How Talk Fusion Offers The Most Modern Way Of Advertising Products And Services

Talk Fusion is a Brandon, Florida-based firm which has a collection of apps that enable companies to market their products and services in a video-based format. They can send emails, for example, where the video plays directly within it. They have been in business since 2007 which is when this company was founded by entrepreneur Bob Reina.

Video is the most engaging way of advertising products and services. Because of this Talk Fusion has become a popular tool within the business community. Their apps are now used by companies in more than 140 nations. They recently added to their stable of products when they added a video chat app which has proven to be a welcome addition. Their apps can be used on both Apple and Android smartphones and apps. The lead product is Video Email and their suite also includes apps such as Video Newsletters and Live Meetings.

The Video Email app can record live video or the user can upload a pre-recorded video as well. Once the app is recorded or uploaded the user can then choose from an array of templates to use it in. The template is very customizable as the text and other parts of the display can be customized in order to create a cohesive message. The app also allows for creating secure private rooms that can be used on 3G, 4G, and/or Wi-Fi connections. In order to invite people into these rooms the user can either send a text or email to those who they want to invite.

Talk Fusion has a team of IT professionals who are constantly at work making improvements to these apps. One recent addition to the Video Email app, for example, is a new feature that enabled picture messaging. Users can also create the secure chat rooms based on the country and the user can easily see who is participating. The picture quality has also been greatly improved so that blurriness and choppiness are rare occurrences.

All of the Talk Fusion apps are based on WebRTC technology. This allow users to communicate in real-time communications. It also means that their apps can be used seamlessly on devices using any type of browser and the use of this technology eliminates any need to download browser plugins. People being communicated with can be using any browser on their desktop or laptop as well as Apple and Android mobile devices. Learn more: