A Tech-Savvy Approach: Winning Faster with NGP VAN

Known as the leading technology provider to democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations Voter Activation Network helps campaigns work faster. NGP VAN uses a comprehensive platform that integrates campaign strategies, fundraising, and social networking products for non-profits, local governments, and other progressive organizations to help further their efforts. NGP Van is notably recognized for assisting the presidential campaigns for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, and Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2016.

The use of a technology savvy approach to transform campaign strategy, is no surprise given the modern trends in today’s society. Increasingly, big data is being used to help campaigns target and connect with voters who are likely to support a candidate’s platform. Historically, successful political candidates utilized technology such as television and radio, which were relatively new during that time, to further their grassroots efforts. In 2012, the Obama campaign launched a mobile application, powered by NGP VAN, called Pollwatcher. The application mobilized voters and aided in boosting voter participation by 14.5 million votes.

NGP VAN’s tools are giving democratic campaigns a technologically-driven advantage towards organizing and implementing successful campaign strategies by providing quick and easy donor platforms and by de-simplifying the tedious task of organizing door-to-door canvassing. NGP VAN can enable campaigns and organizations with a platform to create a list of voters or supporters and send them targeted direct mail pieces. While NGP VAN is a company recognized for organizing efforts of democrats and progressives, it also reaffirms its progressive values and belief in gender justice. As an organization NGP VAN participated in the International Day Without Women. It has supported large events such as DC Women’s March and its inclusive software helps target the LGBTQ vote.

Whether it’s providing software support to help democratic and progressive campaigns work faster, or participating in the Day Without A Woman, NGP VAN has proven to be a company that stays true to its progressive roots. Founded in 1997, NGP VAN is committed to crafting the next generation of integrated campaign technology that ensures their clients have the edge they need to stay abreast of modern technological advancements and the tools they need to win.