How The Laidlaw & Company Team Helped Us Retire

I wanted to retire at the exact moment that I was done with my current job, and my wife would be done one year after that. We wanted to be prepared to retire in the very near future, and Laidlaw & Company helped me ensure I had money in the bank to be used for a new retirement lifestyle. The lifestyle we lead today is funded by the work we did with Laidlaw & Company, and they are helpful where other companies were not.

#1: They Understood Our Retirement Goals

We had quite a few goals going into our retirement, and we wanted to meet them as soon as possible. We had peace of mind knowing that Laidlaw was reporting back to us often, and their reports helped us learn how close we were to our goals. Each goal was set using industry standards Laidlaw shared with us, and they helped us understand the fastest way to get what we wanted.

#2: How Long Did Our Retirement Planning Last?

Laidlaw started us with retirement planning the day we called them. My wife heard about James Ahern through a friend, and Matthew Eitner was a mutual friend. We contacted them for help, and they were happy to help us begin. I believe we found a perfect match at Laidlaw, and all their associates were so kind to us.

#3: We Learned Quite A Lot

I was educated about investment through the Laidlaw staff, and they showed me what was possible given the ideas I had. Some ideas were quite simple, and others were complex. I did not want to make wrong decisions, and they showed me how to avoid losing money.

I am pleased with what Laidlaw & Company has done for me. We are retired in the happiest way because of their help.