Lime Crime Is The Makeup Wave Of The Future

Doe Deere is a fun and quirky makeup designer that has created the Lime Crime cosmetics line and has been name top female entrepreneur of the year by Galore magazine. From a tender age she decided that her mother’s makeup line didn’t have the array of colors that she wished she had to go along with her attire. She then decided that she would have to created her own line. Lime Crime is a vibrant blend of colors that easily transitions from your daytime working professional style to a casual evening look.

Lime Crime is a bold innovative look that inspires you to take chances with your makeup and your clothing. You’ll experience vibrant colors that speak boldly of your makeup choices. Often times, women are looking for great makeup that are easy on their skin and are reasonably priced. Now Canadian and UK customers can get their products online and have them shipped straight to their door. You don’t want to miss out on their unique line of quality cosmetic products when you can visit the official Lime Crime Facebook to fill up your shopping cart.

Velvetines go on with a rich texture and is built to last throughout your day. Your unique look is going to have all your friends wanting to know your secret for makeup. You can find everything that you need to meet your personality and individuality. Colors are a great way to express how you feel and Lime Crime has a color for everyone. Discover just who you are says Doe Deere. Women should be able to successfully define their look with their makeup, feel confident, and save money. Lime Crime meets the demands of your needs and your budget. Again, visit their official Lime Crime website for more details and don’t be fooled by the imitators of matte.