Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey, American Mathematician, was born on September 26 in the year 1959. Michael Lacey graduated from the University of Illinois with his Ph.D. in 1987 where he was given guidance by mathematician Walter Philipp, of who he would go on to receive recognition for many of the joint efforts the two made. He completed his thesis on Banach spaces as well as solving a problem for empirical characteristic functions in the law of iterated logarithm. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

He touched on harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, and probability. He has held positions at Louisiana State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Indiana University.

While at the University of North Carolina, Michael Lacey and Walter Phillip presented their proof for the central limit theorum. Learn more about Michael Lacey: https://www.math.gatech.edu/people/michael-lacey and https://www.genealogy.math.ndsu.nodak.edu/id.php?id=62509

During his time at Indiana University between 1989 and 1996 he was given a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. After IU, he went to Georgia Institute of Technology and became a professor of mathematics.

Michael Lacey received a Guggenheim fellowship in 2004 for his work with Xiaochun Li. In 1996, Christoph Thiele and Michael Lacey solved a conjecture for the bilinear Hilbert transform for which they received the Salem Prize.

He is the director of different training grants such as MCTP awards from the NSF and VIGRE. Many of the undergraduates he has advised went on to excellent graduate programs and his PHD students have done on to various jobs in the industry and academia. 10 postdocs were mentored by Lacey.

As of 2012, Lacey acts as a fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

Securus Technologies, Keeping Everyone Safe One Call at a Time

Communications in correctional facilities is a topic that seems to be drawing much attention lately. While there are many technologies available to help enhance the lives of the inmates, there are drawbacks when the communications aren’t monitored. More specifically, contraband cell phones have been a problem in correctional facilities for quite some time. Many might wonder why this would be a problem, as the inmates are afforded several ways to communicate via phone and even video chat. The problem that’s been presented is that when the calls aren’t monitored, inmates may have bad motives.


The problem has become so great that a baby has been murdered, and a former correctional officer was shot several times in retaliation. Robert Johnson is the correctional officer who was shot, and the act was plotted using a contraband cell phone. He now works as a consultant for Securus Technologies to end the problem by cutting off the cells before the communication can even happen.


The technology is known as a wireless containment system, or WCS for short. These systems intercept calls and text messages prior to them being sent. The technology has been proven to be effective and has intercepted nearly two million calls as of the publication of the news stories of Johnson. The nine-month-old baby, Kendarius Edwards Jr. could have lived had this technology been used in the facility. Johnson is an advocate for the installation of the WCS systems and continues to work towards his cause.


As previously mentioned, Securus Technologies provide inmates with the technology they need to stay connected with loved ones. They offer calling, video chat, email, voicemail and many other technologies at an affordable cost to the inmates. Securus Technologies has also acquired companies such as JPay to add even more to help inmates, such as tablets to use for educational endeavors. The company also provides monitoring services to keep everyone safe. The monitoring systems have intercepted many crimes, have been used as evidence to prosecute, and have assisted in investigations.


While many may deem the ending of cell phone calls and monitoring all calls as excessive, the procedure has worked out with incredible success. Inmates can access the tools to stay connected, however, they must understand that it’s in everyone’s best interest to curtail crime. The process has also identified unethical employees and has helped them to be disciplined for their wrongdoing. WCS systems provide safety for everyone. Hopefully, Johnson and Securus Technologies will be able to make this a required process for all facilities soon.


David McDonald and OSI Group China Are Improving Restaurant Quality Food Products

David McDonald, CEO to OSI Group. The group opened first in Beijing back in 1992 when they first started serving food to the McDonalds and the OSI Group has since become a staple in the economy of China. In the 20 years that they have been in business, there has been changes to the economy where more people are spending their money on take out food.

During the 2008 Olympic games, OSI China had provided over 113 tons of products to be used during the Olympics. The products included beef, pork, eggs, chicken and dehydrated onions. There were no complaints filed and McDonalds in China was greatly appreciative for the products. Since this time period, OSI Group in China has begun servicing other high end clients like Starbucks, Papa John’s, Subway and Burger King.

David McDonald has been with the company for more than 30 years. It has been during this time that OSI Group has begun to grow. The goal for the business is to become the number one global food provider for the companies that are branded as being a leading company. The vision from when the business first opened until now has not changed. The push to continue improving has been thanks to the customers who help them to grow and expand.

David carries a strict belief that you must go above and beyond in order to meet the expectations of the customer they serve. There has been a number of times that they were faced with challenges that required creative solutions to please the customers. The company is not a publicly owned business and they remain a private entity. It is because they are privately owned that has allowed them to be more flexible within the solutions that are offered to the customers. For this reason, OSI Group is able to focus on the long term goal rather than focusing on the here and now.

Going on record to talk about the challenges presented by customers, David speaks about using their values to respond to the situation at hand brought on by customers of OSI Group. While working for the company, David has helped to bring new information to light for the customers who are failing and need a new idea to make the business successful once more. The OSI Group will work to find a way to make the business successful once more. The creativeness of the group is what helps to make them a success today.

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Don Ressler, Blending Comfort and Trend to Suit Women’s Sportswear through Fabletics

In today’s world, trend plays a significant role when it comes to clothing. Sportswear falls into this category and is even a more complicated matter when it gets to deciding whether to consider comfort, cost, or trendiness. This is a common headache especially to women, giving most designers in the business a hard time to figure out what product would take care of all the needs. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg took this to their advantage and targeted to come up with women’s sportswear that would be a representation of perfection.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg formed Fabletics, with a mission to create affordable, functional, and yet fashionable active wear. This was after the realization that women’s athletic wear was there to stay and there was close to zero chances for it to slow down. Other than relying on the obvious market trends, Don and his counterparts concentrated more on their customers’ demands. They carried out tests and came up with a plan to produce clothing that fitted their clients’ interest, therefore, narrowing the chances of rejection. The tests also helped them know what the consumers found challenging about sportswear and used this to eliminate possible hurdles to their success.

Kate Hudson was also part of the team that worked for Don Ressler, being the face of the brand. Kate is a renowned actress and was therefore familiar with skills necessary for marketing and selling their brand. Fabletics was in a better position to succeed because very few companies took the risk of relying entirely on the manufacture of women sportswear for their brands. Kate Hudson came in handy portraying her cheerful, confident, and appealing personality, thus, enhancing the company’s relationship with their consumers. She doubled up as Fabletics’ spokeswoman and pushed for a massive connection with their clients. Kate has a great passion for the media world and easily create a rapport with customers.

Don Ressler worked through the challenges that are associated with managing a new company. One of the major hiccups he faced was finance issues during the early stages of the company. Don Ressler maintained a positive spirit and was able to work through the complexity of the industry. Coming up with sportswear that fits in both the brackets of comfort and trendiness was not a walk in the park. It took the combined efforts of determination and innovative skills to make it happen. Eventually, the company got to its feet and is now thriving in the industry, offering high quality and affordable products.

David Mcdonald, OSI Group President

David Mcdonald was born and raised in the farmlands of Iowa. He graduated in 1987 from the Iowa State University in with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Upon graduation, David Mcdonald started his passion and career in Chicago with the OSI industries which he rose through the ranks to be the CEO and president of the OSI industries.

Due to his passion for impacting Iowa State by utilizing the available resources, David Mcdonald is an active participant in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship initiative. Through OSI, he has positively impacted interns and supported various fundraised student learning centers in Iowa.

The OSI group being a leading company value-added protein products, David Mcdonald has played a big role in improving the sustainability of the OSI group. Under David Mcdonald’s watch, OSI is on a growth trajectory with eight factories in China. Whereas some are still underway, OSI is set to be one of the largest poultry producers globally. David Mcdonald has initiated significant improvements in poultry production in the market like the launch of DaOSI which was a joint venture with the Dooyoo group.

David Mcdonald has also initiated processing and production departments like beef processing in Poland under the OSI group. He has also facilitated frozen foods processing plant in India and a modern mill for feeds in China. With his adequate experience in consumer taste, quality and overall perfection of OSI products, the OSI group have penetrated markets in Hungary and Geneva.

Having instituted a global network globally, David has ensured that each regional center has fully understood the customized needs and taste for its consumers. This has played a significant role in improving and ensuring sustainability is achieved in respective markets. David Mcdonald is a firm believer in product development. He believes development should go hand in hand with production capacity to remain relevant to the consumers.

On 8th of August, 2016, the OSI group made its acquisition of the Baho food. Baho food dealt with convenience foods, snacks, and deli meat. Being a Dutch manufacturer, David Mcdonald said the deal allowed and gave OSI a better chance to make growth strides and do business in Europe. In a statement, Mcdonald noted that Baho foods current portfolio of brands and products goes hand in hand with the existing processing strengths of the OSI group. He also assured that the acquisition would broaden OSI’s capabilities to serve the evolving needs of its consumers.

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Lacey and Larkin: Two Individuals Trying To End Discrimination

Lacey and Larkin are two individuals who have contributed immensely to bringing justice to America in their fight against racial discrimination. They got to experience first hand what it was like to be discriminated against based on their race, which is why they started the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund in the first place.

The duo decided that they had to do something to help those who do not have the means to fight against racial discrimination. A lot of the people coming to America want to start out their lives afresh from their hometowns.

These people often do not come with all the funds that one would need to get enough lawyers to fight court cases. Lacey and Larkin knew that they had to do something to empower such people, which is why they came up with the organization.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were both writers who had their news agency which put out newsletters for the people of Phoenix to read. At the time, Joe Arpaio, who was dubbed as ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ was leading the charge in Maricopa County.

He was responsible for numerous jails and holding facilities throughout the state of Arizona, which was filled with people that he had put away. However, ninety percent of the people that he put away belonged to the Latin American community and were not being charged with anything serious.

People started coming forward claiming that they did not even commit the crimes that they were being accused of, and it was all concocted to get them behind bars and earn more money.

Lacey and Larkin, being from the Latin American community themselves thought that it would be in the best interests of the people to educate them about this and publish it in their newsletter. A day after the article was published, Lacey and Larkin were taken forcefully from their homes in the middle of the night and put into jails which were both handled by Arpaio.

This sparked a lot of outrage, and the case started getting a lot of media coverage. Lacey and Larkin were released after spending a total of forty-eight hours in these jails but not before they were threatened by Joe Arpaio himself and told that they were put in for their writing.

Having experienced this, Lacey and Larkin decided to sue Joe Arpaio and ultimately were given a settlement offer which they used to start up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

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Todd Lubar: The Success of Mortgages

The mortgage industry is heavily tied to the real estate industry. Most people don’t realize how intertwined the two are; almost as though one cannot exist without the other. That fact can either be a good or bad thing. It depends on what financial institution is handling the mortgage.

When most people think of mortgages, they associate it with debt. In truth, mortgage financing can be a lifesaver. Thanks to people like Todd Lubar, mortgage banking is no longer a sign of failing finances. Mr. Lubar learned early in his career that mortgages can help better people’s lives.

His first step to making the world a better place was getting a job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Lubar was amazed by all the invaluable experience he earned during his short time with the company. He learned a lot about the industry’s current conservative mortgage banking model.

Having learned all he could about conservative mortgage banking, he moved on to an equity position at another company. In 1999, Todd Lubar got a job at Legacy Financial Group. His new role at Legacy afforded him the ability to expand his lending capabilities. He used his new found freedom to broker more unconventional loans and operate as a direct mortgage bank.

Once he’s learned all he could from his equity position at Legacy Financial, he decided to start his own company. In 2002, Lubar founded Legendary Properties as a way of getting back to simple real estate business. Within its first year of operations, Legendary Properties handled more than 200 transactions.

According to Patch, Lubar’s ability to complete such quality products in a timely fashion is thanks to his incredible source of referral business. Those relationships also allowed him to establish multimillion-dollar lines of credit with several major banking institutions. For more details visit Patch.

Despite his love of real estate, it was only a matter of time before he returned to mortgage banking. Now, he uses another of his companies to help the people of Baltimore achieve their homeownership dreams. That’s why he created TDL Venture’s RELIEF program.

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Rick Smith; Technological Genius in Safety and Security

Rick Smith got his amazing start with his education, getting an Associate’s Degree in Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo, a Master’s in Engineering from State University of New York, and an MBA from the University of Rochester. His career has been just as impressive having held various positions at Frontier Corporation such as operations, IT, finance, plus business development to name a few. He was Chief Financial Officer at Eschelon Telecom Inc., later becoming President/COO. While at Eschelon, Smith grew the revenue of the company from roughly 30 million to 350 million and was successful in getting Eschelon IPO in 2005.

In June 2008, Rick Smith became CEO of SECURUS Technologies. SECURUS is an American for-profit prison technology company based out of Dallas, Texas, but with offices in Carrollton and Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. The company has approximately 1,000 employees, and serves over 2,200 Correctional Facilities across the United States and Canada. The company provides top-of-the-line civil and criminal justice technology solutions, which improves the safety of the public and modernizes incarceration experiences. The technology is the best, as SECURUS has thinkers of innovating solutions, technologists, designers, and engineers with hundreds of patents, for service of the highest quality, the most products, and provides the best solution economically for clients all the while maintaining great customer service. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

SECURUS connects correctional facility personal to needed information, connects emergency dispatchers and responders to those needing help, connecting inmates to technology, to help connecting leads in investigations, and connecting family and friends to those that are incarcerated. The technology is up-to-date and constantly evolving to meet client needs, collects information from more than 2,200 law enforcement and corrections agencies which assists in finding leads. The company is the largest of its kind in providing communications and the only full spectrum solution provider in the area. It is no wonder the company is successful, and it won an award; honored as a bronze winner in the 2017 American Business Awards. The customer pledge extends to all; agencies, inmates and their family and friends.

Rick Smith has the technological background and experience to carry SECURUS into the future and continue to serve. Currently the company serves over 1,200,000 inmates in North America alone and over 2,450 law enforcement and corrections agencies in addition to public safety agencies. The technology is advanced so that it can help in preventing and solving crimes committed by the incarcerated. The company receives many letters and e-mails regarding how much customers appreciate the services offered by SECURUS, and that is in part due to Rick Smith. Read more on Crunchbase.com.

Scott Rocklage Continues Oversight of 5AM Ventures

The life sciences industry is one of the most important industries in the world as it is responsible for the development of new drugs, medical equipment, and devices that can help to prevent diseases worldwide. While it is a very important industry, it is also a very expensive industry to be in. Companies that are growing in the life sciences industry will often find that they do not have the capital to research, develop, and market their new products. Fortunately, there are venture capital firms available that specialize in the life sciences industry.


One company that specializes in the life sciences industry is 5AM Ventures. 5AM Ventures has been providing capital and debt to companies in the early stages of the life sciences process for over a decade. The company has provided capital to over 50 different firms, many of which have gone on to make significant improvements in the life sciences industry.


5AM Ventures is able to separate themselves from other companies in the industry by taking a more hands on approach to the process. The company is able to get more in-depth knowledge of their portfolio companies by better understanding their process, knowing the goals, and determining the risks and rewards of the product they are developing. Based on this information, 5AM Ventures is also able to provide invaluable consulting and advisory services.


One of the leaders of the 5AM Ventures team has continued to be Scott Rocklage. Rocklage has been working for the company for over 12 years and is currently a Managing Director of the firm. Overall, he has over three decades of healthcare management experience and has a long list of academic and professional achievements. He also sits on the board of directors of several different life sciences companies and is involved in a number of different charitable causes outside of the industry. Rocklage currently is based out of the Boston office, but spends much of his time meeting with current portfolio companies and potential targets.