Sahm Andarangi, a Fearless Hedge Investor Revolutionalizing Hedge Investment Through Betting

Sahm Andarangi who is the Chief Investment officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management Limited was born in Canada. He is a finance graduate of the prestigious Yale University. He has a calm demeanor in contrast to how he approaches issues, especially about corporate management.

Sahm started working as a journalist and then became a banker. He then moved to fund management before venturing to Hedge fund investment. That is risky investments which raise money from targeted groups then use the funds in different assets which are risk averse or in a portfolio.

Kerrisdale Capital, raised capital to the tune of around $100 million from family members and friends while starting. The company’s business model may be termed as crooked especially by those who don’t know how Sahm works or by those affected by his mode of operation.

He ventured in exposing companies with bad corporate governance. He would do thorough investigations on them and then expose them. He would invite the public to bet against him if his expose did not come to pass. He mainly deals with Chinese companies which list their stocks at New York stock market. His focus was mainly on companies who give wrong accounting or other information to hoodwink investors that they are doing very well.

Because of the risks involved in such expose, he started anonymously for his security. However, this could not go for wrong, and he had to bite the bullet and come out to face his ‘enemies’ head on.

To gain such privileged information, he has to have undercover investigators or rely on information filed with authorities. He discovered that actual information was mostly very different from the one fed to investors in the stock market. Sahm normally then expose these rogue companies.

Sahm collects this information through such tools as photos, videos which he later released to the public. Sahm makes use of the social media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube to reach the public. Sam Andrangi is an investor who has revolutionalized hedge financing. His method is different from those of traditional finance managers. Kerrisdale capital had made a fortune as witnessed in 2012 when it was top-ranked in Barclays Hedge Fund rankings for three year-performance.

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