Shared office space in NYC is easy with Workville

Thriving in a Shared Office Space

The rising trend toward coworking spaces is quietly revolutionizing life for creative professionals.

These shared office spaces give freelancers and other independent workers a communal setting in which to ply their trades. There’s growing evidence that workers who use them thrive in ways that people who spend their days in typical corporate environments don’t.

The ability to control one’s own environment and work schedule boosts morale. In a coworking space, a person can set his or her own hours. He or she decides when to show up or leave — or whether they want to show up at all — as well as when to take a break and even what environment they prefer to work in.

For example, WorkVille, a shared office space NYC, gives workers the choice of private offices, shared offices, open desks, or joint areas where a variety of people work. This engenders a sense of community and gives workers the ability to socialize if they choose. It also makes workers feel more in control.

Because people from different industries are sharing the same areas, there’s less stress than if everyone were in the same business or part of the same company. By gathering people together from diverse backgrounds, with a range of skills, shared office spaces encourage collaboration and creative problem solving, rather than competition.

Having a place to go each day creates structure for freelance and remote workers. It also gives people who work on their own a sense of community, which increases enthusiasm.

Many workspaces realize that and find ways to encourage interaction. WorkVille has a cafe where people interact while taking breaks, as well as a lounge area and three outdoor terraces to relax on in between work sessions.

Most shared office spaces provide everything a person needs to get work done. WorkVille, for example, has private phones, printers, personal mail service and fast internet access. The convenience makes it easier for people to focus on their jobs.

As an increasing number of people turn to coworking spaces and find themselves thriving, the corporate world takes note. Shared office areas allow businesses to hire more remote workers.

Goettl Air Conditioning: Reputation is Everything

In today’s day and age, one of the most important things is your reputation. How do people look at you, perceive you, and what is the overall attitude towards you? As the old adage goes, it can take a long term to earn trust, but it can be lost in a heartbeat. When it comes to Ken Goodrich, he knew he had a lot of work in front of him when he purchased Goettl Air Conditioning. He knew what people were saying about the company and how it was looked at back in 2012. It was not a pretty picture to say the least.

However, it takes a lot to get Ken Goodrich from Goettl upset or turned away. He believes that there is value in rebuilding that reputation from the ground up and making former unhappy customers now happy customers. They will forget all about how the company used to be run and how it used to be and instead, you turn it into something that people enjoy, love, and tell their friends about. It is a good reputation and one that has a high moral fiber and good values. He knew the work would speak for itself, but it would be a lot harder to get the reputation up and running. It takes time, but believe it or not, it only took 18 months for him and his employees to turn the company around and have e $20 million dollar profit in 2014.

He believed in quality and standard. He even dipped into his own pocketbook to go back and work on other jobs that had been done by previous employees. He wanted to get in the good graces of the customers again and show them that things are different this time and they can expect nothing but quality work going forward. There were going to be a certain set of standards and if they weren’t met, his team was going to fix them. Customer service was a top priority and it was not something him or his team was going to take lightly. They also took the work seriously. They didn’t just want to rush and get it done as soon as possible. They wanted it done properly and they wanted it done to a certain set of standards.

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Why the NutriMost Lawsuit Matters to Me

I’ve wanted to lose weight for a long time now but have been having trouble. I recently had a friend tell me about a product called NutriMost, so I looked them up online. The first story I found was about a news headline saying that NutriMost had actually filed a lawsuit against a rival company.

The Lawsuit Between NutriMost and Healthy Living

Like NutriMost, Healthy Living is another weight loss program, but unlike NutriMost, it doesn’t work. You see, I tried NutriMost, and I lost 30 pounds in only 40 days, which is seriously amazing as I’ve been trying to lose only 20 pounds for the last 20 years. I love this program, but I was saddened and surprised to see that another company had ripped off their amazing style of helping people like me lose weight.

Healthy Living tried to copy NutriMost by using their video. They literally posted the exact same video that NutriMost had made for their own website onto their Healthy Living website, which is obviously a problem. Instead of using the NutriMost name, however, Healthy Living obsiously changed the name wherever it was mentioned to copy their own.

Naturally, NutriMost filed a lawsuit against them in the Manhattan Federal Court.

A Little About NutriMost

I love NutriMost because it helped me lose weight without pills, shakes or any lies about losing weight without being hungry although I never was hungry on this program. As I said, I lost 30 pounds in 40 days, and now I am so fit and healthy. I feel absolutely wonderful emotionally and physically, and my doctor has already told me how many health bullets I’ve dodged by dropping extra weight.

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