Avi Weisfogel is a Conscientious Dentist Dedicated to Making a Difference

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is not only known for his hard work and dedication within the field of dentistry, but is also recognized in the medical field for his outstanding research into the cause of sleep apnea. Avi Weisfogel’s research into sleep apnea was directly related to his knowledge of the formation of the human jaw. As a practicing dentist Dr. Weisfogel made it his goal to educate others about the relationship between dentistry and sleep apnea. It was this goal that led Avi Weisfogel to establish Dental Sleep Masters. This specialized clinic focuses on educating other professionals in the dental field about the relationship between dentistry and sleep apnea as well as providing information about corrective procedures.

More than 90 percent of people who have sleep apnea are not even aware that they do. The research Avi Weisfogel did on behalf of people who suffer from sleep apnea has made it possible for more dentists to address and successfully treat this condition. The work done by Dr. Weisfogel has also paved the way for new treatments to be developed as alternative methods to the traditional CPAP machines. With the founding of Dental Sleep Masters, Avi Weisfogel created a better understanding of what needs to be recognized by dental professionals in relation to sleep disorders.

Connecting with the World

While the breakthrough work Dr. Weisfogel made in regards to the relationship between sleep apnea and dentistry is extremely significant, it is in no way the only contribution this amazing philanthropist has done. Operation Smile is a world wide organization dedicated to helping young people and children who have major dental issues. This organization has helped correct conditions such as cleft lips and cleft palates in young people around the world at no charge to them.

When Avi Weisfogel heard about the charitable work this organization did he decided to support the cause by heading up a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money. Since Dr. Weisfogel believes all children deserve a healthy smile he was the perfect choice to head the campaign. The objective of the GoFundMe campaign is to raise 2,000 dollars, which will be an easy task with someone as notable and conscientious as Avi Weisfogel leading the way.


How The Laidlaw & Company Team Helped Us Retire

I wanted to retire at the exact moment that I was done with my current job, and my wife would be done one year after that. We wanted to be prepared to retire in the very near future, and Laidlaw & Company helped me ensure I had money in the bank to be used for a new retirement lifestyle. The lifestyle we lead today is funded by the work we did with Laidlaw & Company, and they are helpful where other companies were not.

#1: They Understood Our Retirement Goals

We had quite a few goals going into our retirement, and we wanted to meet them as soon as possible. We had peace of mind knowing that Laidlaw was reporting back to us often, and their reports helped us learn how close we were to our goals. Each goal was set using industry standards Laidlaw shared with us, and they helped us understand the fastest way to get what we wanted.

#2: How Long Did Our Retirement Planning Last?

Laidlaw started us with retirement planning the day we called them. My wife heard about James Ahern through a friend, and Matthew Eitner was a mutual friend. We contacted them for help, and they were happy to help us begin. I believe we found a perfect match at Laidlaw, and all their associates were so kind to us.

#3: We Learned Quite A Lot

I was educated about investment through the Laidlaw staff, and they showed me what was possible given the ideas I had. Some ideas were quite simple, and others were complex. I did not want to make wrong decisions, and they showed me how to avoid losing money.

I am pleased with what Laidlaw & Company has done for me. We are retired in the happiest way because of their help.

An Overview of Lori Senecal’s Early Life and Career Moves

Lori Senecal is the current global CEO at CP&B (Crispin Porter & Bogusky). Lori, in an interview with the Huffington Post, revealed that she grew up at Montreal. She was the youngest child in a family of four children. She further revealed that her early life growing up with her three talented sisters shaped her leadership today. She had to work hard and carve out her own accomplishments and identity. Lori said that her parents also assisted her to develop a strong work ethic through leading by example on adweek.com. They pushed them to reach for their stars through hard work.

Planning for the Future
Lori revealed that when in college, she had not really planned for the future. Immediately after graduation, she sent her resume to a number of places hoping to get an acceptable offer. An agency in Toronto offered her that chance in its media department and it helped her to create an opportunity on Huffington Post.com. She holds this philosophy up to this day “if I take action, other possibilities appear”. After this opportunity her career really took off.

Prior Positions
Before Lori became the first ever female global CEO of CP&B, she was based at KBS. Her efforts led to KBS gaining a reputation for being the top branding agency due to its inventions. When she joined KBS, the company had only 250 employees but this number grew to over 900 under her leadership. During her stint at KBS, she is known for having played a significant role in mentoring young women. She let the upcoming young women get access to her in order to accelerate their perspective and experience.

Lori Senecal’s Move from McCann-Erickson and its Repercussions
Senecal was tapped by Kirshenbaum Bond due to her huge experience working at a key global ad agency. KBS was on a mission to expand its operations beyond its New York headquarters. Lori Senecal has held an outstanding reputation in creativity, thought leadership and innovation. This married with the foundation of the agency and the board felt that she was the right partner to enhance the agency’s reputation. Her departure from McCann-Erickson was a blow to its leadership stability in a year that was tumultuous to the agency having lost its Microsoft account and struggled with General Motors.

Learn more about Lori Senecal:

Looking for a Soft, Refreshing Lip Balm?

When you’re searching for lip balm products, it can be tempted to go with the first brand you see. But many brands infuse their products with artificial chemicals, harsh ingredients, and strong, unpleasant tastes. If you’ve got sensitive or damaged lips, finding a safe, soothing lip balm is a high priority. Fortunately, EOS offers a range of specially formulated products that give your lips additional softness. And the cool, refreshing flavors leave your lips feeling fresh and nourished after every use.

Need a Soft, Moisturizing Product?

EOS’s lip balm products contain all-natural ingredients, including shea butter and natural oils, for a truly soothing experience. The Visibly Soft Lip Balm range of products includes vanilla mint, coconut milk, and blackberry nectar flavors. The vanilla mint product combines the smooth sweetness of vanilla with the refreshing coolness of mint. The blackberry nectar flavor is juicy and sweet as blackberry juice, while the coconut milk flavor is a truly soothing and exotic experience. These soothing flavors emphasize the softness of the formula, which is completely gluten-free and paraben-free.

Want to Give it a Try?

If you’re interested in purchasing EOS products, you can buy them from the official online store @ https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/ or find a Well retailer. With a wide range of flavors in affordable prices, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

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Selecting A Proficient Business Lawyer In Brazil

Are you a company manager or entrepreneur in Brazil? Do you need top notch advice or legal representation in a business matter? Having the right attorney on your side is essential in times of dispute or other legal problem.

There are many legal advisers and law firms in Brazil but you need to be certain you go for an attorney that specializes in your type of case. Look for a lawyer that has a good reputation and is well experienced in the field.

To get desired outcome in your case, get an attorney you can get along with. It is necessary that your attorney co-operate with you throughout the legal process.

Competent lawyers in Brazil can advise you about all the required paperwork and documentation to support your case, and they know Brazilian’s court procedures and rules, and they can address any issues or critical questions you may have about the legal process along the way.

Before meeting with a legal counsel, go over your dilemmas and make notes about the problems you want to discuss. Gather all of the relevant documents to supply to the law firm. This will make it easy for you to present your legal case in the most organized manner possible. By bringing this information you will also be able to focus on assessing the attorney’s response to your questions and your problems.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has his popular law firm in Brazil where he provides a vast range of legal solutions for businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs and individuals who desire top quality legal representation. He cares a lot about the success of his clients and works hard to ensure they are completely satisfied.

Ricardo Tosto is reliable attorney who has a strong passion to handle his clients’ case, and to protect their legal rights. He specializes in representing enterprises and individuals involved in legal dispute and litigation. As an experienced attorney, Ricardo Tosto has great expertise in the field and has a high reputation for strong defense and high success rates. Ricardo Tosto is a litigation attorney who enjoys practicing law and enjoys taking cases to trial.


Wikipedia Wants To Expand Coverage Of Native Americans

Wikipedia wants its users to expand the coverage of Native Americans on its encyclopedia. Native Americans and indigenous groups, it seems, are disproportionately underrepresented within Wikipedia. Take for example, the poet and artist, Esther Belin. She is a highly acclaimed Navajo writer and artist. Yet she is not even featured or mentioned anywhere on Wikipedia.

The good news is that Wikipedia is planning to address the issue. It is now sponsoring edit-a-thons that specifically focus on indigenous groups like Native Americans and African tribes. Wikipedia has even compiled a list of Native Americans that it believes should have articles featured about them. The goal of Wikipedia is to include a broad base of articles on famous Native Americans, major historical figures and movements within the Native American people.

The lack of articles on Native Americans and other indigenous groups is explained by the fact that many Indians and tribal groups lack internet access. Some have poor access, while others lack it entirely. There is also a lack of interest among the Wikipedia editors and community to edit and create Native American articles. This is slowly changing however, and we should see more Native American articles start to appear.

How Wikipedia Can Help You

So how can Wikipedia help you? How will having a Wikipedia article about yourself or your company or organization benefit you? It turns out there are several benefits to this. I discuss this briefly below.

Getting an online Wikipedia article up can help you generate a positive online presence. It should add credibility to your name and allow you build up your reputation. While Wikipedia does not allow promotion of products or brands, the fact that you improve reputation, can help increase sales. Finally, you can use Wikipedia articles as a way to help bury bad content or scandals about you.

Want To Create Your Own Wikipedia Article But Don’t Have The Time?

There are numerous benefits to creating a Wikipedia article. However, a lot of work must be put into creating one. There is research that must be done and sources cited. Additionally, the article must be compliant with the format and guidelines of Wikipedia. Otherwise it will be rejected.

If you do not have the time or skills needed to create a Wikipedia page, you can always count on the services of Get Your Wiki. They offer Wikipedia writing services that are professional, guaranteed and that will get a Wikipedia article up and running quickly. Get Your Wiki offers article writing services in multiple languages and can edit and monitor articles as well.

Fabletics Captures the Online and Offline Crowds

The Fabletics stores are coming to a location near you. There is excitement in the air because of this. That is definitely the reason that Kate Hudson is so happy about this brand. She has managed to get a lot of buzz about this company because she has done what many other brands have not done. Hudson has created a brand that has a subscription service that saves people even more time.


The experience of shopping online is saving people time. There have been a lot of people that do not want to go to the mall or department stores so shopping online saves time. What Fabletics has done to make that even easier to give customers access to a subscription service option. They can still shop for clothes and buy things like normal online shopping customers, but the subscription service just makes things so much more convenient. It reminds customers that they can get shipments sent to their home, and they don’t have to do any searching for what they will add to their wardrobe for the upcoming months. Credit cards that are on file are charged, and new garments are sent according to the style profile options that were chosen. This is a huge time saver. That is what make Fabletics different from the rest.


There is a surge in growth, however, that is going to give Fabletics some common ground with other athletic clothing stores. This common ground is the brick and mortar stores. Kate Hudson, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are co-founders of Fabletics, and they realize that this company is growing. They know that the Internet market has become saturated, and they feel the need to reach an audience offline. That is what is going to change the tide for this organization. There will be more than 100 stores opening, and this is all because there is a need to capture the attention of an audience offline.


The Internet has made it easy for customers to discover Fabletics, but the brick and mortar stores are going to connect with people that have not responded to Internet shopping yet. There are some people that just are not going to shop online. They would rather go into stores, and that is why Fabletics is coming into stores. This also gives them the ability to compete directly with a lot of other stores that sell athletic clothing.

Technology, Innovation, Advancement: Eric Pulier

Many of todays celebrities and professional athletes seem to get all of the credit while those who are actually making a difference in life itself never get the credit that’s deserved. Though these pro athletes and celebrities as specialists at what they do, many of them never really give back to their communities or provide any services to better man-kind. This is actually the problem with modern society. Those who have “it” won’t share it and those that need “it” never get to receive it. Fortunately there are a few individuals in the world who are not seeking fame while experiencing the exact same euphoric rush by helping others and Eric Pulier is no exception.

If there is one person alive today that has truly implemented innovation, technology, and advancement into a way of life, this guy actually practices what he preach. Whether it’s providing disadvantaged communities with technology, creating multimedia education platforms for the people who suffer with specific diseases, or providing technological innovation to other countries that offers healthcare benefits, Eric Pulier has done it all. He is just one of the most progressive, forward thinking individuals of all time as he uses his talents for the greater good. Here are a few highlights of this extraordinary man’s career and life:

  • Developed Innovative Technology To Interact With The Astronauts In Space
  • Consistently Works With Non-Profit Organization
  • Founder of Up to 15 Companies
  • And many more

Pulier’s passion for helping others comes from the goodness of his own heart. He has used management in combination with micro-transaction systems for distributing clean drinking water for those in need. What separates him from his contemporaries is that his intense drive isn’t because of profit. With such an ethical (state-of-mind), Pulier has done far more than people twice his age and who are in the same category as he.

All in all, Mr. Eric Pulier uses technology, innovation, and advancement to get his point across and he does it in the most thought provoking way.

Visit http://ericpulier.com for more.

Chris Burch Highlights How Fashion and Technology Work Together

Fashion attributes its advancement to the technological industry. Over the centuries, fashion designers have utilized sewing machines that were built based on technological innovations. Chris Burch believes that the past states of these two industries determine the future. He pointed out how the boom box was quickly replaced by the iPod as a music playing equipment.


Burch also highlighted that most fashion brands are made of recycled materials. SegraSegra is a cloth line of t-shirts and jackets. These items are made of inner bicycle tubes. Emma Whiteside also unveiled a big gown stitched with recycled radiator copper.


Technology and Fashion Working Together


Interestingly, designers are defying all odds by designing fashionable items that can generate power. Soledad Martin is one of those designers. He is finishing up his shoe prototype that can generate power as a person walks or jogs. The power can charge a mobile phone.


The good thing about fashion and technology is that they can work together. At times, new technological pieces require a fashion touch for them to be popular. Google Glass is an example of such innovations. This device can be worn like eyeglasses and can enable a person to perform basic computer operations like browsing the web.


About Chris Burch


Christopher Burch is a prominent entrepreneur and investor with over 40 years of experience. He has worked with numerous companies throughout his career. Burch is also recognized for his contributions to the creation of luxury and technology brands. These include Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, and Poppin. Burch previously sat on the board of directors of The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital.




Burch was passionate about entrepreneurship when he was still a young boy. He attended the Ithaca College in 1976. While in college, he enlisted his brother’s help and started eye apparel known as Eagle. Both siblings contributed a total of $2,000 as a capital venture to run the business. Luckily, the business grew rapidly and amassed $165 million. Burch and his brother decided to sell it to Swire Group.




Besides entrepreneurship, Burch is also keen in emerging business ventures. He usually conducts cost-benefit analyses on them before investing his money. Burch invested in the construction of luxurious residential properties in New York and Florida. He also signed a partnership with Alan Faena, an hotelier and Phillipe Stark, an architect, to develop a piece of land. They agreed on building a hotel known as the Faena Hotel + Universe.

Capitol Anesthesiology Helping Children Worldwide

Not only is Capitol Anesthesiology committed to providing the best care in their very own immediate community, but they are also dedicated to global outreach, providing excellent medical care to underserved communities. Some of the organizations Capitol Anesthesiology Association is involved with include many organizations that help children in the local area.

Austin Smiles is a nonprofit that provides surgeries for children born with cleft palette and palate deformations. The reconstructive plastic surgery helps children not only in the Austin area but extends to some areas of Latin America as well. Operation Smile is able to perform the same types of surgeries in lower income countries where families may not be as able to afford these surgeries and where medical care is not as good or as safe at it is here. In addition to providing surgeries for children they are also involved with Partnerships for Children which provides necessary resources for children who have come under the care of Child Protective Services.