The Chainsmokers, Musical Faculties

The Chainsmokers consist of Alex Pall who grew up in New York City and it is also where he would work hard in his strong area of the disc jockey. He did what he loved and even though it felt terrifying to go and take that much risk as an entrepreneur in the field of music he did it anyway, and along the lines he also crossed paths with Andrew Taggart which was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and career for the both of them. Original and creative ideas poured out of both of them which is the inventive process that led to the wide plethora of their musical endeavors towards Sick Boy. Thanks to their musical middle men they had the time and the leverage to work through a thoughtful and obvious topic that few other artists touched upon which was the sickness of the social networking community thru the information highway. They felt in themselves as they always do when practicing and performing their creative endeavors that the social internet community was way out of line with the very social fabric that healthy human interaction is made for. While in songs that they made comprised of details disclosing the meaningful attributes associated with human intimacy like the song Closer, Sick Boy entails the description of a sort of corruption that spread rampant in the online social world that made people sick in a way when things like Facebook likes became more necessary than they were made out to be for it’s original purposes. The anger and dislike emerging from the song when talking about this mental disease made the song itself stand out from the rest of their art because of it’s break in pattern becoming audible in the events that followed the release of their album. They do a lot to their music that makes it as good as it is. While the other musicians get comfortable and refuse to push their musical limits which enevitably cause them to be regarded as an older band that is past their due date, the Chainsmokers work and focus on creating and constantly coming up with new material months and even years before the public catches any wind of their release times which always keeps them ahead of the curve.

Cassio Audi: The Man & His Music

Brazil’s own Cassio Audi may presently be known as a college graduate, successful entrepreneur, respected financier and investment manager, but there is more to him than meets the eye. Indeed, in his younger days, Audi was something completely different.

While may have decades of experience dealing with money matters, Audi has lived an exciting past life. Decades ago, Cassie Audi was actually a renowned, professional musician. During the 1980s, Audi worked as a drummer and percussionist for the then-popular heavy metal band known as Viper.

He said goodbye to the South American-based band in 1989. Prior to his departure though he appeared on a pair of the act’s albums and even reportedly wrote one of the tunes for the band’s 1987 platter “Soldiers of Sunrise.” The album, re-released in 1992 and 1997, and his part in bringing heavy metal to Latin America in general, are why Audi remains known to fans of the genre today.

Cassio signed on with Viper while still a teenager. He was with the group for almost a decade until he felt he no longer had a purpose there. His term with Viper was a productive one as he is said to have played a significant role in the development of the act.

Audi plays on a number of their tracks including the demos. His final contribution was his work on their official debut disc, “Soldiers of Sunrise” which hit the record racks the year before he left. Like the rest of Viper, Audi was strongly influenced by numerous Brit heavy metal bands from the early 1980s such as Iron Maiden. In fact, the aforementioned Soldiers of Sunrise studio LP went on to become popular with both heavy metal fans and critics alike. To this day, it remains as Viper’s most popular releases ever.

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Music Is Norka’s Destiny And Her Vessel To Transmit Love

Some people dream of becoming a recording artist, but that dream never becomes a reality, even though they have the talent. The music industry can be a monster that takes what it wants from artists and then discards what’s left in a pool of has-beens. Becoming a pop star is a million-to-one shot, but Venezuelan singer Norka Luque hit the jackpot at the ripe old age of 30. Norka is the next big Latino recording artist, and people like Emilio Estefan and Archie Pena are betting that will happen soon. Norka’s second single, Milagro, produced by Estefan and composed by Pena, is a hit in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Venezuela, and it is currently listed on the Latin Music Billboards. Norka has a captivating as well as intriguing style, and her sound is a mixture of reggae, R&B, soul, and a touch of Mediterranean and Caribbean sass.
Norka earned a degree in business administration, but she also earned degrees in fashion and the culinary arts. While Norka was studying in France, she joined the group Band Moon Rising as the lead singer. It didn’t take long for Norka to make a lasting impression on the French club scene. While she was singing, she was experimenting with different melodies and arrangements. Norka decided to combine several music genres together, and by the time she left the band, Norka had her trademark sound down pat. Norka accepted a job in a Monte Carlo bank before she made her next big move. That move would change the direction of her life.

After attending a Ricky Martin concert in 2007, Norka decided to move back to the Miami area. Miami was close to her parent’s home in Ft. Lauderdale.  The word spread that a new Latino singer was worth hearing on South Beach, and it didn’t take long for that news to reach Emilio Estefan. Estefan is the king of producing Latino music that crosses over into the mainstream music scene. Norka wanted to be a crossover artist, and when Estefan heard her sing for the first time, he knew she could follow in the footsteps of Shakira, and other great Latino crossover artists. Luque is currently promoting her latest single, Tomorrowland. The word is she has another hit on her hands.