The Future Of Architecture According To Robert Ivy

AIA stands for the American Institute of Architects. This is the organization of architects and professional designers in the United States. It is the most recognized association in terms of representation in this area of specialization. Its role is to stand for the welfare of the architecture professionals.

The group is currently headed by Robert Ivy. He is a former editor at Architectural Record. Robert who has studied architecture at the university has brought radical changes in the association to make it more effective. He has rolled out plans that are aimed at creating public awareness about the profession and also sensitizing the professionals within the industry to be cognizant of their responsibilities.

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One of the areas that he has brought changes is on how the association interacts with the public. He reckons that the profession needs to diversify. It is not all about traditional building design, there need to be aspects of supplemental services. Coming out of the building design cocoon means that architects will be able to explore other fields where their input may be needed. This means that they do not limit themselves to one line only. Such an act of sticking in a single line of building design is what has seen the profession dwindle whenever the building industry is hit by an economic crisis according to One they have diversified it means even in the times of crisis they will be able to venture out into other disciplines and maintain their clout.

Robert Ivy also reckons that the profession is also going through some metamorphosis. The current crop of architecture being taught at the universities is more advanced than before. Also, the set of challenges are also unique. This means architects of today must also come up with new ways of analyzing and resolving problems that are current. This applies to not only architects but also all professionals in the design industry. Members should no lag behind current innovations. They actually should be at the frontline is coming up with new ideas and innovations that will see the profession live up to the demands of the 21st century.

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