Perry Mandera and Community Care

Perry Mandera is a businessman who is part of the enormous transportation field. He’s been working in the sizable industry for more than three full decades. Mandera is also the man behind the creation of The Custom Companies, Inc ( This is a business that’s based in the community of Northlake in Illinois. People who are familiar with Mandera understand how busy he is with his career. They can also talk about all of his other efforts, however. Mandera gives his time and energy to the ISCC or Illinois State Crime Commission. The ISCC is a professional group that has made its gratitude toward Mandera crystal clear in the past. It gave him the prized Bishop Sheil Award back in 2010. It gave him the Citizen of the Year Award just one short year later, too. The ISCC describes a not-for-profit group that collaborates with the Police Athletic League. It works tirelessly on projects that minimize juvenile delinquency and crime in the region. It, at the same time, encourages strong and productive relationships between the public and police offers. The ISCC operates in and around Chicago. It specializes in in-depth training sessions that are geared toward nearby law enforcement entities. The ISCC has done a lot of work since coming into existence. It’s organized free conferences that delve into many interesting subjects. Violence caused by gangs is an example. The ISCC has put together useful tactical training courses that teach participants the ins and outs of event security controls, martial arts and even firearms.

Perry Mandera has been a trucking expert for years. He used to work as a United States Marines reservist. That’s when he started truck driving on a frequent basis. Mandera set up a transportation company independently when he was just 23 years in age. He made the decision to put it up for sale after five years. He established The Custom Companies, Inc. in the middle of the 1980s. Mandera is an individual who adores everything about philanthropy. He loves to aid the members of his precious community. He’s fond of all kinds of volunteer activities as well.