The wonderful Dr. Jennifer Walden

Few people in the world can claim success in multiple fields of business. For Dr. Jennifer Walden to not only be successful in the world of aesthetic plastic surgery, but to also be an influential philanthropist along with running a largely successful Surgery and Laser center speaks highly of her commitment to her life and to her crafts.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s primary career is in the field of plastic surgery. This is unusual as not too females will go into this medical field, but Dr. Jennifer Walden’s motivations were fueled by her desire to uplift her patients both physical and mentally. Her commitment to her work is one of the major reasons why she is lauded as an expert in her field.

Dr. Jennifer Walden began her journey into her medical field by obtaining her education at the University of Texas. Her high marks caught the attention of many people in her field, which allowed her to gain a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. It was here she was mentored by Dr. Sherell Aston.

Dr. Jennifer Walden progressive work in her field yielded great breakthroughs. Her commitment to cutting edge technologies in the plastic surgery field gives her a leg up on other surgeons. Dr. Jennifer Walden is credited as being one of the first surgeons to use laser technology of labiaplasty and vaginoplasty surgeries. She also uses similar technology for imaging purposes to achieve better results on her surgeries. This along with a great bedside manner is one of the key reasons Dr. Walden has a powerful reputation in her field.

As noted earlier, Dr. Jennifer Walden’s success stems from more than just her medical field. She is the founder of the MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. She also is a mother of twin boys, whom she raises with joy. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s philanthropic work led to her run a very successful campaign that help funded blood cancer research. This work was recognized and she was awarded the runner up for Women of the Year by the Austin Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. With all of this under belt and more, Dr. Jennifer Walden remains a true Texan. She chose to stay close to her roots because she understands the importance of family and giving back to those who helped her gain the success she earned in life.

Jennifer Walden’s Potential Was Unlocked As A Child

It was at quite a young age that Jennifer Walden figured out what it was she wanted to do. This was also helped by the fact that both of her parents were also high achieving and well to do, as her father was a dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse. Their support was a great push for Jennifer to be successful. After high school, Jennifer Walden went on to attend the University of Texas, where she earned her degree in Biology. She later went on to study in Galveston at Texas University, where she managed to successfully acquire her M.D. This is when she went on to work in Manhattan at the Ear, Eye, and Throat Hospital. This opportunity led to an 8 year long stay at the facility, where she worked with Dr. Sherrel Aston and gained a considerable amount of experience.


By 2011, Jennifer’s personal life was becoming a little more demanding, as her family was starting to grow. It was because of this that she ultimately decided she would make a move back to her hometown in Texas to be closer to family. This was not the end of her career though, as she is still a leading plastic surgeon who has since been advancing her career from Houston. Being a top surgeon in the field is a quite demanding job, never mind the added aspect of being a mother and trying to spend time with family. Luckily, Jennifer excels in this type of situation and loves the challenge, which is made a little easier by the extensive amount of support she receives from friends and family.


The high level of success that Jennifer has been able to achieve in her field is testament to her strong work ethic and determination, as plastic surgery is a male dominated field. Jennifer takes a lot of pride in how far she has come, even making it onto the board of directors for the ASAPS. Despite having to balance work time and family time, the level of support and family she has to encourage her will make the journey much more rewarding.


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