Cotemar’s Subsidiaries and Their Services

Cotemar Mexico is without doubt one of the largest oil and natural drilling industry providers. Their sophisticated technology and processes have landed a position in the world’s leading energy industry providers. In its early days, it was the biggest provider for PEMEX which was the largest privately-held oil and gas drilling company them. But since the government decided to take over all the drilling activities in the country, they now have more work. Cotemar has grown to owning over 30 vessels and nearly ten rigs.



Cotemar Mexico is dedicated to serving the Brazilian market by offering support to the energy industry. When their journey began, more than 37 years ago, they only concentrated in the provision of lodging and catering services. From when they opened their doors, they were determined to achieve nothing short of success. Year in year out they have told a different success story, each year their success growing even bigger. What makes Cotemar success is their ability to differentiate themselves with their competitors. They make sure that everything is world-class. From entertainment to cuisines, they do not leave anything to chance. The next ingredient for their success is great management. Cotemar Mexico operates through three subsidiaries.



  • Apoyo Logistico Marino


As the name indicates, this is the body that is in charge of the company’s logistics. They manage a fleet of specialized vessels that are involved in firefighting and oil spills responses. Also, they own a number of vessels that process materials that are extracted from the rigs. Additionally, they have vessels that specialize in the transportation of personnel, to and fro worksites. Then there are those that transport light materials and the turgs and burges that transport bulky material.



  • Cocinas Del Mar


This is where employees’ welfare is catered for. This subsidiary operates vessels that have 2 or 4 sharing cabins. The vessels offer accommodation, health services and catering. There are common rooms and recreational areas for entertainment and relaxation. This subsidiary feed 20% of the personnel working at Sonda de Campeche.



  • Sipsa


Sipsa is the subsidiary that is charged with modernization of rigs, construction, maintenance and engineering. This subsidiary operates semisubmersible rigs with specialized cranes, storage areas and decks that have work areas that can support very heavy equipment. They are ISO 9001: 2008 certified, meaning that they maintain the highest standards of quality and safety.

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