Cancer Treatment Centers of America Contribution towards Cancer Treatment Taken a Notch Higher

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) has made a huge step in making cancer research easier and more efficient. The organization recently joined hands with two other stakeholders in oncological research, NantHealth and Allscripts Sunrise, to establish an informative patients’ cancer treatment platform labeled Clinical Pathways.

Clinical Pathways brings together electronic health records (EHR) and eviti® such that the latter can access clinical workflows in the former. eviti® is a clinical software that was developed by NantHealth while Allscripts Sunrise developed EHR. With Clinical Pathways program, physicians will be having an easy time since they will have a reliable source of patients’ treatment history.

Words from the Executives

According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America chief medical officer, George Daneker, Clinical Pathways creates an ecosystem in which clinicians will be able to get undiluted and factual research data. Patients, on the other hand, will be presented with a wide range of treatment procedures to choose. Since Clinical Pathways puts treatment regimens at the patient’s and clinician’s disposal, it creates room for clinicians and patients to discuss and reach a consensus on the type of diagnosis to be given.

On his side, Allscripts CEO, Mr. Paul Black, was happy to witness the launching of a project they had started way back in January. He took pride in his organization’s input in developing what will potentially revolutionize the traditional chemotherapy regimens.

Senior executive director of medical affairs at NantHealth, Bobby Reddy, expressed optimism that Clinical Pathways will be a success. He was happy to have helped Cancer Treatment Centers of America develop the program that he described as a game changer.

About CTCA

CTCA operates five cancer treatment facilities in America. On top of administering chemotherapy and surgery procedures on cancer patients, facilities under CTCA also offer side effects management services to their patients.
CTCA opened its doors at Schaumburg, Illinois in 1988. Its founder, Richard Stephenson, had been pained by losing his mother to cancer, and that served as an inspiration to start the firm. Four of CTCA’s hospitals were opened a decade ago.

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