Eric Lefkofsy: One Genome At a Time

Eric Lefkofsky is co-founder and CEO of a company called Tempus. Tempus is a company that provides cancer treatment and now has the ability to help those with a cancer diagnosis personalized care. Eric Lrefkofsky is also a philanthropist as well. He and his wife founded their own charitable organization committed to causes that they both believe strongly in.

Eric Lefkofsky has had quite a few entrepreneurial ventures over the last fifteen years. He helped create businesses like in 2007, Lightbbank in 2010 and became CEO of a company called Groupon in 2013. He is also a teacher and a writer as well. In an article for Eric Lefkofsky and his team at Tempus discuss the new frontier of personalized care when it comes to patients being diagnosed with cancer.

It seems these days that everyone knows someone who has battled cancer. Eric Lefkofsky and his team have come up with a new and inventive way to battle this horrible disease. The team at Tempus has come up with a computerized program that can analyze a patient’s molecular structure and provide top-notch care for that specific patient. By taking the structure of the DNA of the patient the team at Tempus can specifically create a program to help the particular patient with the type of cancer that he or she has. Genome sequencing can help doctors decide what kind of treatment is best for the patient.

Eric Lefkofsky and his team wholeheartedly that the future looks very bright in areas such as genome sequencing and personalized care. many other diseases could be treated with a program like this and hopefully, one day eradicate all types of cancer. This process is working for patients one step at a time.

Tempus and Eric Lefkosky are headquartered in Chicago. Through the efforts of Eric and his team, people can look into the future and one-day lives can benefit in a world where no one has to be diagnosed or suffer from cancer. With each program and progressive step, Eric Lefkofsky and his team are finding the keys to beat cancer each day.



Sussex Health Care: United Kingdoms Top Retirement Home

Sussex Health Care is one of the top retirement homes in the United Kingdom. For the past 25 years, Sussex Health Care has received numerous awards and recognition because of the quality of service that they are providing.

The retirement home is not only known all throughout the United Kingdom, but it is also known overseas because of their world-class facilities, health care services, and treatment according to The retirement home welcomes senior tenants from different backgrounds, and Sussex Health Care ensures each of their tenants that they will be receiving the love and care that they deserve.

Located on a lush green field south of London, the retirement home at Sussex Health Care is described as peaceful and more akin to paradise. The retirement home has some facilities that the senior tenants can use for their enjoyment. There are also nurses which roam the facility 24/7 making sure that the medical needs of the senior tenants are being given on time. They are also making sure that the tenants are in good shape, and that all of their required activities to stay fit are being observed. Aside from providing their medical needs, the retirement home at Sussex Health Care is also making sure that their social needs are also being provided, by sponsoring different activities inside the facility that would allow them to meet new friends. They are also filling up much of their time by doing a lot of hobbies and attending several workshops inside the facility that focuses on music and arts.

The senior tenants who are living in the retirement home at Sussex Health Care revealed that their lives inside the facility are enjoyable. They are being provided with all of their needs, and they stated that they felt happy meeting new people. Aside from taking care of the seniors, the retirement home at Sussex Health Care also has a facility for treatment and rehabilitation for those who are suffering from brain injuries, dementia, and other disabilities. The trained and professional staffs that are working inside the Sussex Health Care knows how to deliver quality care to their patients.

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Why Talkspace is One of The Greatest Apps

Talkspace is a mobile and online app that matches people up with a licensed therapist for 128 dollars per month. Individuals can communicate with therapists 24/7 through text message, voice or video calls. It is an excellent app for individuals who prefer calling or texting compared to face-to-face meetings. If you prefer writing more than speaking, you fall into the category of users of this app.

The app gives users the freedom to choose between varieties of therapists. If you are one person tired with face-to-face therapists, then this app might be great for you. If you feel like you would be triggered when discussing tough topics, then this app is perfect for you. Talkspace is different, efficient, and effective. It allows users to talk stuff that they cannot vocalize in a less nerve-wracking way.

Alicia winkle is one of the best therapists at Talkspace. Alicia is a Licensed Professional Counselor [LPC #3290] in Alabama. She has been at Talkspace for two years. She is passionate about therapy and has always wanted to be in the helping field.

She was initially studying nursing before dropping out of school for a semester due to anxiety issues then changed her major to psychology. It is from there that she decided to help people overcome their obstacles and make changes in life by seeing a therapist. According to her, her former boss linked her to Talkspace. The thought of offering therapy to people at home was intriguing to her.

If you are suffering from an issue like depression, Talkspace can help overcome. Depression stigma is real. A depressed person is seen as “lesser.” He or she is unable to lead a healthy life, hold a decent job, or maintain a relationship. People avoid depressed people since they do not want to catch the crazy. However, with Talkspace, you can talk with a therapist who will not judge you and overcome the issue.