Robert Deignan, CEO and Technical Support Innovator

Robert Deignan is a veteran businessman who specializes in technical support companies offered online. He has reputation for providing honest and trustworthy services to customers worldwide. Deignan’s tactful leadership, and keen eye for talent has translated to profitable businesses that not only provide jobs for certified computer specialists, but also provide reliable support for a loyal customer base. At the moment, Robert Deignan is the CEO of Ats Digital Services, which he co-founded in the summer of 2011. Ats Digital is a global computer technical support company which offers high level assistance for computer and networking issues. The company recently became one of the first call centers to become certified by the software review company, ¬†AppEsteem. AppEsteem, is a website that works with cyber security companies to investigate, test, and review technical support companies, firewall developers, antivirus providers, and other software available online to download. AppEsteem offers many certifications to companies which ensure certain online products or services are safe for purchasing and downloading. Even freeware like new pc cleaners or free antivirus, software are vigorously tested, reviewed, and certified or rated. In 2017, Ats Digital Services was tested on 39 different rules and standards that the company passed and met to earn AppEsteem’s call center certification.

The innovation, and leadership of ATS Digital is nurtured by it’s co-founder and CEO, Robert Deignan. As stated earlier, Deignan is a veteran in the business industry, and has been since earning a Bachelors of Science in Business Management at Purdue University in 1995.

In addition to ATS Digital Services, Deignan has also successfully oversaw the day to day activities of iS3 as it’s Vice President. iS3 is a software company which has produced software in the realm of cybersecurity, computer maintenance, and desktop surveillance. Part of what makes all of these companies successful, is Deignan’s ability to network with other industry experts and recruit newly certified computer specialists to work for the company. As one can see from Ats Digital’s staffing page, the best and most experienced computer specialists are utilized to give customers worldwide an exemplary customer service experience.

Family man, and tech entrepreneur, Robert Deignan is one Floridian the tech industry will continue to watch as he molds and shapes the way end-user consumers maintain a high level of internet usability and computer functionality.

One Login: Your Data Protection Company

One Login is a private company that was founded in 2009 by two brothers Christian and Thomas Pedersen. This company deals with protecting the data of their clients when they access applications and devices. One Login uses Identity and Access Management Systems which are safe and straightforward to use. Their products include Single Sign-On, Web Access Management, Mobile Identity Management, Cloud directory, Adaptive Authentication, Cloud RADIUS, User Provisioning, Desktop Authentication, Virtual LDAP, and Multi-Factor Authentication.

In this day and age, data is one of the most valued assets of any company or organization. This is thus the reason why the General Data Protection Regulation is so keen on agencies that are tasked with the protection of data. With this in mind One Login has made adopting legal frameworks and any regulations part of their core values. By so doing, they ensure that they are in good terms with the governing bodies and that their clientele are in safe hands where their data is concerned. One Login has also been on the forefront of adopting the ISO 27018.

Since they started their operations, One Login has had an exceptional structure dealing with privacy issues. As a prospective client or an already existing one, you will notice that One Login has detailed data flow diagrams that are enlightening and show processes. This will help you realize that everything has been contextualized and put into place for your security.

In all business ventures, there has to be a formal mode of communication, especially when writing up a contract. This had already been foreseen by one Login and hence highlighted the essential aspects. Terms such as the use of subcontractors and data breach notification language have been discussed for the betterment of both parties.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that data protection firms have a Data Protection Officer. One Login had already been in the process of employing one. They will involve someone from an external source who works in the EU.

With new regulations, the need for recent certification comes up. One Login has decided that they will go through a review in 2018 to assure their clientele that they are up to date with what GDPR requires.