Thor Halvorssen; more than a political and civil advocate, film producer extraordinaire

Thor Halvorssen, an actor, a producer, and a political activist, has an upcoming film called “Halo of Stars.” It is due for release in 2017. He’s also a Nobel Peace Prize recipient for his contributions as the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum.

Other film credits…

Another film Thor Halvorssen co-produced was the political film, “Freedom’s Fury.” In fact, he worked with executive producers, Quentin Tarantino, Lucy Liu, and Andrew Vajna. The film’s premier was at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film is based on the popular uprising against the Hungarian dictatorship. The documentary focused on the triumphant telling of the 1956 Hungarian fighters struggle for freedom which included the Russian and Hungarian water polo teams.

Some other films he’s received credit for as co-producer are the futuristic political film “2081” (2009) and “Uprising” (2001). These two films illustrate the remarkable way Halvorssen staples his political voice into the content of the films’ storylines.

His passion towards these controversial subjects and the exposure of corrupt governmental bodies are touching and remarkable at the same time. Much of Halvorssen’s films exposed injustices within such nations. In fact, many foreign countries, along with their struggling economies, are due to the lack of a democratic society.

Among some of the other films have that shed light to the same subject matter are “Hammer and Tickle” (2008) and “The Sugar Babies” (2006). In addition, the young political activist has produced, “The Singing Revolution.” This particular film (The Singing…) is a musical. More importantly, it’s a film that educates viewers on the struggles for independence by millions of Estonians during a century of invading nations.

Advocate for truth and justice

Halvorssen is also an advocate for abolishment of child labor in foreign countries. In 1999, he campaigned at a huge company’s shareholder’s meeting. It became national news in the late 90s. It exposed a large technology corporation’s attempt to stop an “anti-slave labor policy.” The corporation worked with China and it’s Laogai labor camps that imprisoned more than eight million children, women, and men in various farms, factories, and facilities. Halvorssen is also credited for working and campaigning for more than a dozen other civil and criminal injustices in various foreign countries.

The future shines; Thor Halvorssen

Finally, Halvorssen’s political and civil defense by way of film producing has marked him as another great producer in independent filmmaking. It shows his remarkable determination, commitment, and loyalty to the subject of civil rights and the people’s rights for independence from their communistic nations.

His actions are courageous as well as passionate proving to film goers that this the film medium speaks louder than words. In fact, Halvorssen has overcome his own obstacles, but those barriers didn’t hold him back from his pursuit for something he is passionate about. All in all, his upbringing in Venezuela has it’s own political issues to deal with; Halvorssen has a strong presence there as well. Yet, to be a voice for millions of foreigners who were born in countries that fight for the same struggle for independence is a battle in itself.

The outlook for this political activist and film producer looks bright for him. It’s film producers such as Halvorssen’s that help shed light on political issues that are still going on today. Bringing this type of subject matter to the cinema forefront is magical as well as enlightening to those who need to know the truth about certain political issues that will more or less be seen in the news.

If you don’t know who this 40 year old is, you soon will. He’s considered a self-made man, a graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, a political and a civil right’s activist who has impressed millions already. As a film producer and actor, his career has only started.