Jeff Aronin Is A Paragon of Virtue

Paragon Biosciences is an example of a leading biotech company which is kept under the larger portfolio of Paragon companies. They have taken a unique approach in the bioscience industry due to the method of their work. What they do is research and identify exactly what diseases are most in need of established treatments. They look deeply into what has and has not been tried and use this information to try and identify a solution that has the best chance of outcome. Once these needs and theoretical solutions have been identified, specialized companies are formed to concentrate solely on the disease in question (

It is no wonder that the head of Paragon is none other than entrepreneur Jeff Aronin. Just like the vision he has brought to Paragon, Jeff has built his career on finding cutting-edge solutions to real-world problems. Over the past decade, Aronin has served as chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. His personal drive of spearheading innovative treatment solutions for obscure diseases has placed him at the forefront of the biotechnology sector. He has consistently brought cutting-edge bio solutions to the scientific field.

It is no secret that the research and development of medicines is a very risky business to partake in. More often than not, treatments that seem to be very promising and hold vast potential fail during actual clinical trials. These failures can cost company millions of dollars. However, these potential dangers have not deterred Jeff Aronin in his quest to deliver quality solutions to those in need.