The Awe-Inspiring Bold Shades Of Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dyes

Since its inception, Lime Crime cosmetics has become synonymous with creativity and artistic expression. The new products available from this company continue to reflect the unlimited potential their customers have in creating the type of looks they want. The new line is appropriately called Unicorn Hair, after the trend-setting products available in the company’s first line of lip colors. The new products are a line of hair dyes that reflect the company’s soul of creativity by coming in a variety of bold shades. The eight colors originally available in this line were designed to carry names that would inspire the outrageous and fantastical sides of anyone. Since the new hair dyes first launched the product line has grown to include more than 20 different awe-inspiring shades.

All of the new shades of hair color available from Lime Crime are categorized as being semi-permanent. These colors are designed to fade in a subtle manner over an extended period of time. These colors are available as either full coverage shades or as tint dyes. The main difference between the two is the amount of saturation the hair receives from the product. The dyes classified as full coverage provide more of a deep penetration to saturate the hair with vivid color. Dyes classified as tints provide a lesser degree of saturation to highlight the hair with a light touch of color. Fans of the delightfully fun shades available from this company will find the new line of Unicorn Hair dyes available in both full coverage and tint formulas.

In addition to the large size ready-to-use bottles of hair dye, Lime Crime also offers their innovative line of hair colors in convenient to use sample packets. Not only does this allow someone to test out a specific color, but it also makes it easier for people to incorporate multiple colors into one captivating look. All of the Unicorn Hair dyes have been categorized as being vegan and cruelty-free. As with all of the other products available from this company, no animal testing or animal products have been used in their formulation, which means hair is always left in a silky, soft condition.