Advantages and Importance of ClassDojo App


ClassDojo is one of the communication applications that is used by parents, teachers, and students. It provides the best opportunity for parents and teachers to communicate about the students’ activities regarding academic, social, and general behavioral conduct development. Furthermore, in the world of today, parents, teachers, and kids are widely using laptops and smartphones for communication. These items have become a necessity, more so in the education sector. In that case, there are many reasons why ClassDojo has become an important management tool for the classroom.

ClassDojo is a perfect application for time-saving. Recording the conduct and accomplishment of students is just a click away. The application is straightforward to use, and the teacher has the option of using it on the Smartboard the whole day. ClassDojo also encourages data sharing. The application automatically keeps the records of the actions that happened during the classroom. For that reason, both teachers and parents will have the greater opportunity of sharing the records in the form of data sharing. Also, the application provides teachers with an easy way of tracking the general trend of the students’ behaviors.

Teachers can use the ClassDojo application to improve the behavior and organization of students. According to the design of the application, each class has a different avatar that is assigned to students. Additionally, the application is compatible with interactive whiteboards, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. It is efficient since students have the opportunity of getting immediate feedback once they have clicked on their avatar. ClassDojo application has increased parental involvement in the education system. Most of the parents use the application to track the actions of their kids in school. The idea behind the design of ClassDojo app was to help parents take part in improving the learning process of their children in schools. Moreover, ClassDojo encourages instant messaging. In that case, teachers can relay urgent information to parents.

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