Sheldon Lavin; a recognized icon in the growth of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a prominent figure in the growth and development of the OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He did not just become the CEO of the company since he started serving in the company many years ago when the company was a small business known as the Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons began as a family butcher business supplying meat to the Immigrant community in Chicago. The industry had undergone many transitions and the help of many significant people, and it was able to transform into a leading food company in the world.

Sheldon Lavin has contributed to almost every aspect of growth and development of the company. He started working as one of the most trusted partners in the Otto and Sons business, and he also acted as one of the businesses finances. Because of his excellent reputation to the Otto and Sons, they appointed him as the Chief Executive Officer of the company when it grew to such level that it needed qua; quality leadership of OSI Group and the time for them to retire had reached.

Since then, he has been working hard to see that he maintains the legacy that Otto and Sons left in the company. He had much experience as an in the business sector as well as in the banking sector. He utilises his knowledge and expertise to enhance a continuous growth of OSI Group.

Under his leadership, OSI Group has been rewarded severally on the matters about environmental and sustainability. In one of his interviews, he says that one of his primary objectives in life is to inspire the future leaders to have the ability to commit and dedicate themselves to the success of their companies and their responsibility to the society as a whole.

Besides, Sheldon Lavin is also an award winner. He received a Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision Word Academy. This is because he has contributed to the growth of economy all over the world through expansion of the OSI Group that has been providing employment opportunities to a wide range of population across the globe.

Also, Sheldon Lavin never forgets his responsibility towards the community. He creates separate philanthropy to assist the needy people in the city.He is one of the primary financers of McDonald House charities. He was also able to raise three needy children with his wife, and he also continues to work hard to see that he contributes to the overall welfare of the communities in the world.

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The role played by David McDonald in the recent acquisitions by OSI Group

In the last ten years, OSI Group has grown by leaps and bounds to become a leading provider of value-added protein products such as hamburger patties, sausage links, and pizza. Besides diversifying their product line, OSI Group has also expanded its territories to include new markets in China, Europe, Netherlands, Germany and North America. OSI Group’s expansion, especially in Europe and China, has continued pretty well with the acquisition of Flagship Europe and expansion of processing facilities in China and Spain. Part of the Group’s strategy is to introduce new food products in these markets that include non-meat products.

Expanding the Asian Market

OSI Group started out as small retail shop for fresh meat in Chicago. Over the years, OSI has penetrated international markets that have a huge demand for the products that they supply. Asia is one of the markets that OSI Group set its eyes on. In 2010, OSI Group established a mega processing facility in Japan focusing on the production of beef products. The opening of this beef processing facility in Japan enabled OSI Group to expand their operation to the Asia-Pacific region. Two years later, OSI Group opened two facilities in India. One of the processing facilities is located in Bangalore and the other one in Punjab, India.

In the following years, OSI Group continued to establish new facilities in Asia. The company also partnered with the Japanese company, JC Comsa in China to establish OJC Foods. Other establishments in China include DaOSI and OSI Henan processing plant. These partnerships enabled OSI Group to stamp its authority as a world leader in the provision of high-quality food products in the Asian market.

Venturing into the European market

Several developments mark the entry of OSI Group into the European market. One of the major developments is the establishment of MPO and GmbH trading platforms in Germany. The new platform offered OSI Group with an opportunity to supply products directly to the customers.

Another significant development is the acquisition of Baho Food in 2016. The deal enabled OSI to access food markets in Germany and Netherlands. Other developments include the acquisition of Flagship Europe and HynekSchlachthof in 2017.

The role played by David McDonald in these developments

David McDonald, the current president of OSI Group joined the company three decades ago. After joining the company, David McDonald has fueled the expansion of OSI Group by leading the company through a series of acquisitions. David McDonald believes that these acquisitions are essential in ensuring the company’s sustainability.

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Sheldon Lavin, the Friendly Face Behind OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the current CEO of OSI Group, a food processing organization that focuses largely on meat and fish. Since joining as a partner of the group in 1975, Lavin has expanded the company into many continents and developed a company culture that could be better described as a global family. He has held the position of CEO since the 1980s, and since he joined the company, it has expanded, becoming a massive worldwide food supplier with 80 facilities in 17 countries, totaling 20,000 employees. Sheldon Lavin views both further expansion of the group and maintenance of the family-like work culture to be key to the success of OSI Group.

Lavin attended the University of Illinois and Northwest University, majoring in accounting and finance. He then attended Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business. Prior to his position at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin was the head of a financial consulting firm, Sheldon Lavin and Associates, Inc, and in 1970 he joined Otto & Sons, the firm that would later become OSI Industries, LLC. Since Sheldon Lavin became CEO of OSI Group, the organization has received many awards, such as the 2016 Globe of Honor, awarded to the UK branch of OSI Group by the British Safety Council, and being named the leading firm by Forbes. Additionally, the Global Visionary Award was given to Sheldon Lavin specifically by India’s Vision World Academy.

Lavin is also a philanthropist, as is shown by his involvement in the Jewish United Fund, the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, the United Negra College Fund, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. He is also the President and Director of the Sheba Foundation, an Israel-based nonprofit organization that supports the Ethiopian community in Israel, and a director of Northeast Bank, the holding company affiliated with Northeast Bank in Maine.

In terms of company culture, Sheldon Lavin encourages friendliness between the employees and the higher-ups of the company. One such example would be encouraging his employees to call him by his first name, or even the nickname “Shelly”. He emphasizes to his employees that his office is always open and that he cares about their family as well as them. Lunches together are common at the corporate office, and so is using first names. Sheldon Lavin believes that the unique culture of OSI Group is key to its evolution.

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The Outstanding Achievements David McDonald Brought to OSI Group

Most of the protein products with value-added ingredients are supplied by global food companies such as OSI Group. Such protein products include pizza, sandwiches, beef patties and sausages. OSI Group is a food processing company whose headquarter is in Aurora, Illinois. This group or company has been in about 17 counties with more than 50 businesses. Some of the renowned brands the Group has served include Yum, Burger King, Subway, Papa John’s, Starbucks and McDonalds. OSI Group has been conducting business in China for more than 20 years and the company today has projected an exponential growth curve. The Group has about factories it runs in China and two more factories are underway.

David McDonald who is the OSI Group President says the corporation will be the China’s largest producer of poultry products. So far, the President affirms that the poultry production strides the Group has made in the Chinese market are significant and undeniable. According to David, the production and processing departments of the corporation have achieved notable improvements. This is evident through the processing plant for new frozen foods in India, Shandong Province-based new mill for modern feed, and the facility for beef processing in Poland the Group has launched. Under the guidance of the David McDonald, the OSI Group has made further advancements in Hungary and Geneva.

The adequate experience that OSI Group has in cultural nuances, talent pool, consumer’s taste, and government regulations has enabled it to provide world-class services and products to its clients. McDonald ensures that the management team in each regional office clearly understands the local consumers’ tastes and cultures. David developed an unusual interest in agriculture industry when growing up on Iowa farms at a tender age. After working on the farms for many years, David desired to see the farm operations improved. His parents passionately nurtured his vision and took him to Iowa State University in 1987 where he studied animal science at a bachelor’s degree level.

David later joined OSI industries in Chicago in 1991 after his studies at Iowa State University. It is integrity and good attitude towards hard work that has seen him rise through various ranks of the company to becoming the company’s chief operations officer, as well as, the president. His outstanding achievements and exceptional leadership earned him Wallace Barron Senior Award. You cannot talk about the highly esteemed authorities in the industry without mentioning David McDonald. He believes that production capacity is not the only thing you need to produce quality services and products but also product development.

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David McDonald, President of OSI Group Bio

David G McDonald can tell any young college graduate that it is still possible to work your way to the top with one company tn the 21st century where moving from company to company for many young professionals has become the norm. McDonald joined OSI Industries in 1987 straight out of graduating from Iowa State with a Bachelors in Animal Science. His first position with the food processor was as a project manager and over 30 years later he is still with OSI but no longer a project manager, he is the Chief Operating Officer and President.

During his early years as a project manager he was put in charge of expanding the companies international business with sights on Asia and Latin America. It was in his first year, 1987 that the food processing company did expand into the Asian Pacific with K&K, a joint venture that established in Taiwan. Over the next several years they would move into Austria and expand their European presence, the Philippines, Mexico, China and many more global locations since.

Today as the companies COO and president they are operating in 17 countries, employ over twenty thousand people and have 65 facilities. Mr McDonald or OSI have not slowed down in the time he first came on board up until he became the president. A recent single acquisition instantly gave them another growth burst when the president lead them to acquire the Dutch based convenience food manufacturer Baho Food. Baho produces retail level snacks and deli meats and brings their own sizable operation into the OSI organization adds 5 subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany with processing plants that provide product to customers throughout eighteen countries in Europe.

McDonald is very excited about the acquisition and stated that the addition will broaden the portfolio of offerings for OSI customers while expanding their presence in Europe and that Baho’s line of products will be a complement to OSI’s existing processing strengths.

David McDonald is a very hands on and active leader in the industry. He was named the charter Chairman of the North American Meat Institute in 2015 when they merged with the American Meat Institute.

Coming from humble beginnings after being raised on the farm in Iowa, McDonald obviously brought the hard working, persistent habits with him into college and then the food processing and manufacturing industry. Still a young man there’s no telling where he will take OSI next but expanding there global presence and refining their already proficient processing methods is almost guaranteed.

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David McDonald and OSI Group China Are Improving Restaurant Quality Food Products

David McDonald, CEO to OSI Group. The group opened first in Beijing back in 1992 when they first started serving food to the McDonalds and the OSI Group has since become a staple in the economy of China. In the 20 years that they have been in business, there has been changes to the economy where more people are spending their money on take out food.

During the 2008 Olympic games, OSI China had provided over 113 tons of products to be used during the Olympics. The products included beef, pork, eggs, chicken and dehydrated onions. There were no complaints filed and McDonalds in China was greatly appreciative for the products. Since this time period, OSI Group in China has begun servicing other high end clients like Starbucks, Papa John’s, Subway and Burger King.

David McDonald has been with the company for more than 30 years. It has been during this time that OSI Group has begun to grow. The goal for the business is to become the number one global food provider for the companies that are branded as being a leading company. The vision from when the business first opened until now has not changed. The push to continue improving has been thanks to the customers who help them to grow and expand.

David carries a strict belief that you must go above and beyond in order to meet the expectations of the customer they serve. There has been a number of times that they were faced with challenges that required creative solutions to please the customers. The company is not a publicly owned business and they remain a private entity. It is because they are privately owned that has allowed them to be more flexible within the solutions that are offered to the customers. For this reason, OSI Group is able to focus on the long term goal rather than focusing on the here and now.

Going on record to talk about the challenges presented by customers, David speaks about using their values to respond to the situation at hand brought on by customers of OSI Group. While working for the company, David has helped to bring new information to light for the customers who are failing and need a new idea to make the business successful once more. The OSI Group will work to find a way to make the business successful once more. The creativeness of the group is what helps to make them a success today.

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David Mcdonald, OSI Group President

David Mcdonald was born and raised in the farmlands of Iowa. He graduated in 1987 from the Iowa State University in with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Upon graduation, David Mcdonald started his passion and career in Chicago with the OSI industries which he rose through the ranks to be the CEO and president of the OSI industries.

Due to his passion for impacting Iowa State by utilizing the available resources, David Mcdonald is an active participant in the Agricultural Entrepreneurship initiative. Through OSI, he has positively impacted interns and supported various fundraised student learning centers in Iowa.

The OSI group being a leading company value-added protein products, David Mcdonald has played a big role in improving the sustainability of the OSI group. Under David Mcdonald’s watch, OSI is on a growth trajectory with eight factories in China. Whereas some are still underway, OSI is set to be one of the largest poultry producers globally. David Mcdonald has initiated significant improvements in poultry production in the market like the launch of DaOSI which was a joint venture with the Dooyoo group.

David Mcdonald has also initiated processing and production departments like beef processing in Poland under the OSI group. He has also facilitated frozen foods processing plant in India and a modern mill for feeds in China. With his adequate experience in consumer taste, quality and overall perfection of OSI products, the OSI group have penetrated markets in Hungary and Geneva.

Having instituted a global network globally, David has ensured that each regional center has fully understood the customized needs and taste for its consumers. This has played a significant role in improving and ensuring sustainability is achieved in respective markets. David Mcdonald is a firm believer in product development. He believes development should go hand in hand with production capacity to remain relevant to the consumers.

On 8th of August, 2016, the OSI group made its acquisition of the Baho food. Baho food dealt with convenience foods, snacks, and deli meat. Being a Dutch manufacturer, David Mcdonald said the deal allowed and gave OSI a better chance to make growth strides and do business in Europe. In a statement, Mcdonald noted that Baho foods current portfolio of brands and products goes hand in hand with the existing processing strengths of the OSI group. He also assured that the acquisition would broaden OSI’s capabilities to serve the evolving needs of its consumers.

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Sheldon Lavin Continues to Grow into His Eighties

For the better part of five decades, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, LLC, Sheldon Lavin, has been building his empire in the meat and food processing industry, taking his company from a local supplier to the top of the food chain. Although today, Mr. Lavin is known as a titan within the meat industry today, he began his career on a very different avenue. Prior to entering the world of food services, Mr. Lavin had a very successful career in the banking industry as an executive, as well as an investor and head of his own financial consulting firm.

It was in 1970 that, due to his significant background in the financial industry, that Mr. Lavin was asked by the bank to help the fledgling Otto and Son’s secure funding for a state of the art meat processing facility. This new facility would allow Otto and Son’s to become the midwest supplier of meats for McDonald’s Corporation. During the initiation of this deal, Mr. Lavin was asked to come aboard as a partner in the company but declined. Although Mr. Lavin chose not to accept the position initially, he included a caveat that would allow him to take the position at a later date, if he were ever to choose to do so. As the 1970’s progressed, Mr. Lavin became increasingly involved in the overseas operations of Otto and Son’s, which, at this point, was known by OSI Group, and by the 1980’s, he had become fully involved with corporation. It was during the 1980’s that Mr. Lavin began expanding OSI Group into new territories, opening offices in places such as China, the Philippines, South Africa, and Australia. Today OSI Group has offices in over 60 countries around the world, employing over 20,000 people globally and continues to grow under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership.

During Sheldon Lavin’s time as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, he has garnered a myriad of awards, both for his progress within the company, as well as for his continuous charitable contributions. In February 2016, Mr. Lavin was recognized by India’s Vision World Academy and presented with their Global Visionary Award due to his history of growing OSI Group and creating a strong presence on the international scene. At the age of 81, Mr. Lavin continues to spread his unique brand of motivation to his employees and business partners, as well as to entrepreneurs around the world.

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