Attorney Jeff Herman Advocates for Sexual Assault Victims in the Courts and Community

Based in Boca Raton Florida attorney Jeff Herman specializes in making rapists, sexual abusers and exploiters and organizations that protect them compensate their victims financially. The practice he founded Herman Law represents victims across the United States.

Jeff Herman works with child advocacy groups that use education to prevent the sexual exploitation of children. He is also a supporter of the “Child Victims Act” a bill being considered by the New York State Legislature.

In New York State victims of sex crimes have five years from the time of the assault to sue their assailant. If the sexual assault was committed by an employee of a school or religious organization the victim has three years to litigate the case. There is also a statute of limitations on filing criminal charges against a sexual predator. The limit is five years after the victim reaches the age of majority.

A Child Victims Act drafted by Linda Rosenthal the Assemblymember representing the 67th District has already cleared the Assembly floor. The sponsor of the version of the bill before the State Senate is Senator Brad Hoylman of the 27th Senate District.

Senator Hoylman’s version would allow victims one year after the statute of limitations expires to file suit against a sexual predator. It would also make it possible for suits to be filed in cases going back half-a-century.

Advocating on behalf of the Child Victims Act is an organization known as New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators. Former child actor turned activist Corey Feldman along with Sarah Powers-Barnhard of the Team USA volleyball team are pressuring Republicans in the State Senate to support the Child Victims Act.

Jeff Herman earned his Juris Doctorate from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law. He has more than three decades of experience practicing law. When the sexual assault scandal involving Catholic Clergy became public knowledge Attorney Herman revealed the role that clergy in the Archdioceses of Denver and Miami had played in the scandal. Herman Law represented a victim who had been molested by Reverend Neil Doherty and won a $100 million settlement for their client.