An Overview of Lori Senecal’s Early Life and Career Moves

Lori Senecal is the current global CEO at CP&B (Crispin Porter & Bogusky). Lori, in an interview with the Huffington Post, revealed that she grew up at Montreal. She was the youngest child in a family of four children. She further revealed that her early life growing up with her three talented sisters shaped her leadership today. She had to work hard and carve out her own accomplishments and identity. Lori said that her parents also assisted her to develop a strong work ethic through leading by example on They pushed them to reach for their stars through hard work.

Planning for the Future
Lori revealed that when in college, she had not really planned for the future. Immediately after graduation, she sent her resume to a number of places hoping to get an acceptable offer. An agency in Toronto offered her that chance in its media department and it helped her to create an opportunity on Huffington She holds this philosophy up to this day “if I take action, other possibilities appear”. After this opportunity her career really took off.

Prior Positions
Before Lori became the first ever female global CEO of CP&B, she was based at KBS. Her efforts led to KBS gaining a reputation for being the top branding agency due to its inventions. When she joined KBS, the company had only 250 employees but this number grew to over 900 under her leadership. During her stint at KBS, she is known for having played a significant role in mentoring young women. She let the upcoming young women get access to her in order to accelerate their perspective and experience.

Lori Senecal’s Move from McCann-Erickson and its Repercussions
Senecal was tapped by Kirshenbaum Bond due to her huge experience working at a key global ad agency. KBS was on a mission to expand its operations beyond its New York headquarters. Lori Senecal has held an outstanding reputation in creativity, thought leadership and innovation. This married with the foundation of the agency and the board felt that she was the right partner to enhance the agency’s reputation. Her departure from McCann-Erickson was a blow to its leadership stability in a year that was tumultuous to the agency having lost its Microsoft account and struggled with General Motors.

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