Struggle and support for human and immigrants rights organizations

There are many groups that fight human rights around the world and their main purpose is to achieve equity. They also advocates for the rights of migrants to ensure they are treated in a humane manner wherever they go. Many groups exist all over the world with an aim of fighting and protecting human rights. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

The groups include The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights. This group is based in California. It was established after 1986 act in the United States that tended to exclude immigrants from employment. This act was seen as way of establishing an environment for abuse and exploitation of employees. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |

The group’s main purpose is to allow the free movement of immigrants in the United States and provision of equal employment opportunities. They want to create awareness to the public about such individuals and be the agents in creation in an all inclusive community.

Another human rights organization is Amazon watch. It is located in San Francisco. It cooperates with environmental groups together with indigenous organizations in order to protect the rights of indigenous individuals especially with rapid industrialization that has seen massive increase in the destruction of the indigenous environment and oppression of individuals that tries to protect it.

Another group is ACLU Immigrants’ Right Project whose main purpose is also to for the rights of immigrants. It has set objectives that they intend to achieve through advocacy and creating awareness on immigrants rights. They have been in he fore front in fight against laws that tries to push aside immigrants’ judicial rights.

Michael lacey and Jim Larkin co founded Phoenix new Times. They made a decision to give donations to groups that fight and advocates for human rights. The two whom are journalists were unlawfully arrested and the funds they received as settlements they decided to use them to fund these organizations.

They did a publication about on the sheriff, Joe Arpaio. The reporters exposed meetings by the grand jury that looked into journalists’ articles on the sheriff before publication. Following that the county was sued by Michael lacey and Jim Larkin.

The case was won by the reporters and they received $ 3.75 million as settlement. Through his money the journalists established Frontera Fund which gives supports to groups and organizations whose main aim is to defend both immigrant and human rights.

The reporters felt that the best way to utilize this settlement is to support human right groups and prevent such oppressions from happening again in the future.

Migrants’ rights advocates organizations

There is more to immigration than just the migrants’ status, whether documented or undocumented. Immigrant communities living in the United States are a worried lot especially going by recent trends in the politics of the country. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The Trump administration seems to be rolling back the gains that had been made in previous administration. His administration seems ignorant of the basic principles of human rights that should guide every law or decree made. Trump is on record making orders that rea meant to curtail the freedom of people from accessing the United States.

First, there is was the issue of Mexico border. Trump administration wants to build a wall that will prevent Hispanics from accessing the U.S. Then there is the issue of a blanket decree to prevent people from some Muslims countries from entering the United States. Trump went ahead to the point of threatening deportation to any undocumented resident of the United States.

These two cases are a perfect example of a government that does not recognize the role of universal human rights. According to international law, human rights are universal and should not be curtailed by anyone. Freedom of movement is one of the basic rights that should be granted to everybody.

The good thing, however, has been the efforts of human, civil and migrants’ rights movements, who have joined hands to oppose these regulations. The groups have sought courts intervention to protect immigrant from being deported by the Trumps administration.

This current situation in the United States goes a long way in explaining the struggle through which the immigrant community in the United States has been going through. Immigrants into the U.S are often subjected to detention and torture in detention camps run by the government.

These detention camps usually deprive detainees’ right to access basic needs such as food, water, and clothing. It has taken the intervention of migrants’ rights groups to highlight the sorry state of these incarceration camps that the immigrants’ especially from the southern border are subjected to. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Some renowned human and migrant rights groups based in the United States include:

International Migrants Bill of Rights Initiative

This is an initiative taken to address the issue of immigration in the world today. This initiative’s goal is to create adequate laws that will protect immigrants from victimization based on their status. Migrants are entitled to fundamental human rights, and no one should deny them that chance. Human rights apply even to non-citizens.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalists from Arizona. This one of the states where the issues of violation of human rights belonging to immigrants have been too much. To address this issue, these journalists dedicated a settlement of $3.75 million they received from the state to support migrants’ rights initiatives.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Avaaz Spreads Hope & Help Via the Internet and Beyond

Two teams committed to causes of activist to help in spreading fairness and democracy around the globe and country, and Res Publica, consolidated their efforts and helped to establish Avaaz. The association started in the year 2007, and despite being US-based, it has retained its global presence. To remain reliable, Avaaz does not accept huge donations from other corporations, individuals or organizations and depend on donations not exceeding $5000 from individual members.

The term Avaaz was chosen since same words are utilized in various dialects to mean, “Voice”. This name coordinates their definitive objective of offering a voice to people who would rather be silenced or ignored. Through the use of the internet, the organization has been capable of spreading information, uniting people with same ideologies and aided people isolated by many miles to link and work as a team to fight for change.Obviously, Avaaz endeavors stretch out past these types of protest.

They have also set up intermediary servers where protestors can relay their objections over the internet, such as amid the year 2009 Iranian presidential election. They have additionally been profoundly engaged with the Syrian emergency. The team sent communication apparatuses to rebels preceding the civil uprising in Syria and later provided medical suppliers to similar groups after the war started.Cases of the causes Avaaz concentrate on incorporate worldwide environmental change, catastrophe alleviation for nations in need of help and the contentions in the Middle East between social gatherings and government totalitarianism. The association puts a considerable measure of concentration on an email campaign to spread information and applies web petitions to exhibit common support for particular causes.

Avaaz has also been involved in helping harmed British photojournalist amid the war and assisted in evacuating him to a safe place. Avaaz is a dynamic team that spearheaded Internet activism. Members of the organization are found in at least 195 countries being over 46 million people across the globe. Today, Avaaz has continued to touch every area of need to help more people.


Thor Halvorssen Fights on Behalf of Oppressed People Around the World

It is a sad fact that even in this modern era, people in countries around the world are still being oppressed by ruthless dictators. These dictators use violence and the threat of violence to silence any opposition. People living under these dictatorships are often denied even the most basic rights. Liberty and freedom of speech are greatly restricted. The rare individuals who have the audacity to speak out against these dictators are harshly punished. These powerless people are forced to suffer in silence for years as they languish in prison. Fortunately, Thor Halvorssen is there to give these victims a voice and to fight for them.

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist from Venezuela. Thor has been a human rights activist since he was a teenager. In 1989, a young Thor Halvorssen joined organized opposition against apartheid in South Africa. As Thor grew older, the events in his life led him to become deeply concerned with human rights issues. Thor’s father was arrested, imprisoned and tortured on bogus charges after he started investigating corruption within the government of Venezuela. Thor worked with Amnesty International and other human rights organizations to get his father released from jail after he served 74 days of unjust imprisonment.

After his mother was shot and wounded by Venezuelan government security agents in 2004, Thor Halvorssen started the Human Rights Foundation. The Human Right Foundation is dedicated to promoting liberty and speaking out on behalf of victims of human rights abuse around the world. Thor Halvorssen and the HRF take on oppressive authoritarian regimes wherever they find them. The HRF has fought to protect human rights and free speech in countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, China and Vietnam. At least 7 political prisoners have been set free as a result of the efforts of Thor Halvorssen and the HRF.

Thor Halvorssen is also an accomplished film producer. Thor uses film as a medium to highlight human rights violations. Thor produced Hammer and Tickle, a film that shows how the Russian people used jokes and satire to express the truth when free speech was suppressed by the Soviet regime. Thor Halvorssen still works to speak out on behalf of oppressed people around the world.