The Professional and Personal Adventures of Glen Wakeman

The proven 5 step performance methodology is Glen Wakeman’s masterpieces. The said methodology is about business execution, human capital, leadership power and risk management. His success as a writer and investor makes Glen Wakeman more than capable to motivate others on anything under the sun. Having been exposed to divestitures, emerging markets, and corporate management makes him an astute strategist who can provide perceptive advice to uppermost administrative level groups such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. Wakeman’s reputed ability to develop accurate methods that are applicable to every business industry is can only be equaled by a few.


Business Contributor

Wakeman is a committed contributor to transformative business prospects, which makes his opinion in international affairs valuable. He offers thought-out recommendations on international financing platforms, capital building, and angel investing. He is fervent in all the facets of growth in the changing global marketplace, business innovations, and business development. Moreover, he has lived in six different countries and managed business ventures in thirty regional parts internationally.

In the entire length of his profession, Glen Wakeman became popular in the role of a business innovator. His job comprises of developing new performance methodologies and direction for start-up companies. His creation LaunchPad Holdings was founded in 2015. Glen has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance.

During the early part of his profession, Wakeman was employed at GE Capital and creator of Nova Four. His responsibilities and positions involved the development of business, CEO, Board of Directors, etc.

In an interview, Glen Wakeman said that his habit to be productive is having a high curiosity because it pushes him to solve problems. He also added that if he were to start again, he would keep a list of acquaintances and friends so he can keep in touch with them.

He further revealed that the most awful job he had was cleaning the bathrooms in a factory for auto parts because it was filthy, dirty and sweaty all at the same time. But he did it anyway since paid for his college education, and it was the only job he could get at that time because of the recession. This particular experience taught him never to take opportunities for granted and that every type of labor provide self-worth.