Brian Bonar Gets the Highest Honor

The society has a lot of people doing great things and making a positive impact in the society. In most cases, these people do what they do without expecting anything in return.

One of the institutions that have been on the forefront in awarding exemplary performance among people is Cambridge Publishing, and one of the recent beneficiaries of its prestigious awards is Brian Bonar.

Brian Bonar emerged the top candidate for Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. The award is a big one because only two males and females in each field get the honor. The process of getting individuals who qualify for the award is comprehensive.

The committee has to look deeply at an individual’s credentials before considering him or her for the award. Factors such as academic qualifications, level of experience and leadership skills come into play. Once, a person gets the award, he or she earns a lot of respect from his peers and the people he leads.

Bonar, who is the CEO and Chairman of Daldara Financial Corporation, has over 30 years of experience in professional management in the financial industry. He has guided the company in the competitive financial industry in America to become one of the companies with the most established market presence.

Bonar prides himself in hard work and passion, which have guided him as a financial expert. His management skills are unique and highly effective.

This is boosted by a level of experience he has achieved working as CEO of different companies. He has served at different positions as the one in charge of large corporations dealing with employer benefits and market products.

Brian Bonar started his career as a procurement officer for IBM. He then worked for QMS as the Director of Engineering. At QMS, he was in charge of 100 employees who were tasked with ensuring the company remain relevant in the competitive market. Bonar later resigned to work for Adaptec as the Sales Manager before starting his own company Bezier Systems. His engineering and architectural skills have enabled him analyze situations with a technical approach, unlike other chief executives.

Brian Bonar continues to steer his company to greater heights. He employs creative and personal touch on everything he does. He is a Ph.D holder and a professional who is recognized by the American Finance Association for his expertise and high level of experience.

Apart from business, Brian takes time to engage in other activities such as boat rides, golfing and trips. He is a respected man in the country. He has mentored hundreds of people who have worked their way up the business ladder.

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