Bernardo Chua and Grape Seed Oil

Bernardo Chua is a man of Pilipino decent and owner of a global network marketing company known as Organo Gold. The company sells different types of beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products. Before forming his own company, he worked for many years in the Gano Excel Company.

He strongly believes in the power and effectiveness of direct sales, that is to say, selling directly to the consumer, outside of a fixed retail location. He is a person who is well-versed in the different nutritional benefits of plants and plant byproducts.

He highly recommends grape seed oil as a healthy supplement. The many health benefits of grape seed oil include: its immune strengthening properties, its use in the treatment of breast cancer, liver disease, and neurodegenerative disease, its benefits to the cardiovascular system, its anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic properties, its wound healing abilities, its treatment of bone debility, and its antiviral properties.

“Treat breast cancer?!” you demand. The way in which grape seed oil does this is to suppress the activities of a pesky little enzyme known as armotase. The treatment of neurodegenerative disease, oh my!

The oil extract from this little miracle seed can prevent the misfolding of proteins in the brain that lead to neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more about Bernado Chua: and

It even has antiviral properties? A study conducted in 2002 showed that proanthocyanidin in the oil was able to decrease co receptors of HIV-1. With so many positive attributes it might compel some to see it as a Pangaea.

That explains why Bernardo Chua, a man with a wealth of knowledge in regards to nutrition and health, is so strongly advocating the consumption of grape seed oil. Indeed the earth is something of a Garden of Eden and people like Bernardo Chua are committed to bringing all of its riches into the hands of humanity.

Gregory Aziz Successful Career

Gregory James Aziz is currently considered to be one of the most successful people in the competitive car manufacturing industry. At the moment, the businessman is serving as the president and also the chief executive director of a company known as National Steel Car. Gregory is currently the chairman of the institution too. Under his leadership, the company has been successful, and it has positively transformed the industry. The institution has also registered huge profits under his leadership. The company is believed to be one of the most profitable car manufacturing ventures in the world.


Gregory Aziz was born and raised in an ordinary family. His family was based in London in an area known as Ontario. When he was born in the year 1949, his family realized that he was a hard-working young man who wanted to change the society. Although the family was stable, he was not given any special treatment at school. After his high school education, the businessman joined an institution known as Ridley College where he started laying a foundation for his successful career. After graduating, Gregory joined the prestigious University of Western Ontario where he took a degree in economics.


After completing his economic degree several years ago, Gregory decided to join the family business. The family had a small food company, and in just a short time, it grew significantly due to his presence. The skills he had acquired at school played a fundamental role in the success of the food processing company. The sales and profits are believed to have doubled when Gregory joined. The businessman also acquired the experience he needed to become successful in business.


Gregory J Aziz worked in the food processing firm for a while. However, he felt that this was not his best job. Aziz joined the banking industry where he worked with several banks. His dedication and hard work helped the businessman to go up the ladder. In ten years, Gregory was one of the most successful bankers in the country. He, however, left the banking industry to venture into business.


In 1994, Gregory decided to join National Steel Car. Dofasco owned the company at that time. In a short duration, car manufacturing changed, and it increased its sales and profits. The company also opened more branches in the country. The businessman also acquired the company years later. As the president of the institution, Gregory has been instrumental in the success of the company.

Fantasy Footballers- The Ultimate Source

The beginning of fantasy football season is upon us. Players everywhere are scrambling to put together their best possible lineups. Finding a number one receiver to add to your lineup can be a challenge. Martavis Bryant is a receiver that has been on the radar of many people. He has a tremendous upside and many fantasy owners see him as a potential wide receiver one.

Martavis Bryant has been on the upside for quite some time. He has shown flashes of being a very good receiver. Both injuries and suspensions have prevented him from having an entire breakout season. If Bryant can stay healthy and stay out of trouble there is no reason why he can have a big year in fantasy.

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NuoDBL SQL Database for Today and Tomorrow

Technology keeps changing and therefore, the business environment keeps changing. In fact, business growth depends on a company’s ability to keep up. Because consumer’s expectations are centered on constant availability, high-performance and new feature development, “NuoDB SQL Database” is swiftly setting the pace for preserving transactional activity while giving businesses room to scale as fast as they grow.

With such high consumer expectations, there must be a fast, accurate and continuous system in place to scale-out application performance despite other failures and outages. To meet a business’s critical requirements, and for cloud support, disaster recovery, elastic scalability, and application resilience, business owners are learning to stick with the NuoDB SQL Database.

NuoDB SQL database appears as a single, logical, SQL database to an application. Nevertheless, the transaction layer handles requests from applications and caches statistics for speedy access, whereas the storage layer guarantees resilience of data by writing it to a disk, thus providing ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability).

The NuoDB SQL Database takes a strict approach to maintaining the integrity of valuable data by combining the critical requirements of the on-demand economy and delivering high-value to organizations across multiple industries. This cloud database not only delivers today but prepares applications to deliver tomorrow.

NuoDB SQL Database

NuoDB is a company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts that develops elastic database systems. NuoDB was founded in 2008 by co-founder Barry S Morris and co-founder Jim Starkey. The companies name was changed from NimbusDB to NuoDB in 2013. To date, NuoDB has raised over $59 million is funding.
Modern database systems, such as MySQL, struggle to allow the users to scale out their systems easily. The NuoDB database system is SQL compliant and allows the user to deploy into cloud systems. NuoDB New SQL database system also retains traditional SQL traits but the added capabilities allow the user to avoid sharding and bottlenecks in the system. NuoDB new SQL database is ACID compliant.
The functionality of this SQL database system is based on a tiered approach. This tiered system is compromised of transaction engines and storage managers. This allows NuoDB SQL database systems to scale data in a predictable manner within a cloud system.

Why you Should Consider Paul Mampilly’s Investment Advice

Many Americans are willing to invest in the money markets, but many of them have little knowledge about the goings-on in the Wall Street. Individuals who have great insight into the operations of the money markets such as Paul Mampilly are gaining popularity with Americans who are eyeing to make investments. It is no wonder that Mampilly’s newsletters reach a great audience. He has also appeared on Television broadcasts such as CNN, dispensing what he is best known for—realistic investment options.

Why should potential investors listen to Paul Mampilly? Any investor is excited by the thought of getting returns from their ventures. Mampilly is an embodiment of a shrewd investor who has successfully invested in many businesses. He invested in Netflix in 2008 and sold his shares for a gain, a trend he replicated in 2012 when he invested in Serepta Therapeutics, a drug development company. Mampilly later sold his shares at Sarepta Therapeutics for a whopping 2,000% profit. Impressive, right?

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Mampilly learned the ropes when he worked for the big names in the investment market. He has over 25 years of refined investment knowledge. When he moved from India to America, Mampilly pursued a college education that landed him his first job in the industry. He started by working for Bankers Trust as their portfolio manager. Later, his mastery of finance and investment matters landed him a crucial role at Deutsche Bank. Mampilly has also worked with ING, and Kinetics Asset Management where he received the acclaim of industry experts when he grew Kinetics assets to over $25 billion. After 25 years of an impressive career, Mampilly quit his job to focus on his family and American citizens at large.

Mampilly has some tips for investors who are forward-thinking. He encourages them to focus on the disturbance that technology is causing in the automobile sector, and invest in the cars of the future—electric cars. Mampilly also acknowledges the change that technology is set to impact in the field of precision medicine. Lastly, Mampilly advises investors to take a look at food delivery systems that are on the verge of witnessing exponential growth.

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The Future Of Architecture According To Robert Ivy

AIA stands for the American Institute of Architects. This is the organization of architects and professional designers in the United States. It is the most recognized association in terms of representation in this area of specialization. Its role is to stand for the welfare of the architecture professionals.

The group is currently headed by Robert Ivy. He is a former editor at Architectural Record. Robert who has studied architecture at the university has brought radical changes in the association to make it more effective. He has rolled out plans that are aimed at creating public awareness about the profession and also sensitizing the professionals within the industry to be cognizant of their responsibilities.

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One of the areas that he has brought changes is on how the association interacts with the public. He reckons that the profession needs to diversify. It is not all about traditional building design, there need to be aspects of supplemental services. Coming out of the building design cocoon means that architects will be able to explore other fields where their input may be needed. This means that they do not limit themselves to one line only. Such an act of sticking in a single line of building design is what has seen the profession dwindle whenever the building industry is hit by an economic crisis according to One they have diversified it means even in the times of crisis they will be able to venture out into other disciplines and maintain their clout.

Robert Ivy also reckons that the profession is also going through some metamorphosis. The current crop of architecture being taught at the universities is more advanced than before. Also, the set of challenges are also unique. This means architects of today must also come up with new ways of analyzing and resolving problems that are current. This applies to not only architects but also all professionals in the design industry. Members should no lag behind current innovations. They actually should be at the frontline is coming up with new ideas and innovations that will see the profession live up to the demands of the 21st century.

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José Henrique Borghi Makes Advertising Look Easy

José Henrique Borghi has become one of the most interesting figures and advertising in Brazil. He has spent many years building his career in advertising, and he has been able to earn his way into positions of executive leadership because he knows a lot about marketing.

José Henrique Borghi usnderstands what it takes to make the right moves and marketing that can bring instant results to those companies that are in need of an excellent marketing campaign. Jose has worked with Mullen Lowe, and he has been able to help many companies build brands and sustain huge customer bases with the marketing campaigns that have been utilized. Jose has proven himself to be a champion in marketing to a mainstream audience. He has been able to help develop campaigns in Brazil, but he has also been able to gain international appeal for his marketing expertise outside of Latin America. Jose has been able to prove himself worthy of all the accolades and a number of awards that he has received for his marketing expertise.

José Borghi has continued to work as a leader in the area of marketing, and he has been able to branch out and build a solid foundation as a leader in the marketing arena. Jose knows about many different concepts when it comes to marketing, and he has been able to help companies solidify their brands as business leaders compete against other adversaries. Jose realizes that much of the marketing that is done is going to be the thing that keeps people interested in certain businesses. He knows that companies that have a great marketing campaign are going to be the ones that last. He has been in leadership roles where he can help executives achieve what they want when it comes to expanding customer bases.

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Honey Birdette is Pushing Boundaries to Enhance Customer Experience

Honey Birdette, top Australian Lingerie brand, recently launched an e-commerce site dedicated to its US customers. Over the last one year, the US online sales for Honey Birdette has grown by over 374%. The e-commerce platform will support this growth and enhance the shopping experience. It will also enable Honey Birdette showcase more of its products, deliver faster and process customer returns easily. There is also an incentive for customers who place orders above 50 dollars.

As part of their strategic plan 2018, they intend to increase the store networks in the UK from three to forty. The US market is also listed as an opportunity for growth more so in the retail spaces. Their inaugural store outside Australia, opened last year and is situated in the Covent Gardens, London. Honey Birdette has lined up ten more new openings in Newcastle, Liverpool, Stratford and Westfield, UK.

About Honey Birdette
A discussion between two friends over a glass of champagne birth the idea that would translate into a successful enterprise. The friends saw an opportunity in the luxury lingerie and accessories market in Australia. By 2006, Honey Birdette began operations with a single store in Australia.

Honey Birdette offers bold, exquisite and energetic designs that help customers discover who they are. There are 55 Honey Birdette stores in Australia. The Honey Birdette Premium label also targets the high-end market in Europe. The label retails for a minimum of 35 euros and 60 euros for briefs and bras respectively.

They leverage fast fashion strategies, releasing four new line each month to keep the excitement among the customers. The Honey Birdette team actively engages its customers through social media to understand their needs and improve their services. The company’s desire to enhance the customer’s experiences makes them push boundaries, incorporate quality and creative designs, implement aggressive strategies and regularly keep in touch with the clients.

Honey Birdette’s goal in five years is to conquer the world.

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