Chris Linkas and Investor Inquisitiveness

Investors like to learn new things. And they should. This is almost a required trait if you want to be a successful investor. However, they should at the same time realize that they will always need to learn things. In other words, there should never be a time in their professional lives when they think they know everything. This is true even for professional investors and management teams that work on portfolio’s all day every day. Some fund managers do get a little overconfident in what they know that is when you see them getting careless and making some huge investment mistakes.

One of the best examples of an investment firm full of managers who are constantly learning and doing superb as a result is Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc ( A UK-Based company that commonly assists in and manages investments in real estate, shipping, renewables, secondary LP interests, non-performing loans, leases, performing asset-backed investments, servicer/platform investments, and corporate loans and securities.

The company is headquartered in New York where it specializes in opportunistic debt and equity real estate investments. However, even these two world-class fund managers have not been impervious at times to being overconfident in themselves. So if you are an investor constantly strive to learn everything you can. That includes keeping careful tabs of world news. In fact, some investors revolve all of their investment decision making around daily news.

The investment wizard, Chris Linkas, helps the company make billions of dollars every year. Linkas, who officially serves as the firms Head of Credit for the European sector, strongly believes that maintaining an active inquisitiveness is key to financial success.