Comprehensive Healthcare by the Medical Professional Dr. Johanan Rand

Many patients of this amicable Bioidentical Hormone Specialist are excited as a result of the introduction of the new and modern antiaging treatment into the market. Dr. Johanan Rand, the Founder and the President of the Healthy Aging Medical Center, New Jersey, has constantly been offering his patients a whole new model for healthcare that leaves many patients always wanting to come back to his facility (Crunchbase). What is unique about his services? Well, the reason lies in his vast understanding of the needs of his patients, the appropriate diet and various exercises to do to attain the highest level of health.

To ensure his patients are well catered for, Dr. Johanan Rand developed a comprehensive approach that involves diet, hormone and physical therapies. The muscle tissues are strengthened and made more flexible through this approach. By undergoing a hormone therapy, the natural healing process is fastened because the therapy replaces the missing hormones in the body; consequently, he helps understand the role you are supposed to play by providing educational materials to you. Dr. Johanan Rand further advises their patient to combine hormonal therapy with the required diet and physical exercises if the expected results are to manifest.

At Healthy Aging Medical Center, problems associated with aging are well catered for with the compassionate and skillful approach of Dr. Johanan Rand accompanying the whole comprehensive treatment plan. You don’t have to worry about menopause, erectile dysfunction or skin sagging for Dr. Rand has a solution for all these normal aging effects.

Dr. Johanan Rand is certified in Medical Acupuncture and a licensed doctor to practice medicine in New Jersey by Millennium TBI network. Definitely from his training and experiences he deserves the certifications. He started his career path at Howard University College of Medicine and later joined St, Barnabas Medical Center for his internship. Later he did his residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. From all the experience and knowledge he now founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Dr. Johanan Rand has got a close affiliation with the “Chilton Medical Center” located in Pompton Plains in New Jersey. He is known as a Physiatrist, Rehabilitation Doctor, a Role Model and a Physical Medicine Doctor to his patients.


Dr. David Samadi Battles Prostate Cancer Successfully

What do these three men ( Mitt Romney, Colin Powell and John Kerry) have in common? You may think the answer is politics and you’d be both right and wrong. The answer that was sought is, “They each were diagnosed with prostate cancer.” Mitt Romney was diagnosed last year along with another 161,360 men.

This year, 164,690 men are estimated to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Most of those men will be between the ages of 60 and 70. The average age is 66. Romney chose to be treated for his cancer with surgery. His option was radiation, but his doctor, Dr. David Samadi, Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, chose to use surgery because the cancer was localized in the prostate gland and hadn’t spread.

Dr. Samadi notes that patients can select radiation instead of surgery. However if radiation doesn’t destroy the cancer, then the patient has exposed delicate areas of the body to radiation and a secondary cancer in the bladder or rectum could develop as a result of that exposure. Secondly, if radiation is completed first and the cancer returns, it is hard to then turn to surgery. They are more likely to die from prostate cancer and die sooner, when they chose to rely on radiation for treatment instead of surgery.

Patients with a localized prostate cancer that elect surgery have a 100% survival rate, while patients that chose radiation and then have the cancer spread only have a 30% chance of living another five years. The statistics are even more dire sounding: Patients treated with radiation die from prostate cancer twice as frequently than those that submitted to surgery. Plus, they will die one and one half times sooner from prostate cancer than men who have their prostate gland removed with surgery.

As a board certified urologic oncologist, Dr. Samadi specializes in the treatment of prostate cancer. He is considered an expert in his field, helping men to return to health in general health and sexual health. He uses laparoscopic and robotic surgical methods to restore his patients to good health.

Men should get the prostate specific antigen screening as early as age 40 when a family member developed prostate cancer, at age 45 if they are African American and at age 50 and above if they are cancer free family history. African Americans are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer than other races. Prostate health is just one more area older men have to watch as they age and Dr.’s like David Samadi are making it easier to reach those ripe old ages each of us fantasizes about reaching.

Eric Lefkofsy: One Genome At a Time

Eric Lefkofsky is co-founder and CEO of a company called Tempus. Tempus is a company that provides cancer treatment and now has the ability to help those with a cancer diagnosis personalized care. Eric Lrefkofsky is also a philanthropist as well. He and his wife founded their own charitable organization committed to causes that they both believe strongly in.

Eric Lefkofsky has had quite a few entrepreneurial ventures over the last fifteen years. He helped create businesses like in 2007, Lightbbank in 2010 and became CEO of a company called Groupon in 2013. He is also a teacher and a writer as well. In an article for Eric Lefkofsky and his team at Tempus discuss the new frontier of personalized care when it comes to patients being diagnosed with cancer.

It seems these days that everyone knows someone who has battled cancer. Eric Lefkofsky and his team have come up with a new and inventive way to battle this horrible disease. The team at Tempus has come up with a computerized program that can analyze a patient’s molecular structure and provide top-notch care for that specific patient. By taking the structure of the DNA of the patient the team at Tempus can specifically create a program to help the particular patient with the type of cancer that he or she has. Genome sequencing can help doctors decide what kind of treatment is best for the patient.

Eric Lefkofsky and his team wholeheartedly that the future looks very bright in areas such as genome sequencing and personalized care. many other diseases could be treated with a program like this and hopefully, one day eradicate all types of cancer. This process is working for patients one step at a time.

Tempus and Eric Lefkosky are headquartered in Chicago. Through the efforts of Eric and his team, people can look into the future and one-day lives can benefit in a world where no one has to be diagnosed or suffer from cancer. With each program and progressive step, Eric Lefkofsky and his team are finding the keys to beat cancer each day.



Sussex Health Care: United Kingdoms Top Retirement Home

Sussex Health Care is one of the top retirement homes in the United Kingdom. For the past 25 years, Sussex Health Care has received numerous awards and recognition because of the quality of service that they are providing.

The retirement home is not only known all throughout the United Kingdom, but it is also known overseas because of their world-class facilities, health care services, and treatment according to The retirement home welcomes senior tenants from different backgrounds, and Sussex Health Care ensures each of their tenants that they will be receiving the love and care that they deserve.

Located on a lush green field south of London, the retirement home at Sussex Health Care is described as peaceful and more akin to paradise. The retirement home has some facilities that the senior tenants can use for their enjoyment. There are also nurses which roam the facility 24/7 making sure that the medical needs of the senior tenants are being given on time. They are also making sure that the tenants are in good shape, and that all of their required activities to stay fit are being observed. Aside from providing their medical needs, the retirement home at Sussex Health Care is also making sure that their social needs are also being provided, by sponsoring different activities inside the facility that would allow them to meet new friends. They are also filling up much of their time by doing a lot of hobbies and attending several workshops inside the facility that focuses on music and arts.

The senior tenants who are living in the retirement home at Sussex Health Care revealed that their lives inside the facility are enjoyable. They are being provided with all of their needs, and they stated that they felt happy meeting new people. Aside from taking care of the seniors, the retirement home at Sussex Health Care also has a facility for treatment and rehabilitation for those who are suffering from brain injuries, dementia, and other disabilities. The trained and professional staffs that are working inside the Sussex Health Care knows how to deliver quality care to their patients.

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How Rick Shinto Helped To Build InnovaCare Health

Ranking a company at the top in a competitive industry is not one of the easiest tasks to do. In fact, it can take years and years of effort and spending and getting a better ranking can still prove difficult to achieve. Managing a company is more than just spending money to have its several parts constructed. There is always need to have professionals who are focused to building the company and offering it the needed support to overcome the challenges that come along in the industry. One of the companies in the healthcare industry that has benefitted from having progressive leaders is InnovaCare Health, a Puerto Rico-based physician practice services provider.

The rise and development of InnovaCare Health can be traced back to the support several individuals have offered. It was struggling to grow and achieve great results but since Rick Shinto joined the company, it exploded into a successful entity that today serves the Puerto Rico market and beyond. In 2012, InnovaCare Health embarked on an exercise that saw the company reshuffle its leadership to include new professionals and it is in this period it was able to invite Rick Shinto to work as the CEO.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is a highly experienced healthcare executive who has build his career in more than 30 years. He has worked with several companies and government institutions while offering solutions to the nightmares that have marred the management of the healthcare industry for many years. He worked with MedPartners, Aveta Inc., and NAMM California to mention a few. Rick Shinto is the CEO and President of InnovaCare and since he joined the company in 2012, it has recorded massive growth and changes that have led to growth and development.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides, as the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare Health, is one of the individuals who can claim the success the company enjoys. She joined at the same time with Rick Shinto after working together at Aveta Inc as his deputy for four years. Penelope Kokkinides took part in many decisions that led to the development of smooth structures for InnovaCare Health. Under her support and that of professionals like Rick Shinto, InnovaCare Health has grown and changed massively. Today, InnovaCare Health serves the entire North American region and has been ranked as the most reliable managed healthcare provider across Puerto Rico, a status that it attained after changing leadership in 2012.

How Maggie Gill Has Build A Strong Career Solving Health Problems

Offering solutions to problems in this world is a key to success that one gets to benefit from for many years. There are many professionals who dedicated their careers to building new ideas and offering solutions to the challenges ailing different professions. One of the professionals who has been actively involved in building her career is Maggie Gill, a health executive with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. She is celebrated for building several companies and ensuring strong structures are set to control different functions.


Her input to Memorial Health has seen the company rise from a low level to become one of the best in the country. With a 605-bed capacity and presence in 35 counties, Memorial Health is proof that the leadership of the company is made up of professionals who are experienced enough to face complex problems head on. Maggie Gill has been monitoring all the processes of development that led to the establishment of the company and she continues to come up with new ideas that have helped to propel the company to greater heights.


Education and career

To become a successful leader, Maggie Gill first pursued several educational courses to get the needed skills and ideas to manage working on problems and challenges. She enrolled at the Arizona State University and was awarded an honors degree. Later, she joined the Saint Leo University to purse an MBA, which only gave her the needed skills to manage an enterprise. This quest for knowledge allowed her to join Wharton School for courses in strategic thinking. Her quality of always going for what she wants has pushed her to achieve greater things.


All the experience and skills she gained allowed her to market her career and within few days she received appointments to several companies. Maggie Gill built her career while she worked at Tenet South Florida Health System, a health institution that benefitted from her services for five years. She showed her skills to the world when she won for three consecutive times the Tenet Outstanding CFO awards.


Due to her prowess, she also helped several other companies manage their activities. Some of the companies she worked with include North Shore Medical Center, Coral Gables and Palmetto Hospital. After this she joined Memorial Health in 2004 and served as the deputy of the CEO. In 2011, she was appointed the CEO and President of Memorial Health and this was following her dedication to building the company and achieving greater than her peers.