Drew Madden: Rise of an IT Guru

Healthcare IT entrepreneur Drew Madden shows great interest in diverse company culture and a firm believer of quality team building. In addition, he is known for building good rapport with others leading to productive partnerships with his clients. Madden is also known for launching the Medical IT company known as Evergreen Healthcare.

Having a degree in Industrial engineering from the University of Iowa, he worked in business development at Ingenix. Ingenix is under the OptumInsight, then called United Healthcare. Prior to that he worked at Center Corporation, where his colorful and successful career began. Madden later joined Nordic Consulting Partners, where he worked for six years. A year after he joined the company, he was made President of the company.

As he served at Nordic, he was famed for having increased the work force from just 10 people to over 700. His accountability and ability to mix freely with others aided in increasing their clients from 3 to 150. By the time he left Nordic Consulting, the annual revenue sky rocketed from 1,000,000 dollars to a whopping 150,000,000 US dollars. Later, he launched the Evergreen Healthcare Partners in 2017. As Managing Partner of the company, he believed that the company would implement HER platforms and also act as a consultant for the same services and more in the medical IT forte.

Drew madden draws his success from his strong passion for the work he does. Having done worked with the best in the industry, he went on to solve some of the industry’s toughest issues and challenges. Troubleshooting, implementation and optimization are some of the guiding steps towards solving most of the challenges he faced. His work did not go unrecognized for Nordic Consulting received awards for their tremendous work. Being recipients of many KLAS awards, they were applauded for its exceptional work in the industry both as consultants and as implementers.