Groupon Cofounder’s New Healthcare Startup Raises $70 Million In Latest Funding Round

Eric Paul Lefkofsky is an American serial entrepreneur with a wide range of successful startups in the world of business. Eric Paul Lefkofsky is also the CEOP and Founder of the Tempus Company based in the United States. Eric Lefkofsky is the Founder and Chairman of the Groupon Company. For over three decades of professional experience, Eric Paul Lefkofsky has founded many companies including the Echo Global Logistics Company that serves in more than 10 countries in the world. Eric Paul Lefkofsky has successfully helped numerous investors based in the United States to invest through is founded Lightbank Investment Banking Firm based in the United States.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky was born in Southfield, Michigan. Eric Paul Lefkofsky has a technical background because his mother is a former teacher and his father is a structural engineer. With a Jewish origin, Eric Paul Lefkofsky has successfully amassed a great amount of wealth with better business values in the country. Eric Paul Lefkofsky has a brother who is a practicing legal representative based in Michigan. Eric Paul Lefkofsky’s sister Jodi is a teacher at a local elementary school based in Michigan. Eric Paul Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan with the highest honors in business. Eric Paul Lefkofsky received his Juris doctorate from the University of Michigan Law School.

Eric Paul Lefkofsky commenced the journey of business and entrepreneurship while still in college by selling carpets. During that time, he saved the money he made from selling carpets to help him take off in the world of business at the highest rates. When he graduated from college, he teamed up with his friend Brad Keywell to borrow money from their friends to help them purchase the Wisconsin-based Brandon Apparel Company. This was the beginning of their success in the business world.

In 1999, Keywell and Eric Paul Lefkofsky created the first internet company named StarBell Communications Company that specialized in product promotions. Starbelly Company experienced massive growth before the Halo Industries acquired it in 2000. Eric Paul Lefkofsky also joined Halo to become its CEO. His success as an entrepreneur goes beyond the business levels.

How George Soros is making Difference in the World.

According to George Soros autography, he is one of the most successful businessmen in the United States. He is also recognized for his philanthropic work. He has donated over $12 billion up until now. In his charitable work, he has supported non-governmental organizations around the world by funding them to accomplish their task. These organizations have purposed to fight for freedom of expression, government accountability and a society that enhance equality and fairness.

Often people around the world face various types of discrimination, sometimes they face these kinds of prejudices just because of whom they are, George Soros is determined to liberate these individuals. Sections of peoples on the society who represent LGBT and sex workers amongst others and read full article.

George Soros understands the prejudice the firsthand. He was born in Hungary, 1930, during the Nazi occupation. This was the time when the Nazi was implementing the Holocaust. Holocaust caused the death of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. His father faked the identity papers of his family so that they could survive the massacre. As a Jewish family, his father knew that he had to do something to escape the killing. According to George Soros, he views this moment as the time when they resisted evil a stronger force that they are facing instead of submitting to it, they succeeded and what George Soros knows.

Forbes stated that, when the communist managed to subdue Hungary after the war, Soros left Budapest for London. While in London he worked as a railway porter and waited in the nightclubs to support his studies at London School of Economics. He immigrated in 1956 to the United States and ventured into the finance and investments industry. Since then he has made a lot of fortune from this venture and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

According to the Open Society, George Soros developed his philosophy from the influence of Karl Popper. His philosophy is built on the foundation of fallibility and reflexibility. Through this, he has differentiated two types of political regimes. The first bunch is the leaders who are elected by the people to take care of the electorate interest. The other is presented by the by rulers whom their interest is to manipulate their subject to serve the leaders needs. The Popper’s influence there two types of the societies the first is open and second is closed and Follow his Twitter.

One of the George Soros achievement is creating of the Open Society Foundation. The organization consists of a network of organizations, collaborators, and projects which spans over 100 countries. The name of the organization reflects its purpose and thinking of George Soros who is influenced by Karl Popper. The teaching of Karl Popper states that no ideology nor philosophy should be the final determinant of truth. It also says that societies can succeed once they give a chance to freedom of expression, good governance, and respect for individual rights, these are the core principles that drive Open Society Foundation and .

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Rodrigo Terpins Makes Irrefutable Success in Rally Championship

Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins, his brother are rally drivers with zeal. They are both a fanatic of the sports cars T-Rex by MEM Motorsport group. Michel Terpins is the title bearer for the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship who made his way to rally racing in 2002 under the motorcycle derby. His older brother, Rodrigo Terpins, however, has been in the sport much longer.

He believes a name must be made not only for himself but also for his country Brazil as well. Rodrigo will tell of the triumphant journey in his career as a rally driver. He has had to find a way on the on-the-road and off-the-road contests. Four seasons in participation, Rodrigo Terpins knows very well how to make way in sandy soils, erosion, deep valley, and mountainous terrain, muddy and rainy blurred weather.

During the 22nd Edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally Championships, Rodrigo has a match he recalls with a lot of nostalgia. Just like his brother, he is also signed in under the Prototype T1 category. To his aid was his navigator, Fabricio Bianchini whom they have worked together now for years. Among the 38 competitors for the derby, Rodrigo Terpins and his co-partner emerged 8th in overall ranking in the Sertoes Rally. In response to the race, he stated that it had been pleasant to ride and accorded great respect and appreciation to his team of ten who worked tirelessly to ensure success was inevitable.

About Rodrigo Terpins

He is an enlisted official rally driver with the Bull Sertoes Rally team. Rodrigo Terpins is four years older than Michel Terpins, yet another motor speed enthusiast who made a 2-hour lead in the 25th Sertoes rally a distance of 471.34 km from Aruana to Barra do Garcas. He is comfortable riding the T-rex number 326.

Cumulatively in his racing career, Rodrigo Terpins has covered approximately 2600 km in seven different stations and platform in two distinct states. Brazil has become incognito following his success in rally driving. He hails from Sao Paulo; he is a promising talent. His father is a known real estate developer and investor in Brazil. Follow on Facebook.

Felipe Montoro Jens is using his leadership skills to benefit the community he serves

The National Bank for Economic and Social Development, BNDES, and the government are working on making a partnership to help improve the sanitation services for the general public according to Felipe Montoro Jens. The structure, management, and resources were to be improved by the same initiative. An introduction of a private-public partnership would assist in reducing the waste levels in the country since most of it was currently been done by the organizations owned by the state. The experience these state-owned organizations have in the sanitation industry can be put to good use when they partnered with other private companies.

Action plans were to be prepared by BNDES according to the sanitation needs of the States they currently cover. This was to be used to come up with the implementation strategies of sanitation in these States. The loss of water was also a key factor of discussion as it was draining financial resources as well, according to Felipe. Coming up with solutions to this problem was the beginning of a better position for the financials of the institutions that were public. Felipe Montoro Jens insisted that as much as partnerships were being made, it was important to have clear lines between the goals and implementation that were to be followed up with regular inspections to make sure that the action plan was been followed as planned.

Felipe Montoro Jens is Felipe’s company Properties CEO. Furthermore, he holds the same position in Energipar Captação and previously held the same position at Felipe’s company Participações e Investimentos. He has vast experience that he has acquired over the years in different companies. He studied at Getulio Vargas Foundation and Thunderbird School of Global Management where he achieved his undergraduate and graduate degrees respectively. With his outstanding leadership, he hopes to be able to assist the community around him to succeed in the implementation of services that will be beneficial to them.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers: Providing Adequate Mental Health Care

Approximately 6.7% Americans are affected by major depression annually. This figure depicts that depression and mental health is a vital issue in America. Depression doesn’t discriminate, and it can affect any person at any given age, but it affects most adult women. The month of May is for Mental Health Awareness, and Neurocore is determined to show the real face of depression.

A fraction of the people is affected by depression never seek medical attention. Research has proven that this is due to the victimization involved with depression and several mental health conditions. Moreover, most people don’t understand that depression is a treatable condition and people who have it are not pretending. Given this Neurocore has compiled a comprehensive list that shows that depression is a permanent condition that may have a huge blow to any individual’s life.

There are numerous forms of depression. They include Postpartum Depression, Major Depression, Persistent Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Postpartum Depression occurs soon after childbirth and may persist for two weeks to even a year. Major Depressive Disorder is an episode of distressing feelings that last daily for two weeks. Persistent Depressive Disorder is a sense of having painful feelings that continue every day for two years. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression where distressing feelings occur at winter time or periods of time when sunlight is minimal.

There is research that says that Depression has a genetic link and people who have had a family history are likely to suffer. Nevertheless, other issues that might lead to depression include individuals who have gone through abuse and stressful life episodes. Other factors are money problems, unemployment or death of a close person. The signs and symptoms of depression include immense sadness, feeling numb and empty inside. Other individuals who have depression may have eating and sleep problems, lack of interest in anything, fatigue and much more.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are positive performance hubs that assist people in handling different stressful situations. Neurocore was started in 2004 and has nine centers spread all over Florida and Michigan.

The centers use applied neuroscience to combat sleep impairment, lack of concentration and difficulty in stress management.

Greg Secker’s Take on the Forex Trading Industry

Many business people perceive forex trading as a zone of dangerous waters and also intimidating. Many of them are afraid to venture into this highly profitable field because they feel they lack the know-how. Nevertheless, according to Greg Secker, one of the leaders in the forex trading industry you do not need t a Ph.D. to succeed. All you need is software and a little knowledge of the market to assist you in this journey. Before we dive in further, what is forex trading and why should you choose it over the ordinary methods of business? It’s a foreign currency exchange market done over the internet internationally. Parties involved make their trade moves based on the increase and decrease of the currencies.


This type of trading boasts plenty of benefits in comparison to other methods mainly because inflation rates rise tremendously by each day and the stagnant wage rates across the world. It is also easy to start and gain experience since many platforms offer beginners demo accounts which give you the idea of how the market to start. Through forex trading, you can make money on the go since all you need is a smart phone and a stable internet connection and you are ready to go. It is also quite flexible as you can make earnings whether the market is up or down and if you need assurance that you are on the right track, its remarkable reputation is enough proof. It reports approximately four million exchanges daily.

This man Greg Secker

He is a man famous for his achievements in almost all fields, but the one which stands out the most is his success in forex trading. He is well educated and holds a degree in food science and agriculture from Nottingham University and has worked with many prominent businesses such as Thomas Cook Financial Services which was his stepping stone to success as it was where he created his first forex trading platform. It was quite successful and even won him the British Telecom Award. He has also worked with Mellon Financial Corporation and now has his own forex trading company. Greg is an individual with a big heart and wants everyone to prosper. He recently started a foundation known as Greg Secker which aims at bettering the lives through programs such as youth leadership summit, Christmas Basket Brigade and much more.

Lacey and Larkin: Two Individuals Trying To End Discrimination

Lacey and Larkin are two individuals who have contributed immensely to bringing justice to America in their fight against racial discrimination. They got to experience first hand what it was like to be discriminated against based on their race, which is why they started the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund in the first place.

The duo decided that they had to do something to help those who do not have the means to fight against racial discrimination. A lot of the people coming to America want to start out their lives afresh from their hometowns.

These people often do not come with all the funds that one would need to get enough lawyers to fight court cases. Lacey and Larkin knew that they had to do something to empower such people, which is why they came up with the organization.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were both writers who had their news agency which put out newsletters for the people of Phoenix to read. At the time, Joe Arpaio, who was dubbed as ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ was leading the charge in Maricopa County.

He was responsible for numerous jails and holding facilities throughout the state of Arizona, which was filled with people that he had put away. However, ninety percent of the people that he put away belonged to the Latin American community and were not being charged with anything serious.

People started coming forward claiming that they did not even commit the crimes that they were being accused of, and it was all concocted to get them behind bars and earn more money.

Lacey and Larkin, being from the Latin American community themselves thought that it would be in the best interests of the people to educate them about this and publish it in their newsletter. A day after the article was published, Lacey and Larkin were taken forcefully from their homes in the middle of the night and put into jails which were both handled by Arpaio.

This sparked a lot of outrage, and the case started getting a lot of media coverage. Lacey and Larkin were released after spending a total of forty-eight hours in these jails but not before they were threatened by Joe Arpaio himself and told that they were put in for their writing.

Having experienced this, Lacey and Larkin decided to sue Joe Arpaio and ultimately were given a settlement offer which they used to start up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

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Sheldon Lavin Continues to Grow into His Eighties

For the better part of five decades, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC, Sheldon Lavin, has been building his empire in the meat and food processing industry, taking his company from a local supplier to the top of the food chain. Although today, Mr. Lavin is known as a titan within the meat industry today, he began his career on a very different avenue. Prior to entering the world of food services, Mr. Lavin had a very successful career in the banking industry as an executive, as well as an investor and head of his own financial consulting firm.

It was in 1970 that, due to his significant background in the financial industry, that Mr. Lavin was asked by the bank to help the fledgling Otto and Son’s secure funding for a state of the art meat processing facility. This new facility would allow Otto and Son’s to become the midwest supplier of meats for McDonald’s Corporation. During the initiation of this deal, Mr. Lavin was asked to come aboard as a partner in the company but declined. Although Mr. Lavin chose not to accept the position initially, he included a caveat that would allow him to take the position at a later date, if he were ever to choose to do so. As the 1970’s progressed, Mr. Lavin became increasingly involved in the overseas operations of Otto and Son’s, which, at this point, was known by OSI Group, and by the 1980’s, he had become fully involved with corporation. It was during the 1980’s that Mr. Lavin began expanding OSI Group into new territories, opening offices in places such as China, the Philippines, South Africa, and Australia. Today OSI Group has offices in over 60 countries around the world, employing over 20,000 people globally and continues to grow under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership.

During Sheldon Lavin’s time as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, he has garnered a myriad of awards, both for his progress within the company, as well as for his continuous charitable contributions. In February 2016, Mr. Lavin was recognized by India’s Vision World Academy and presented with their Global Visionary Award due to his history of growing OSI Group and creating a strong presence on the international scene. At the age of 81, Mr. Lavin continues to spread his unique brand of motivation to his employees and business partners, as well as to entrepreneurs around the world.

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From A Dentist To A Fierce Businessman – Dr. Chris Villanueva

In dental industry, merging the business and medical aspects of the profession seems almost impossible. One has to possess knowledge within dentistry while also being a versatile businessman, which most people are unable to do at the same time. The area of business requires one to familiarize with issues such as profitability, taxation, customer retention, and more. Dentistry, however, is a science-based discipline where a certified professional has to receive credentials before getting involved with the industry. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has found a way to merge these two very different areas. He is the founder of MB2 Dental, an organization that partners with private dental offices around the nation. By doing so, they provide the resources and guidance to success, while growing a platform of doctors from around the nations who can help each other.

Dr. Villanueva is an Ohio native who was raised in a few different countries. He graduated high school in Caracas, Venezuela, and spent a large portion of his childhood in Asia and South America. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology from the University of Florida as well as a Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree from NOVA Southeastern University. During his career, he had a chance to work as a dentist’s assistant and be on the corporate side of the business. This has given him a perspective on how things operate from the business side. Therefore, he united the high-quality education he obtained with the hands-on experience in the administrative side of the profession.

MB2 Dental
Currently, MB2 Dental is affiliated with over 70 locations in six different states in the United States. Dr. Villanueva is in charge of 533 employees who help his company thrive, and his operations are led out of Texas where he resides with his wife and four kids. The business model of the company is based on improving the service that the patients are offered. This is done by facilitating support between doctors, providing resources, enabling upgrades for growth, and implementing technology in general. Some of the main areas that the company focuses on are:

  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Compliance
  • Legal Matters

By offering insight from other professionals who have been in similar situations, MB2 Dental has a wide range of corporate-like advantages. Professionals who implement these in their sole-proprietorships have been able to increase their revenue while growing the client base.

The Success Story of Mathew Autterson

Mathew Autterson works at CNS Bioscience Inc where he holds the position of President as well as the Chief Executive Officer. The company was established by Scott Falci in 2013 and is a drug development company that focuses mostly on neuropathic pain. Mathew Autterson was born and brought up in Colorado. He went to study at the Brother Rice high school and later became a graduate of the Michigan State University where he worked hard to acquire a bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 1980. Mathew also went to further his studies at the University of Denver Graduate Tax program. He has been working in the financial field for approximately 30 years and has acquired lots of skills and experience in the field.

At one point, Mathew Autterson served as the President at one of the country’s biggest financial chartered institutions. The career journey of Mathew started when he went to work with First Trust Corporation. The company is a Fiserv subsidiary. Mathew Autterson left the company in 1982 and started a Colorado trust company together with some of his team mates. Later on, he was appointed to serve as the President at Resource Trust Company, a position he held up to 1989. Resource Trust Company and other assets which belonged to the Integrated Resources were purchased by Broad Inc which later changed its name to SunAmerica Inc. In 1998, SunAmerica Inc was acquired for a sum of $18 billion.

Fiserv acquired the Resource Trust Company in May 2001and before this sale, the company was among the country’s biggest state chartered FDIC-insured trust companies. The company has more than 200,000 customers who they were committed to providing depository and custodial service. Resource Trust Company also had over 15,000 independent and registered financial advisors who were responsible for bringing in clients. The company had in its possession custodial assets worth $20 billion and deposits worth more than $1 billion. Mathew Autterson was responsible for overseeing the more than 700 employees of the company as well as making sure that the strategic plans of the company are implemented.

Mathew Autterson is involved with the Falci Adoptive Biosystems where he is a member of the Board of Directors. The Falci Adaptive Biosystems is known as a non-profit organization that is committed to assisting people suffering neuromotor disabilities where they grow their ability to interact and control with the environment. Mathew Autterson was in the past a member at the Worlds Presidents Organization as well as the Young Presidents Organization.