Jose Manuel Gonzales: The Statesman from Guarico

The Venezuelan government needs men like Jose Manuel Gonzalez in charge of it. The nation is in a state of economic crisis. To make things even worse there is a massive food shortage due to problems in the agriculture industry. Jose is a deputy senator from the state of Guarico but he also has a background in agriculture. He was the President of one of the nation’s largest agriculture business groups so he knows who to make crops grow properly.

The current problem in the nation is that men who had no experience in agriculture have been making the rules. They are elitists who make deals behind closed doors where no one else can see. They did not think to include a man like Jose Manuel Gonzales who understands how the agriculture industry works and as a result, there is a shortage of 300,000 tons of corn and 500,000 tons of rice in the nation. This is food that should be feeding millions of hungry people. Sadly, there is much corruption across Venezuela that is preventing the right things from happening.

Jose sees the problem right at his own doorstep. In Guarico, people are afraid for their lives at all times. There is theft and carjacking in the street. There is kidnapping and extortion, and there is no relief from the local or national government. They have lost control of the situation. Men like Jose want to do something about it and they are taking action to stand up to the corruption and the crime. Jose is concerned, though. The government needs to import food and that opens up the possibility of more smuggling. There is not enough foreign currency within the Venezuelan economy at this time so the country is at a disadvantage when it comes to trade deals. Bad economic policy over a period of many years has been devastating for the state. It is time to turn things around by reversing these bad policies and putting men like Jose Manuel Gonzalez in charge.