Fabletics Takes Workout Clothes Shopping To New Horizons

Fabletics is owned by the online retail giant, JustFab. This brand is fronted by Kate Hudson. Even though it has been around for just a few years, it is already being seen as a direct competitor to retail giants such as Amazon. There are many reasons behind this.


The main reason is that Fabletics is another name for good quality workout clothes. There have been no compromises here. Since this is being marketed as a high-end brand, hence quality is of paramount importance. These are expensive clothes but these are being labeled as value for money.


The brand is well aware that busy and well-to-do people opt for such workouts. Hence Fabletics is focused on that segment. Next, they are making use of reverse showroom technique that appears to be working out well for them. Typically customers visit a site or showroom first. If they like the stuff, they buy it. In case they like the deals and other offers, they decide to opt for membership in order to save money. This is the last stage.


In case of online shopping, customers are browsing a lot. But that does not mean that they will purchase too. Rather, they browse; select what they want, and then purchase online or offline depending on where they can find the stuff at the lowest price.


In case of Fabletics, they are focused on making the customer their members first. Hence once people visit their site, they need to go through a lifestyle quiz. The site tries to understand their preferences this way. In fact, even if a person visits their physical stores that exceed 17 in number today, their purchases will be updated on the site too. This way Fabletics is trying to know the customer’s preferences. After the survey has been done, that person receives a free gift from Fabletics based on their preferences.


The customer will try on the free gift and will be ready to take on the VIP membership in order to avail of the exciting offers and rebates. This way the customer becomes a member even before the browsing has started.


In order to enhance customer shopping experience, Fabletics will offer clothes based on the customer’s preferences. This is like providing personalized service to customers, both online and offline.


There is a monthly subscription fee to be paid for the VIP membership. But this is offset by the exciting rebates being offered. Also, any new trends entering the store get communicated to the customers soon enough. This way they are not losing out anything.


Still, this does not mean that customers have to buy something each month. In fact, they have the convenience of not paying monthly fee for those months in which they do not plan to buy anything. All that they have to do is to inform the site well in advance about their plans for the month.


This is a business strategy that is working out very well for Fabletics. They are now focused on opening out more physical stores throughout the country.

The Brown Modeling Agency; Transforming the Fashion Industry

When people hear about fit modeling, they think about hours at the gym and diets, however, this modeling type is not to be confused with fitness modeling. Fit modeling is whereby you as the model determine the size of the clothes you will wear. This means that you go in, they measure your waist, hips and bust and they make clothes to that specification. This is the factor that endeared Justin Brown and his agency to the masses. He worked through college doing fit modeling, and earned $100 an hour at it. After college, he decided to put his skills as a model trainer to help other models make it to the big time or act like pros for his company.

He states that his responsibility was making sure that the models fit somewhere by the end of the day. About a third of the models that came to him were placed, which is commendable for his age at the time. When he moved to Austin and started his own development agency, he wanted to fulfill one goal, managing the expectations of the models that came to him. Fast forward a few years and now he is launching his headquarters in Austin.

His agency, which is the lovechild of the company that he previously owned, the Wilhelmina Brown group is making the mark that he believed he would make when he was a dreamy eyed 21 year old. He is now competing with the few top agencies found in Austin, Texas. He states that unlike places like Dallas which are more conservative, Austin looks for a cool vibe and models with more piercings and tattoos seem to attract more attention.

Another event that captured the attention of many across the industry was the formula one party and launch that happened in November 2015.The party was well attended and marked a new era in the world of modeling. When the actors and models were asked about the agency, they said they liked that they weren’t lumped into categories but were instead encouraged to find what worked for them and express it.

The other recent event where Brown showcased his prowess in the industry was the 4th of July party that happened by the poolside in Austin, Texas. The party included pool games, drinks and entrees and a lot of time and opportunities for the models to mingle and network.

These are the experiences that set apart this agency from the others in town. Brown believes that the best way to keep his models and the clients they work for happy is creating these events from time to time and allowing them to unwind. The growth of his company is enough evidence that he is doing something right with his business.