Walmart: Is The World Dominator Promoted By Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is an investment research which publishes articles that affect investments around the world, from the economic crash in China to the economic meltdown.

Extreme Value is a monthly investment advisory edited by Dan Ferris. Ferris gives stock investing advice and concentrates on the leading profitable stocks. Walmart, in particular, in October of 2006, has captured Ferris’s interest because he referred to Walmart as the “World Dominator” of traded stocks. Stockholders followed Ferris’s advice and double their investment in the financial crises and bear market. Ferris has made accurate predictions of the rise and fall of Walmart’s economic life throughout the years.

Because of the advent of online purchases, it has been assumed that the brick and mortar stores have no future ( This opinion was bolstered by the fact that Walmart’s stocks plunged in value by 10%, in February of 2018, as a result of the reduction of growth of online sales, as compared to the increase of online sales of Amazon. Walmart’s decline in its stock value was as much as 10%. The fall of its earnings was its largest since October of 2015, and there were rumors that its e-commerce division was losing its director. Once again Walmart’s stockholders feared that it could not compete with Amazon.

However, Dan Ferris is still bullish that Walmart will retain its “World Dominator” reputation. Walmart’s earnings declined by 35% in 2015 because of the belief that its stock price was overvalued based on Stansberry Research.

It is Ferris’s opinion that Walmart has the edge over Amazon in that it has significantly more Flagship stores and that consumers lived within ten miles of a Walmart superstore says Stansberry Research.

Further, the brick and mortar store is still more viable than online sales because the online up to date catalog is a feeder for customers to purchase Walmart’s products on the brick and motor stores. Amazon is far behind and is now establishing its brick and mortar stores. As a result of Walmart’s square footage brick and mortar advantage over Walmart, Ferris predicts that Walmart will overcome its losses and will still reign as the “World Dominator”


Academy of Art University: Designing for Runway

One thing that a lot of people do not know about fashion is that different types of designs are meant for different purposes. For instance, people may often not only look in amazing at the crazy designs at the fashion shows, but they may also wonder why they do not see anything like that in retail stores. Even with designer stores, they do not see anything resembling what they see at fashion stores. To some people, this may come as a relief. However, Academy of Art University teaches about the different types of fashion designs and their purposes.

One thing that people often do not realize when they are watching fashion shows is that a lot of the most outlandish designs they see on the runway are Haute Couture. This is one of the reasons that they almost never see these kinds of items outside of the runway. However, students of Academy of Art University are going to learn a lot about these designs. One thing they are going to learn about is all of the thought processes that go into this type of fashion. They will also learn about the material that is used to bring about the most creative designs that are seen on the runway.

When people study at Academy of Art University in fashion, they get to learn about the many different aspects that go into creating clothing. Then they are given a chance to let their imagination run free. This is where they get to come up with the designs that are sure going to get the attention of buyers. At the same time, they can also come up with concepts that are very fun and inspired without having to look almost intimidating and grotesque. People who have a taste for the elegant are going to be the ones that fare the best at fashion shows.

A Look at the Accomplished Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich

Plastic surgery is an artistic skill that requires skills and experience to restore person’s youthfulness and redefine his/her face and body. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, FACS, MD is an American and internationally acclaimed plastic surgeon who also doubles up as a Professor of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center. This year Dr. Rod will be honored with taking part in various symposia as one among many key participants.

The first symposium took place on Feb 8th to 10th in Miami, the 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. It is the biggest live symposium in the US showcasing advancement of cosmetic surgery training thousands of plastic surgeons. Dr. Rohrich was moderating several session using video panels, participated in two discussions, and gave a lecture. Importantly, he performed a live open rhinoplasty which was a segment of the live surgery program segment.

This symposium will be followed by the 35th Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting and the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery both of which he is the organizer and chairperson. The Cosmetic Medicine Meeting brings together latest innovations in dermal fillers, skin tightening, lasers, strides in skin care and noninvasive fat removal. The advances and techniques in cosmetic surgery anticipated to be highlighted include body contouring, breast and face procedures.

This meeting will include lectures on nose analysis, nasal anatomy, and diagnosis of dilemmas in rhinoplasty. Lectures about how to develop customized operative plans for different rhinoplasty disfigurements. Other focus will be on latest discoveries in rhinoplasty surgery, revision rhinoplasty and common issues in rhinoplasty. Both meetings will feature a new cadaver lab in which participants will have practical skills impacted by different experts. Dr. Rod will be the moderator in most of the sessions and an active participant during Video Cadaver Demonstrations.

Dr. Rohrich is a philanthropist involved in children matters as shown by his involvement in Save the Children Dallas, and Dallas for Children Foundation. He helps medical students in his native North Dakota and has lectured and performed plastic surgery in Third World Countries. His efforts have landed him various teaching, research, and service awards. He has written five books and over 600 peer-reviewed articles.

With high honors, he graduated from North Dakota State University. He has a post-graduate degree from the University of North Dakota. Dr. Rod is also a graduate of Baylor University College of Medicine, where he obtained a medical degree. He did pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University. Dr. Rohrich has general surgery and plastic surgery residencies from University of Michigan Medical Center.

Tony Petrello And His Commitment To Philanthropy

Anthony Petrello is the acting chairman and chief executive officer of the Nabors Industries. His journey in the company began in the year 1991 when he served in the capacity of the chief operating officer. It was in the year 2011 when Tony Petrello became appointed as the company’s CEO. He possesses a lot of expertise and experience which he attributes to his stay at Nabors Industries. Over the years, Tony has led Nabors Industries to greater heights and placed the company on the global map. He has exemplary leadership and management skills which he applies in his position as the CEO.

Anthony Petrello has gone down in history as one of the world’s top-compensated CEOs. His unmatched skills as a leader have earned him reputation as an efficient and reliable CEO. Tony is the current director serving at the Texas Children’s Hospital. He has in the past participated in raising over $7 million at the institution which was for neurological research. Anthony Petrello together with his wife have a daughter known as Carena. Carena was born with a neurological condition, and this motivated Tony Petrello to help children with similar disorders. He urges other top executives to offer their contributions towards the care of such children.

Anthony Petrello is a former student at the Yale University, and it is here where he got his bachelors and masters degree in Mathematics. He is also an alumnus of Harvard Law School with a JD degree. Nabors Industries is a firm involved in the industry of oil and mining. Clair Nabors launched the company in the year 1952. He later sold the company to Anglo Energy in the year 1974. Since its inception, Nabors Industries has been able to acquire numerous drilling contracts and is now the top company in its industry in the United States.

Since his college days, Tony Petrello has always been hard working and disciplined. He always envisioned one day becoming a successful person. Through commitment and focus, he climbed the ladder of success and emerged at the top eventually. Tony Petrello is also one of the most philanthropic people in the US. He is actively involved in numerous charitable causes where he offers both his resources and time. Tony Petrello regularly speaks at universities and colleges and mentors the youth on how to become successful in life. He has featured in many TV programs where he talks about leadership.

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2 Ecig companies to watch in 2018: O2Pur and Reynolds-American

Online investing has hit a high note in 2018, where anything from tea companies to Crypto currency has the market place excited. While there are very obvious investments that anyone should look into, What if I told you that the Tobacco industry was a great place to shelf some of your extra money? Companies/Brands like Reynolds-American, O2Pur, Sevia, and Halo are penetrating the market place and making large strides that will become long term profit for anyone willing to plant down the seed investment. Below we’ll highlight 2 of these companies to give you an insight into the Positive R.O.I. (Return on investment) that is ECig Investment.

O2Pur is a relatively new brand with the potential plus rate of growth that would make it a worthy addition to any investment portfolio. Being a new addition to the market, they have an enthusiastic approach to customer care. The many flavors they offer are smooth and sweet, and their marketing is simple and effective. Even the price point of many of their products are reasonable, and sometimes even a bargain. And as the case with most internet based companies, they provide a level of convenience that comes from ordering something and having it delivered straight to your house. As far as investment goes, this company is a strong contender.

Reynolds-American is the opposite to the previous company we just discussed in a few ways. First and most obvious is the length of which this company has been around. If nothing else, this provides a good track record. However, Just like O2Pur, This company is a solid investment because of the growth of the ecig industry as a whole. This particular company has made a few power plays including (but not limited to) buying Blu eCig for $135 Million in 2012, before building the brand and selling it off. Currently It’s building out a new brand called Vuse. When looking at a history of that caliber. It is easy to understand why this company is continuing to draw interest to it and is constantly referred to as one of the best Ecig Brands.


Heal and soothe; a dietary supplement contains a combination of several great systematic enzymes and natural pain relievers nature has provided. It promises to boost and promote recovery and healing, reduce body muscles discomfort, boost healthy blood circulation and proper response of the immune system. Systemic enzyme therapy is taking enzymes orally and with a purpose of achieving significant curative effects in a human body.

Heal N Soothe contains natural ingredients which include devils claw, rutin, alpha lipoic, rhizomes of turmeric, Mojave yucca roots, roots from the ginger plant, complex citrus bioflavonoid, Boswellia extract and blended systemic enzymes. These mixed enzymes are papain, alkaline protease, bromelain, protease6.0 and protease AM. The devil’s claw has been proven effective over the years in reducing body inflammation and pain. Rutin is found in a variety of fruits and plants, having an anti-oxidant activity in the body that has a potent and tough anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. Turmeric contains curcumin which is a very active chemical.

The turmeric extract is taken from the dry roots of turmeric. Inflammation is reduced by turmeric through blocking 5-LOX and COX-2 enzymes which are said to cause pain. Turmeric also kills free radicals that contribute to swelling and pain in the body. The Mojave yucca contains resveratrol and the yucca old in its roots. The early and resveratrol reduce inflammation. The yucca cells are essential to the immune, digestive system as well as offering anti-inflammatory support. The ginger extract is good pain reliever in that it decreases the prostaglandins in the body that are responsible for pain. Ginger is also used as a nausea treatment. The citrus bioflavonoid is found in most plants and the L-glutathione acts as a buffer in the body and protects it from oxidative harm. The Boswellia extract supports blood circulation as well as being an excellent and powerful anti-inflammatory. The blended enzymes help the body in more ways than one. They help in boosting cardiovascular, blood cleansing, increasing the immune and respiratory functions and also fight inflammation.

Heal N Soothe is only accessible from the manufacturer directly through two options; a previous order which cost $59 and a free trial which goes for $9.95.The free trial option cost $ 49.95 after the first 14 days, and one continues to receive monthly bottle at $49.95 willingly. Heal N Soothe is more beneficial than the traditional pain relievers because they just ease the pain without fixing the underlying cause while these systemic enzymes reduce inflammation, and also promote healing.

Check out their website for more information.

Attorney Jeff Herman Advocates for Sexual Assault Victims in the Courts and Community

Based in Boca Raton Florida attorney Jeff Herman specializes in making rapists, sexual abusers and exploiters and organizations that protect them compensate their victims financially. The practice he founded Herman Law represents victims across the United States.

Jeff Herman works with child advocacy groups that use education to prevent the sexual exploitation of children. He is also a supporter of the “Child Victims Act” a bill being considered by the New York State Legislature.

In New York State victims of sex crimes have five years from the time of the assault to sue their assailant. If the sexual assault was committed by an employee of a school or religious organization the victim has three years to litigate the case. There is also a statute of limitations on filing criminal charges against a sexual predator. The limit is five years after the victim reaches the age of majority.

A Child Victims Act drafted by Linda Rosenthal the Assemblymember representing the 67th District has already cleared the Assembly floor. The sponsor of the version of the bill before the State Senate is Senator Brad Hoylman of the 27th Senate District.

Senator Hoylman’s version would allow victims one year after the statute of limitations expires to file suit against a sexual predator. It would also make it possible for suits to be filed in cases going back half-a-century.

Advocating on behalf of the Child Victims Act is an organization known as New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators. Former child actor turned activist Corey Feldman along with Sarah Powers-Barnhard of the Team USA volleyball team are pressuring Republicans in the State Senate to support the Child Victims Act.

Jeff Herman earned his Juris Doctorate from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. He has more than three decades of experience practicing law. When the sexual assault scandal involving Catholic Clergy became public knowledge Attorney Herman revealed the role that clergy in the Archdioceses of Denver and Miami had played in the scandal. Herman Law represented a victim who had been molested by Reverend Neil Doherty and won a $100 million settlement for their client.

NGP VAN Offers Rally Organization Tips

Those who are looking to pull together a rally in support of a particular candidate or cause have to know what they are doing and who they can best do that. NGP VAN has tips to help those interested in putting together a rally, and they are a company that provides technological help those who are working in the political world. This company is there for Democrats and progressives who are looking for technology that they can use to get their candidates elected. This company has much to offer and it can help out anyone who is working on pulling together a rally.

Those who are looking to put on a rally should make sure that they know what it is that they are standing for and what the rally is going to be about. It is important for those who are hosting a rally to know what they want to come about because of the rally so that they can know just how to plan that event. NGP VAN helps people collect data and contact voters. This company can help those who are going to be putting on a rally to get in touch with those who they think should be in attendance at the rally.

When someone is putting on a rally, they need to plan out all of the details with care, including choosing a location and a sound system. It is important for a person to take their time as they figure out how they can best work out the rally. It is also important for the person to make sure that the event is advertised so that it will be well -attended. NGP VAN has software out that can help with engagement and that can help with fundraising. This company knows how to plan out rallies and campaigns, and it offers help to others who are looking to learn how to do that.

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Waiakea Waters Uses the First Fully Degradable Plastic Bottles for Their Volcano Water

When most people think of volcanoes, they think of a huge, monstrous mountain full of hot flowing lava that can burn its surroundings to a pile of ash. Conversely, when they think of volcanoes in Hawaii, that somehow makes the volcano a beautiful, happy volcano–one that is really cool and wants to be your friend. An example of this can be depicted in Lava, a Disney animated short film about a Hawaiian volcano that is looking for love. One thing that usually does not come to mind when thinking about volcanoes, Hawaiian or not, is drinking water. One company is about to change this disassociation forever.

Waiakea Water, founded in 2012, is a bottled water company headquartered in Culver City, California. Ryan Emmons is the founder and CEO of the company. Emmons had a vision to improve conservation and promote access to clean water and education in impoverished communities. He wanted the idea to be unique as well as environmentally friendly, so Emmons came up with the idea of a bottled water company whose unique selling point (USP) was that the water was filtered through thousands of feet of the porous rock of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hilo, Hawaii. Just like that, drinking water will now and forever be associated with monstrous volcanoes.

Another great development for Waiakea Waters is the fact that in 2018, the company will begin to use the world’s first fully degradable water bottles. In conjunction with TimePlast, Waiakea Waters has developed an additive that will make their plastic bottles degrade 97% faster than traditional water bottles. Considering the fact that traditional plastic takes 1,000 years to degrade and 8 millions tons of plastic gets dumped into the ocean each year, this is a pretty significant accomplishment. Emmons has stated that this scientific achievement was not for profit, but for the hopes of a more sustainable future and that other bottled water companies should follow his lead.

The Strategies And Goals Of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar has built a reputation as an exceptional businessman and entrepreneur. His ventures include from scrap metal, real estate, financing, mortgages and real estate. Through his actions numerous families were able to purchase homes. He believes in work ethics, perseverance and hard work. His combination of experience and skill has enabled numerous businesses to succeed.

Todd Lubar currently serves TDL Global as the President and the venture is flourishing under his leadership. He enables his clients to succeed and manages his time with care. He has had entrepreneurial tendencies since he was a child and sold hot chocolate and lemonade in Washington D.C. He shoveled sidewalks and driveways when it snowed. He enjoys building new businesses and providing others with the inspiration to succeed. He has built numerous companies in multiple industries working both consulting and operations.

According to Inspirery, Todd Lubar understood the importance of hard work as a child. Todd learned the effort he applied was responsible for the success or failure of each task. His motivation is fueled by the pride and success he achieves with his ventures. He enjoys the happiness and inspiration he provides others with his actions. He communicates with his team with positive motivation and believes the environment must be just right to be successful. He has an open door policy and full transparency for the people he works with. He believes maintaining an organized desk, balance and spending time working are critical aspects for success. Check out Medium to see more.

Todd Lubar had to find his own path to success. He believes in second chances, loyalty and trust. His motivation comes from closing deals, completing transactions, every interaction and being involved in every component of his businesses. By remaining aware of what is happening he is never blindsided or caught off guard. He is passionate about everything he does and his clients pick up on this. You can visit

Todd Lubar’s ultimate goal is to help businesses run at an efficiency rate eighty percent higher than the current levels. He takes the advice of his mentors but still remains involved in his businesses operations. He is creating a team with enough strength to run autonomously and efficiently.