Four Reasons Classdojo Destroys Written Student Reports for Your Classroom

Classdojo is an instructional app that intertwines students, parents, and schools into a community. Teachers use this app as a tool to streamline communication between themselves and students by providing points for activities or daily achievements.

Work With Your Team to Build Student Engagement

Once one teacher begins to use the app at her school, she can introduce it to her colleagues. Students can then review their daily rewards from each teacher and show the progress to their parents by viewing their Student Profile online.

What’s Better Than Kid-Friendly Tech?

Teachers have an opportunity to introduce the app at the beginning of the school year so kids are aware of what’s expected. It’s designated for K-8 classes where children begin to learn about technology. Classdojo’s aim is to develop student technology knowledge by making it kid-friendly as well as adult/teacher-approved.

Devote Personal Time to Each Student’s DayTeachers use the Classdojo app as a way to encourage students by:

– giving students real-time feedback

– sharing their day with parents

– allowing students to build a portfolio

Real-time feedback is perfect for students because they are driven by rewards. An example of real-time feedback is when a teacher gives points to students that help other students during group activities or when a student volunteers to pass out materials. The students earn their daily point for leadership and teamwork.

Parents Can Chime In On the Fun!

Teachers can use the app to contact parents with private messages in their secure platform. With the student profile and parent access, students are not allowed to see parent-teacher conversations, but they are able to review their daily achievements at any time.

With this kind of technology available, each student knows their teacher is paying attention to their personal growth. You also notice that they’re invested in the parents’ interests. Classdojo is the next step into building a strong support system between the school, parents and students.

Advantages and Importance of ClassDojo App


ClassDojo is one of the communication applications that is used by parents, teachers, and students. It provides the best opportunity for parents and teachers to communicate about the students’ activities regarding academic, social, and general behavioral conduct development. Furthermore, in the world of today, parents, teachers, and kids are widely using laptops and smartphones for communication. These items have become a necessity, more so in the education sector. In that case, there are many reasons why ClassDojo has become an important management tool for the classroom.

ClassDojo is a perfect application for time-saving. Recording the conduct and accomplishment of students is just a click away. The application is straightforward to use, and the teacher has the option of using it on the Smartboard the whole day. ClassDojo also encourages data sharing. The application automatically keeps the records of the actions that happened during the classroom. For that reason, both teachers and parents will have the greater opportunity of sharing the records in the form of data sharing. Also, the application provides teachers with an easy way of tracking the general trend of the students’ behaviors.

Teachers can use the ClassDojo application to improve the behavior and organization of students. According to the design of the application, each class has a different avatar that is assigned to students. Additionally, the application is compatible with interactive whiteboards, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. It is efficient since students have the opportunity of getting immediate feedback once they have clicked on their avatar. ClassDojo application has increased parental involvement in the education system. Most of the parents use the application to track the actions of their kids in school. The idea behind the design of ClassDojo app was to help parents take part in improving the learning process of their children in schools. Moreover, ClassDojo encourages instant messaging. In that case, teachers can relay urgent information to parents.

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ClassDojo Brings True Community to Nationwide Schools

There has been a lot of compelling research recently about how to change children’s perceptions about being lifelong learners. Carol Dweck, a Stanford psychology professor, and said her research shows that when kids are told that their abilities and minds can be developed that it really helps them approach learning as something that they are willing to embrace. This helps create a feedback loop with teachers where the students and teachers create a classroom environment where optimal education is embraced and celebrated. Helping to develop this environment is a popular smartphone app that has been catching on throughout the country and indeed the world; ClassDojo.

ClassDojo has been designed to empower and connect not only students and teachers but parents as well. The app enables a flow of information between interested parties in order to enhance and enrich a child’s education and classroom experience. Through the application, teachers can share with parents the child’s schoolwork, curriculum, and help develop a culture that invites everybody to participate.


Children can also use the app to show their parents the portfolio of learning they have developed through words, pictures, and video using the application. The application has been used to create a positive culture in over 85,000 schools across the US and in both public and private schools.

Due to the ongoing success of ClassDojo they recently raised another $21 million in their Series B round of funding from venture capitalists. The company plans to use this money to expand their staff and add tons of useful features to the app. Some of the additional features under consideration are incorporating a feature to collect school fees such as lunch, band, sports fees, and field trips. The application might also include the ability to buy custom yearbooks or additional discussion guides and lessons for students that need additional help.

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Class Dojo is Changing the Way of Parenting

Do you remember when you were a child and something would come up during the school day? Whether it be something you made yourself or in a group or even just a grade you made on an assignment and how excited you were to share with your parents? The day seemed long and by the time you made it home after school you forgot all about it. Teachers have to keep up with so many students so maybe that bit of information didn’t make it home via a note to your parents either. The parents and students of today’s time do not have to worry about those great moments being lost as Class Dojo has changed this and made it possible for them to have interaction during the school day.

What a great and exciting time to be a parent! The ability to interact with your child and be more involved during the school day is priceless. The School Story and Class Story offered by Class Dojo allows the administrators and teachers of the school to share information and visual events with the parents. All in all, it is beneficial for students as now parents can be more involved in their classwork and can also see their accomplishments away from home.

Teachers can reach parents through direct message through the Class Dojo app which can help the parent and teacher work together for the child’s needs.  For instance, you are able to see your child in the classroom recite a poem or work a problem in front of the class. Maybe the teacher will want to take a short video of your child during the day just so you know all is going well. This app also includes a way to post announcements so parents will never miss an important coming up.

Not only is this a great app for parents and teachers, but the students benefit from it also. The child will see that the parent is involved in their day at school and this can make them feel more secure about their classwork.
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