Investment Genious Sahm Adrangi Says Investors Should Be Cautious Of Kodak

There have been many concerning actions made by the company Kodak in recent news and Sahm Adrangi continues to address it at Kerrisdale Capital. Sahm’s company has released their own report on Kodak that goes over the latest actions of the company and the red flags they are giving off. This is why Sahm has urged all investors to be wary before investing into Kodak, despite their recent stock increases. Many investors out there are just waiting to jump on any opportunity they can find. An increase of nearly 200 percent is the kind of thing that will make an investors mouth water, and Sahm Adrangi doesn’t want to see investors get caught in a bad investment that drains them of their assets.

Sahm Adrangi isn’t the kind of person an investor can ignore either since he is one of the leading investors in the business today. Sahm Adrangi managed to bring Kerrisdale Capital to the big leagues with an initial investment of less than a million dollars. Today, Sahm’s company holds assets greater than 150 million dollars and invests in major corporations around the world. Sahm’s insight and incredible ability to spot troublesome companies have taken him far in the investment industry and luckily for everyone else, he goes out of his way to share his ideas and methods for success.

While the current boom in stock prices may seem like a good thing to some, Sahm believes it is just an overpricing of their products due to the recent partnership with crypto groups. Cryptocurrency is still not a stable market, with major increases and dives happening regularly. If that’s not enough to scare a potential investor away, the companies that have gone into business with Kodak have troublesome pasts themselves. This leads Sahm to believe this is the last attempt by Kodak to crawl their way out of a hole. In the end, however, Kodak hasn’t improved upon the very problems that caused them to fall behind in the industry that they once dominated, which will inevitably lead to them closing down despite filing a chapter 11 more than five years ago.

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