The Young Innovative Milan Kordestani

At a very young age, Milan Kordestani has already achieved success being that he is the CEO of Milan Farms. He was born in Stanford, went to Phillips Brooks Elementary school and then attended Eaton Square School. His high school graduation was in 2017.

Persistence, commitment, passion, and confidence are some of the values that can be used to describe Milan Kordestani. At ten years, he was already participating in horse riding events. One event surprised many people. When trail riding, he fell off a horse.

Being a young boy, many people expected that he would give up, but he got back on the horse and continued riding. The National Horseman staff spoke fondly of him. Betts Coup asserted that he had a natural ability to ride horses and is fit to compete in complex horse racing events. He was also praised for his hardworking and dedication character.

Milan Kordestani has showcased his prowess in horse racing. He started training at Atherton when he was young. Due to his passion for the sport, he progressed quickly and began competing in challenging horse riding sports. In 2015, he was a winner of the Triple Crown and was ranked fourth in the Worlds Championship Horse Show. At the American Royal, he won third place. His highest ranking was in 2016 whereby he was the second in the Worlds Championship Horse Show.

Another great achievement by Milan Kordestani was the establishment of the Milan Farms. He started this business when he was in high school in 2015. Milan Farms was created with the sole aim of raising poultry and growing saffron organically. It, therefore, produces eggs, poultry, and pure saffron. Saffron is grown on microfiber sponges.

Milan Kordestani is the CEO of these farms. Through him, the company aims at being transparent on how the animals are raised. This idea of raising chicken organically came at the right time when people were skeptical about eating poultry due to the use of chemicals. Today, Milan Farms functions on three farms and is a supplier of eggs to the West Coast and saffron to several places around the world. Under the leadership of Milan Kordestani, the company will experience more growth.