Perry Mandera Doing Business and Philanthropy

Perry Mandera is the brains behind The Custom Companies Inc. The company is located in Northlake, Illinois. Apart from running his company, Perry is a major supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC). Due to his dedication, this organization recognized him with Bishop Sheil Award in the year 2010. The ISCC is an entity that works closely with Police Athletic League. It is also an organization that deals with crime reduction and juvenile delinquency. At the same time, it promotes appropriate interaction between law enforcers and the public.

Perry Mandera went to high school in Chicago and completed in 1975. After high school, Mandera joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves. He was tasked with the motor pool. At this time, Perry learnt how to drive a truck. After completing his service and discharged honorably, Perry worked for several transportation companies. This experience inspired him to start his own company. He sold his first business and got into politics as a committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago.

Customs Companies Inc. was begun in 1986 and is now a popular business serving clients from all levels. The company has more than three hundred employees and has made over two hundred million sales. Perry has ensured that his company offers full services in transportation. He has taken a management role that makes sure the company follows its mission and vision. Looking at the success of the company, Perry has exceptional skills of leadership.

Perry Mandera is not just a business person looking to make money. He is a known philanthropist. Nowadays, his life is about giving back to the community. Perry created Custom Cares Charities Inc. It is an entity that extends help to the society. The organization works with other organizations aligned to what it does. By combining efforts, it becomes easier to impact the society. It is also wise to work with other people in the same domain.

Custom cares is a leader of other charity organizations. In particular, this group of organizations supports underprivileged people, children needing help and people going through abuse. For Perry, success is not just having a well-doing company. It is also sharing what you have with those less advantaged (Crunchbase).

Perry Mandera and Community Care

Perry Mandera is a businessman who is part of the enormous transportation field. He’s been working in the sizable industry for more than three full decades. Mandera is also the man behind the creation of The Custom Companies, Inc ( This is a business that’s based in the community of Northlake in Illinois. People who are familiar with Mandera understand how busy he is with his career. They can also talk about all of his other efforts, however. Mandera gives his time and energy to the ISCC or Illinois State Crime Commission. The ISCC is a professional group that has made its gratitude toward Mandera crystal clear in the past. It gave him the prized Bishop Sheil Award back in 2010. It gave him the Citizen of the Year Award just one short year later, too. The ISCC describes a not-for-profit group that collaborates with the Police Athletic League. It works tirelessly on projects that minimize juvenile delinquency and crime in the region. It, at the same time, encourages strong and productive relationships between the public and police offers. The ISCC operates in and around Chicago. It specializes in in-depth training sessions that are geared toward nearby law enforcement entities. The ISCC has done a lot of work since coming into existence. It’s organized free conferences that delve into many interesting subjects. Violence caused by gangs is an example. The ISCC has put together useful tactical training courses that teach participants the ins and outs of event security controls, martial arts and even firearms.

Perry Mandera has been a trucking expert for years. He used to work as a United States Marines reservist. That’s when he started truck driving on a frequent basis. Mandera set up a transportation company independently when he was just 23 years in age. He made the decision to put it up for sale after five years. He established The Custom Companies, Inc. in the middle of the 1980s. Mandera is an individual who adores everything about philanthropy. He loves to aid the members of his precious community. He’s fond of all kinds of volunteer activities as well.


Art of Giving – Perry Mandera.

Perry Mandera is an American philanthropist. He graduated from high school in 1975, after which he served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. His discharge from the Marine Corps Reserves saw his initiation of The Custom Companies Inc. He was interested in politics, and served as the Republican Ward Committeeman from 1984 -1988. It was after leaving his political office that Perry Mandera established The Custom Companies Inc. (

He founded this company in February 1986 located in Northlake, Illinois. It is a transportation organization that offers services including contract and local cartages, forwarding of domestic and International air freights, LTL and truckload services, and more. Its unique and widely popular customer and delivery services increase its customers and profits daily. Following its aim of helping the community, it has offered employment opportunities to many people.

Perry Mandera is an environmental activist too. His company adheres to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Smart way program. The EPA focuses on minimizing the rate of carbon emissions to promote eco- friendly freights. Perry incorporated EPA to The Custom Companies Inc.

Generosity and the commitment towards helping people is Perry Mandera”s all time motivation. He contributed charitable and community organizations through his company. He focused on assisting children, his church, veterans, the youth, and natural disaster victims. For instance, he donated transport services to the tornado-related rescue mission in 2013. He also prioritized his contributions towards anti-cancer movements.

Perry Mandera”s accomplishments became popular all over his country. The Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) recognized Perry Mandera as the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium”. Consequently, he is a member of ITA”s Board of Directors.

Despite his vast accomplishments, Perry Mandera”s charity and policy of “Give back” are greatly acknowledged. His endless and sincere march towards community service drove his establishment of a charitable organization through his former Custom Companies Inc. Perry Mandera”s Custom Cares Charity organization supports companies involved in community service under The Custom Companies Inc.

Conclusively, Perry Mandera”s allegiance and kindness towards the needy is second to none. Moreover, improving the society at large on diverse fields.


Perry Mandera: A Transport Entrepreneur Who Is Committed to Making the World Better Place, Here’s How

Perry Mandera is the CEO of The Custom Companies. The Custom Company started in 1986 Perry Mandera is a philanthropist. He aspires to help the needy in the society. In Perry Mandera’s company, he has set a culture of giving ( In line with this principle, he incorporated Custom Cares Charities as a charitable institution within The Custom Companies. Custom Cares Charities commits to philanthropic causes

Mr. Mandera has an interest in the transport industry too. The excitement started when he was on active duty with the United States Marine Corps Reserves. Perry Mandera worked as a US Marine Corps Reserves driver. His experience in this role fuelled his interest in the transportation industry. He continued in the industry after he retired from duty.

At Twenty Three years old, he worked for different transportation industries. In 1986, he founded The Custom Companies. The Custom Companies has thrived to date. The company employs hundreds of workers. It has sales of over $200 million. The company is a transport provider. It offers services such as contract cartage, domestic freight, foreign-air freight, and local cartage.

Perry seeks to improve the living conditions of needy children. He has donated to organizations that help students realize their full potential. Mr. Mandera wants every kid living in Chicago to be warm during winter. Perry Mandera has purchased over six thousand coats. He has distributed them to the destitute. Helping the poor makes him a trustworthy member of the community.

Perry Mandera is wants to ensure that his transportation business is environmentally friendly. Perry Mandera had cultivated a culture of doing right all the time. He works with the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that his transportation company complies with regulations. Perry Mandera seeks to minimize the pollution of the environment while still providing transport services.



Glen Wakeman: Plan For Success Software

Glen Wakeman, CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, is well known for his business advice, his business skills, and his entrepreneurial presence. Glen Wakeman has held many roles throughout his career which include President, CEO, business development, P&L, and administrative positions within the Board of Directors.

Glen Wakeman is also exceptionally known for his 5 step method for performance, which he has proven works time and time again. Is 5 step method focuses on some core areas of business including managing risk, human capital, executing business, and the value of leadership.

Glen Wakeman has been able to inspire others who are striving to be entrepreneurs by his own successful investments and through his writing. He has a ton of advice on raising capital, international financing platforms, and angel investing. The fact that Glen Wakeman has lived in 6 countries and runs regions on 30 regions all across the globe, means he has the right knowledge to share with others about business stragies worldwide.

LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, is basically a platform that allows entrepreneurs to strategize a startup successfully. Glen Wakeman found the failure rate on startups is high because the plan from the start isn’t thought up in the right way, and that is where the software platform LaunchPad Holdings comes in.

Glen Wakeman has a routine that he follows each day in order to stay productive. He starts by reviewing the numbers from the day before. Then, he has a conference with his business partners where they divide up important tasks for the day. Last, the day ends with researching competitors, consumer trends, and continuing to add to the overall plan for success. The very last thing Glen Wakeman does to end his day is have a drink, and it is usually between a coffee, tea, or margarita, if the day was really rough.

The one thing Glen Wakeman would do if he could start over is keep up with business connections. Connections are an important part of business. Business connections can help with funding and connecting with customers, this makes it so much more important and social media makes it easy to stay connected.

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Stream Energy Funds Harvey Relief Efforts

Texas Energy supplier, Stream Energy, makes a hefty $25,000 donation to the American Red Cross to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The American Red Cross is a mercy organization that has been helping people to cope with disasters for more than 100 years. The organization uses its donations and contributions to give back to the community during difficult times just like the period immediately following Hurricane Harvey.

Stream Energy is a powerhouse that provides electricity and other products that the residents need to survive and improve the quality of their lives. Stream made a valiant effort to respond to the hurricane compassionately. The company donated a hefty $25,000 to the American Red Cross because they knew the organization would do what was right with the funds and invest in the community’s welfare.

The $25,000 donation was not the only way that Stream showed its loving care for the people in the community who were suffering, read more here. The company also started collecting contributions from any community members who could offer their assistance. They started taking food donations as well as cash and clothing. They were willing to help distribute these items any way possible.

Larry Mondry, the company’s CEO, said that he is delighted to be able to help some people in his community that need assistance. He is committed to helping Stream’s customers get back on their feet and weather the storm. Stream has given its customers and associate information on how they can contribute to those who need help.


The Stream Culture

Stream Energy’s culture is one of helping people by providing them with everything that they could need. The services that they provide their customers go far beyond energy. They also offer mobile phone services, products for home and protection as well as virtual physician plans.

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Stream Energy first opened its doors in 2005 as a small provider but has now turned into an eight-state giant. The company plans to continue to expand over the years and provide people with affordable services. Stream Energy currently operates in Texas, Delaware, Illinois, Pennsylvania and a few additional locations.

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Getting Everyone What they Want: The Power of Jeremy Goldstein

If you have ever wondered if your company’s compensation plan is treating you fairly, then you are not alone. On the other side, the company and shareholders are probably wondering if they are being treated fairly by the incentives they are paying out as well. Sometimes, these two sides come to a head, and mediation and counseling must take place to make sure the right decision is reached to benefit everyone. This is where Jeremy Goldstein comes in.


Recently, Goldstein has been working with companies and employees to talk about the performance-based bonuses that several established companies use to incentivize their employees. With these programs, certain metrics are measured up against actual metrics at the end of a period to determine if employees and executives get a bonus. These metrics, such as EPS, gross margin, or net income, determine how the company did in the prior year. Now, however, many people are challenging if those are the right metrics to be using to determine bonuses.


First of all, the opponents argue, executives have way to much say in what these metrics ultimately are. For example, if a CEO knows that he will have to purchase a new plant in the next few years, but he will be retiring this year, he will probably hold off even though it is not in the best interest of the company. This CEO would rather defer the expense and take a larger bonus (since now net income will be higher) and let his successor take the hit. This can cause issues for shareholders and employees. Not only that, but these metrics are all looking at past performance and give little to no indication if the employees actually contributed to the long-term well-being of the company.


Jeremy Goldstein decided to split this decision down the middle and give both sides a little of what they wanted. He said that companies should have much more scrutiny and hold their CEOs and CFOs accountable for their actions. Companies should also implement forecast objectives and other forward-looking measures in their incentives.


Jeremy Goldstein started Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates to help businesses with compensation and corporate governance issues. Since he started practicing law after graduating with his J.D. from New York University, Goldstein has acted as a counselor and advisor in countless disputes between companies, both large and small, and their employees. With Goldstein at the helm, everyone can get what they want. Learn more:


Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey, American Mathematician, was born on September 26 in the year 1959. Michael Lacey graduated from the University of Illinois with his Ph.D. in 1987 where he was given guidance by mathematician Walter Philipp, of who he would go on to receive recognition for many of the joint efforts the two made. He completed his thesis on Banach spaces as well as solving a problem for empirical characteristic functions in the law of iterated logarithm. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

He touched on harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, and probability. He has held positions at Louisiana State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Indiana University.

While at the University of North Carolina, Michael Lacey and Walter Phillip presented their proof for the central limit theorum. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

During his time at Indiana University between 1989 and 1996 he was given a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. After IU, he went to Georgia Institute of Technology and became a professor of mathematics.

Michael Lacey received a Guggenheim fellowship in 2004 for his work with Xiaochun Li. In 1996, Christoph Thiele and Michael Lacey solved a conjecture for the bilinear Hilbert transform for which they received the Salem Prize.

He is the director of different training grants such as MCTP awards from the NSF and VIGRE. Many of the undergraduates he has advised went on to excellent graduate programs and his PHD students have done on to various jobs in the industry and academia. 10 postdocs were mentored by Lacey.

As of 2012, Lacey acts as a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Will Be Attending And Taking Part In These Three Important Plastic Surgery Related Gatherings

Dr Rod Rohrich is a plastic surgeon that is based in the Dallas, Texas area, and he is known to have a rare talent for returning people’s youthfulness and other desired features to them. Early in 2018, he will be taking part in three important conferences, and the first of these is the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, which occurs during February 8th to the 10th. This symposium has a history going all of the way back to 1967 when surgeons would perform live surgeries for educational and training purposes. Today, it has become the greatest live surgery gathering in the U.S.A., which still highlights live surgeries. Dr. Rohrich is expected to moderate some of the lectures and video demonstrations that will be presented at the symposium.

Dr. Rod Rohrich will be attending the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium in early February, which had its beginnings in 1967. At the symposium there will be lectures and the opportunity for attendants to witness live surgeries for educational purposes. He will also be participating in the symposium by giving a lecture and taking part in a panel discussion related to facial rejuvenation. After this, he will be taking part in the the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting, which will be covering topics like noninvasive fat removal, lasers, vaginal rejuvenation, skin tightening, dermal fillers, and much more. He then will attend and take part in the 35th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, which focuses on issues in rhinoplasty and much more.

On top of organizing and being the chair for these gatherings, Dr. Rod Rohrich will be an active participant who will take on moderation responsibilities. He will also have his own presentation, which many people are looking forward to. These events represent a global effort to bring more awareness to the field that he loves so much.

Dr Rod Rohrich is a well-known surgeon and creative leader who offers educational information about plastic surgery. He attended North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota where he finished up his undergraduate and postgraduate studies. He went on to study at
Baylor University College of Medicine where he earned his medical degree with high honors. After his education, he trained in pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University in England. Today, he is the founding Chairman and Professor of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas where he dedicates himself to the practice that he loves so much.

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Dr. David Samadi Battles Prostate Cancer Successfully

What do these three men ( Mitt Romney, Colin Powell and John Kerry) have in common? You may think the answer is politics and you’d be both right and wrong. The answer that was sought is, “They each were diagnosed with prostate cancer.” Mitt Romney was diagnosed last year along with another 161,360 men.

This year, 164,690 men are estimated to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Most of those men will be between the ages of 60 and 70. The average age is 66. Romney chose to be treated for his cancer with surgery. His option was radiation, but his doctor, Dr. David Samadi, Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, chose to use surgery because the cancer was localized in the prostate gland and hadn’t spread.

Dr. Samadi notes that patients can select radiation instead of surgery. However if radiation doesn’t destroy the cancer, then the patient has exposed delicate areas of the body to radiation and a secondary cancer in the bladder or rectum could develop as a result of that exposure. Secondly, if radiation is completed first and the cancer returns, it is hard to then turn to surgery. They are more likely to die from prostate cancer and die sooner, when they chose to rely on radiation for treatment instead of surgery.

Patients with a localized prostate cancer that elect surgery have a 100% survival rate, while patients that chose radiation and then have the cancer spread only have a 30% chance of living another five years. The statistics are even more dire sounding: Patients treated with radiation die from prostate cancer twice as frequently than those that submitted to surgery. Plus, they will die one and one half times sooner from prostate cancer than men who have their prostate gland removed with surgery.

As a board certified urologic oncologist, Dr. Samadi specializes in the treatment of prostate cancer. He is considered an expert in his field, helping men to return to health in general health and sexual health. He uses laparoscopic and robotic surgical methods to restore his patients to good health.

Men should get the prostate specific antigen screening as early as age 40 when a family member developed prostate cancer, at age 45 if they are African American and at age 50 and above if they are cancer free family history. African Americans are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer than other races. Prostate health is just one more area older men have to watch as they age and Dr.’s like David Samadi are making it easier to reach those ripe old ages each of us fantasizes about reaching.