Avaaz Spreads Hope & Help Via the Internet and Beyond

Two teams committed to causes of activist to help in spreading fairness and democracy around the globe and country, Moveon.org and Res Publica, consolidated their efforts and helped to establish Avaaz. The association started in the year 2007, and despite being US-based, it has retained its global presence. To remain reliable, Avaaz does not accept huge donations from other corporations, individuals or organizations and depend on donations not exceeding $5000 from individual members.

The term Avaaz was chosen since same words are utilized in various dialects to mean, “Voice”. This name coordinates their definitive objective of offering a voice to people who would rather be silenced or ignored. Through the use of the internet, the organization has been capable of spreading information, uniting people with same ideologies and aided people isolated by many miles to link and work as a team to fight for change.Obviously, Avaaz endeavors stretch out past these types of protest.

They have also set up intermediary servers where protestors can relay their objections over the internet, such as amid the year 2009 Iranian presidential election. They have additionally been profoundly engaged with the Syrian emergency. The team sent communication apparatuses to rebels preceding the civil uprising in Syria and later provided medical suppliers to similar groups after the war started.Cases of the causes Avaaz concentrate on incorporate worldwide environmental change, catastrophe alleviation for nations in need of help and the contentions in the Middle East between social gatherings and government totalitarianism. The association puts a considerable measure of concentration on an email campaign to spread information and applies web petitions to exhibit common support for particular causes.

Avaaz has also been involved in helping harmed British photojournalist amid the war and assisted in evacuating him to a safe place. Avaaz is a dynamic team that spearheaded Internet activism. Members of the organization are found in at least 195 countries being over 46 million people across the globe. Today, Avaaz has continued to touch every area of need to help more people.