 percent support marriage equality.

Honey Birdette’s team of employees, commonly referred to as “Honey’s” led a flash mob through Melbourne’s Central Business District in a bid to promote the ideals of marriage equality and a less conservative approach to nudity. In recent months the Honey Birdette store in Melbourne’s Rundle Mall was the subject of a controversy over a visible nipple in a promotional billboard. Politicians and members of Honey Birdette’s management team came out in support of the billboard as a sign of the progressive approach to life the grand represents.

Honey Birdette founder Eloise Monaghan has already gone on record to state her personal backing of marriage equality and the “#freethe nipple” campaign, which she believes was given a boost by the flash mob of lingerie clad models and employees making their way through the streets of Melbourne. Many of the customers of the brand showed their support with social media messages praising Honey Birdette for allowing their employees to express their support for issues affecting their own lives and ability to live in a free and open manner.

The Accomplishment of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is an incredible business man who has kept shining in his career and as a result made so much achievement. Sparks is a well-known entrepreneur who has multiple businesses. He is a unique businessman who only has a high school diploma thus proving so many people that a business can succeed through hard work and not just a degree from school. Confidence and having faith has also helped him to keep working hard. Apart from handling his business, Sparks also specializes in venture capital. He is the founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital LP. Marc has also an interest in telecommunication. All the companies that he has begun have all become successful. The companies that he has started include Splash Media, Blue Jay Wireless, and Cardinal Telecom.


Apart from being a businessman, Sparks is also a philanthropist who participates in developing the community. Some of the places that have received the assets of Sparks is like The American Can which received a thousand laptops. He has also helped in the development of cheap homes at Habitat. He is a member of the Samaritan Inn since 1980.

Timber Creek Capital has the objective of assisting upcoming business men to do well in their businesses as well as advising them on the right path. Lucky young businessmen with great potential and strategy are given a capital by the company to start off. The staff members of this organization are able to increase their skills so that the company can reach greater heights. Timber Creek Capital has services such as; networking, office space, banking, capital and professionalism in customer service. These services help the young businessmen to work on their business.


Marc Sparks is a hard working man who doesn’t allow failure to come in between his business, therefore, dedicating himself to achieve the best. Running a business may be challenging thus Sparks knows how well to operate his business. He has a book called They Can’t Eat You which he is still working on. This book talks about how he got to succeed in his business. It has the challenges and the benefits. He elaborates that it takes effort and hard work to become successful in a business and a university degree does not really matter to achieve success in a business. His boldness, passion, and effort have highly contributed to his accomplishment.


When beginning a business you must make sure you have an excellent strategy to guide you. Furthermore, you must have certain values that will help you get to where you want to be in business. Some of the values or rather principles that Marc Sparks has, include; creating a business plan, showcasing the business ideas you have and lastly establishing thing correctly. Learn more:

Honey Bridette is Not Afraid of Controversy and May Not Deserve it

Honey Bridette has found itself stirring controversy in the past, and the company is not afraid to face more in the future. However, people must ask themselves if this controversy is warranted, or should people take more of a ‘live and let live’ approach to life.

One such controversial action had the company receiving both complaints, and praise. This was due to an impromptu flash mob that employees and some of their models organized to show their support for marriage equality. The company’s positive message of support was met with praise from many. However, it was also met with complaints by some who felt that the company’s actions were inappropriate.

While some see it as inappropriate, to others it is refreshing to see a company take a stand. Too many companies play it safe when it comes to their beliefs. Whether you agree with Honey Bridette’s stance of not, it’s nice to see a company being willing to stand tall and voice their convictions instead of backing off and staying quiet in order to not offend anyone.

Another recent controversy involved a lingerie poster hung in their stores. The company sells lingerie, so such posters should be expected. These days people wear lingerie out in the streets, should such posters really create a sensation when they are used in stores that sell these products?

These days it seems that it’s difficult to do anything without offending someone. While it’s important to cater to your customers and keep them happy as much as possible, it may be time for businesses to also stick to their belief system, stand up for what they believe in, and advertise in a way that fits their brand. Honey Bridette and their marriage quality flash mob is leading the way in doing this and still run a successful company.

Cancer Treatment Centers Examined:

Cancer is one disease that still causes a person much fear and panic. Cancer can be an unpredictable and frightening disease. However, surgery as well as treatment methods have greatly improved over the years.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America provide excellent care for cancer patients. Not only does Cancer Treatment Centers of America treat the Cancer but they also offer strong emotional and psychological support.

Many times patients diagnosed with Cancer feel hopeless and depressed. The staff at Cancer Treatment Centers really care about the patient as a person which can actually help the ill patient better cope with the disease.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are open 24/7 and have several locations within the United States. Aside from the Philadelphia location, Cancer Treatment Centers have other locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix as well as Tulsa Oaklahoma.

*Cancer Treatment & Management:

The Center is equipped to treat various Cancers including breast, colon, lung, prostrate as well as various gynecological type cancers. Cancer Treatment Centers use state of the art technology to diagnose as well as treat Cancer. Common forms of treatment include Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery as well as Hormone based therapy.

The Center has some of the best Physicians, Radiologists, Dieticians, Therapists and Social workers. The patient will feel confident that they are receiving the best possible care.

Massage Therapists are on staff at Cancer Treatment Centers to help patients better deal with their Cancer pain and discomfort. In addition, Skilled Therapists will use mind and body techniques to help the patient feel better physically and mentally.

Once the patient begins a course of Cancer treatment, they will be closely monitored by their Oncologist and other staff members. In addition, Cancer Treatment Centers of America does manage any pain or discomfort with a variety of medications. Each patient will be kept comfortable during their Cancer treatment. Patient anxiety can also be controlled quite well.

Nutrition is something that the Center takes very seriously. Cancer patients must eat properly, get adequate rest and partake in some kind of physical activity. There are a number of Registered Dieticians on staff at the Center. The dietician will help the patient will proper meal planning and nutritional needs.

Please see for additional information concerning Cancer Treatment Centers of America. You may call the Center any time of the night or day to schedule an appointment.

Achievements and contributions of Michael Lacey to the field of mathematics

Michael Lacey is one of the most famous mathematicians and has over the past years been an inspiration to many people. Michael has worked in some institutions and organizations and has a vast experience in his area of specialization.

He is highly passionate about mathematics and started his determination while at a tender age. Always determined to accomplish his dreams, Michael pursued his bachelor’s degree in science and later moved to the Illinois University where he pursued his Ph.D.

He is currently a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he focuses on sharing his vast knowledge in the field of math with the other scholars. Read more: Mike Lacey | Crunchbase

Michael took some positions as an associate professor in various universities before becoming a full-time professor at the University of Georgia. He has over the past years worked towards understanding the different fields of mathematics, with his primary concerns being on probability, harmonic theory among others.

The prolific professor has also worked in some countries through which he shared his knowledge and skills in mathematics in Australia, Spain Argentina and much more. He has helped scholars solve the various mathematical problems in a fast and easy way.

Due to his love and passion for mathematics, Michael has been an inspiration to most of his young students. He is a role model to a large number of young scholars, and many of them look forward to being like him. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Besides, Michael is a mentor to many young people and through his inspiring talks and hard work he has over the past years encouraged youngsters to work hard towards accomplishing their dreams. Lacey believes that everyone can achieve their goals as long they are determined towards it and put all the required effort to accomplish it.

Besides, Michael has been highly amended by many scholars and individuals for his exceptional contributions to the educational sector, and as a result, he was recently awarded the Salem Prize for his mathematical theories together with other scholars.

Due to his great passion for maths, Michael recently joined the American mathematical society to keep developing his mathematical skills.