The Oxford Club Offers the Premier Membership as Introductory Level

The Oxford Club is a global organization that provides elite wealthy investors with exceptional resources for increasing their wealth and protecting their financial resources with an introductory Premier Membership within their organization. The premier membership level within the Oxford Club is provided to benefit members when they initially join the organization to provide opportunities to experience the powerful information and resources without committing to a lifetime membership fee. With the Premier Membership investors are able to take advantage of the expertise from its intellectually astute experts on various investment classes.


The Oxford Club provides investment strategies and processes for investing in bonds, trading options, cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, dividends, private equity, stocks, and various other asset classes that provide tremendous rates of return on investment. The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 with the leadership of Bill Bonner and was originally named the Passport Club. However, after a merger with the Oxford Club a Florida publication that provided exceptional resources and analytics for investors, the Oxford Club was acquired by the Passport Club and renamed the two publications The Oxford Club after the acquisition. The Oxford Club provides unique sharing opportunities for its investors by creating networking platforms and shared information and analysis from various investors around the globe to provide accurate and reliable sources of information to capitalize on unique extremely lucrative investment opportunities.


The information provided within The Oxford Club publications is unique in that you can’t find this information on normal mainstream publications or within the Wall Street Journal and other reputable investment platforms. These investment opportunities are only found by networking and sharing information from some of the most respected and knowledgeable investors within various category groups that are able to leverage opportunities and education and information to provide windfalls for the elite investors of the Oxford Club. Individuals can establish relationships and membership with The Oxford Club initially with the Premier Membership level and provide an opportunity to learn what the organization can provide for individual investors and their portfolios. As a result of the exceptional information and resources available to investors generally, they upgrade their membership to one of the more elite and prestigious levels and create a lifelong relationship with The Oxford Club.

Glen Wakeman: Plan For Success Software

Glen Wakeman, CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, is well known for his business advice, his business skills, and his entrepreneurial presence. Glen Wakeman has held many roles throughout his career which include President, CEO, business development, P&L, and administrative positions within the Board of Directors.

Glen Wakeman is also exceptionally known for his 5 step method for performance, which he has proven works time and time again. Is 5 step method focuses on some core areas of business including managing risk, human capital, executing business, and the value of leadership.

Glen Wakeman has been able to inspire others who are striving to be entrepreneurs by his own successful investments and through his writing. He has a ton of advice on raising capital, international financing platforms, and angel investing. The fact that Glen Wakeman has lived in 6 countries and runs regions on 30 regions all across the globe, means he has the right knowledge to share with others about business stragies worldwide.

LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, is basically a platform that allows entrepreneurs to strategize a startup successfully. Glen Wakeman found the failure rate on startups is high because the plan from the start isn’t thought up in the right way, and that is where the software platform LaunchPad Holdings comes in.

Glen Wakeman has a routine that he follows each day in order to stay productive. He starts by reviewing the numbers from the day before. Then, he has a conference with his business partners where they divide up important tasks for the day. Last, the day ends with researching competitors, consumer trends, and continuing to add to the overall plan for success. The very last thing Glen Wakeman does to end his day is have a drink, and it is usually between a coffee, tea, or margarita, if the day was really rough.

The one thing Glen Wakeman would do if he could start over is keep up with business connections. Connections are an important part of business. Business connections can help with funding and connecting with customers, this makes it so much more important and social media makes it easy to stay connected.

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