Bob Reina: Someone Everyone Should Know

There are two big reasons that people work for Talk Fusion: Bob Reina and the product itself. It is always great when we get to hear and see about a CEO and founder being such a positive influence and such a big reason why someone wants to work for a company. In the case of Bob Reina, it has been earned every single step of the way. He has not had to change his personality or become someone that he is not. He has stayed true to himself every single step of the way. People are very familiar with his story of a former police officer that now runs a video technology company.


The thing is that Talk Fusion is not just any video technology company; they have awards to back up what they have done along the way as well. They have really carved out a name for themselves in the industry through good old-fashioned hard work and grit. Those are important qualities to a self-made man like Bob Reina. He is not a quitter and he is not someone that looks for the easy road. As a matter of fact, he looks for the hard road and he prefers the hard road. It is more rewarding for him when he reaches the end of it.


They also enjoy working for a company that is truly impacting lives on a day-to-day basis. They are making people’s lives better and they are allowing people to have their dreams come true. That is not something a lot of companies can lay claim to that is for sure. Talk Fusion can say that, and they can also say they are giving money back to charities as well. They are doing every single thing the right way and it is why the combination of Bob Reina, Talk Fusion, and the way the company is doing things is a great reason to work for them.


Everybody wants to work for a company that is worthy and a company they can be proud to tell their friends they work for when they talk to them. Talk Fusion fits that bill and then some. Learn more:


Academy of Art University: Designing for Runway

One thing that a lot of people do not know about fashion is that different types of designs are meant for different purposes. For instance, people may often not only look in amazing at the crazy designs at the fashion shows, but they may also wonder why they do not see anything like that in retail stores. Even with designer stores, they do not see anything resembling what they see at fashion stores. To some people, this may come as a relief. However, Academy of Art University teaches about the different types of fashion designs and their purposes.

One thing that people often do not realize when they are watching fashion shows is that a lot of the most outlandish designs they see on the runway are Haute Couture. This is one of the reasons that they almost never see these kinds of items outside of the runway. However, students of Academy of Art University are going to learn a lot about these designs. One thing they are going to learn about is all of the thought processes that go into this type of fashion. They will also learn about the material that is used to bring about the most creative designs that are seen on the runway.

When people study at Academy of Art University in fashion, they get to learn about the many different aspects that go into creating clothing. Then they are given a chance to let their imagination run free. This is where they get to come up with the designs that are sure going to get the attention of buyers. At the same time, they can also come up with concepts that are very fun and inspired without having to look almost intimidating and grotesque. People who have a taste for the elegant are going to be the ones that fare the best at fashion shows.

Jeremy Goldstein Talks Employee Benefits

When it comes to giving employee benefits, companies have many options. For the longest time, corporations relied on stock options as the number one benefit. Lately, more and more corporations are deciding to opt for other types of benefits. They all have their own reasons but three problems seem to be most recurring.

First, the risk of stock options is becoming more apparent. Stock value drops significantly a lot more than they used to. If the value drops too low, employees don’t have another option. Essentially, it makes their options worthless or puts them at risk of option overhang.

Second, people don’t trust stock compensation anymore. The fact that their money could be gone in the blink of an eye is incredibly terrifying to most people. Today, people prefer to have cash they can keep track of themselves. They’re no longer interested in the casino token style of stock options. Learn more:

Third, accountants are tired of being flooded with burdens. What it really comes down to is a lot of paperwork and man-hours sitting a desk. It just seems easier to eliminate stock options and use that money to pay everyone higher salaries or offer different benefits.

While simply paying higher salaries is tempting, stock options have a greater benefit for everyone. When people have a personal interest in the company’s success, they work harder. Stock options make employees part of the company as more than just an employee. When their futures depend on company success, they’re more inspired to satisfy customers more than usual.

Also, offering equity benefits is getting harder thanks to the IRS. The IRS made some more rules recently, and it’s not easy to give employees equities. In the end, equities might have higher tax-related burdens than standard stock options.

It seems like there are two sides to this story. One is fighting to completely eliminate stock options as a benefit and the other is trying to bring them back. The side fighting to keep stock options relevant is led by Jeremy Goldstein, the top executive compensation and corporate governance lawyer in New York.

He’s one of the top lawyers in the nation for a reason. Jeremy Goldstein has 15 years of experience just dealing with business law. He’s also worked with some major corporations, such as Verizon, AT&T, and Bank One. If he’s not working, Jeremy Goldstein is donating his time to local nonprofits throughout the city.

MB2 Dental Is Making Dentists And Their Patients Smile

MB2 Dental Solutions is an all in one dental business management company that can transform an average practice and make it extraordinary. MB2 is able to handle all of the business processes and operations involved with a dental practice, which frees dental professional time, and allows them to focus on their patients rather than office management. MB2 Dental Solutions offers trained staff to take care of paperwork and coordination. They also provide office equipment and full tech support to help dental clinics run seamlessly. It really is a smart way for dentists to have a practice that runs efficiently and offers a high level of patient satisfaction.

You can expect to have all of the most up to date equipment in your clinic if you are a professional who decides to take advantage of the MB2 affiliate program. They even provide training and ongoing education in order to help dentist provide the best, most complete dental care for their patients. They can handle everything from accounting to taxes. All of the fine details are taken care of so dental professionals can rest easy knowing that their practice is running smoothly without unfortunate errors and mishaps.

The best thing about being an affiliate is that you have complete autonomy and can create the practice you have always envisioned without the business itself getting in the way of your dreams. Practices have all of the support and equipment they need to provide the best services possible. No more long wait times, mixed up paperwork, or confusion. MB2 Dental Solutions can give you everything you need to have a successful practice that is all your own. The company was built by dentists for dentists, so every part of the business plan is designed to give each location the best circumstances possible to create growth and stability. They even offer an associate dentist program that allows you to be matched and placed with an MB2 facility that will benefit from your skills and expertise. The MB2 dental clinic management program is the perfect solution for busy dentists who want to worry about the quality of care they offer their patients.

The Beauty of the Mighty Fortress Church

Recently an article was written on the top twenty-five most beautiful churches in Minnesota. Ranging from the small and eloquent Stella Marie Chapel on the water; to the extravagant Cathedral of St. Paul. Also included in the list is the First Unitarian Church of Duluth which features beautiful architecture and stained-glass windows, which was built in 1910. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New Ulm impresses with its historical richness. Featuring paintings of the twelve apostles and Christ, this lovely wonder was built in the late eighteen hundred’s.
More important than the just beauty of a building, is the people that are inside.  Mighty Fortress Church has both beauty in the architecture and in the individuals that fill it. Mighty Fortress is changing lives through worship and practical Bible teaching. In the world we live in, people need a place to worship and experience the presence of God, and Mighty Fortress provides just the place to encounter His life-changing word every time the doors are open.
You can expect the focus to be on God and his power to change lives each and every day. Come and be refreshed, inspired, and lifted up by people that are like minded.   Come as you are, Mighty Fortress Church will love on every individual no matter what background, culture, or race.  Love is for everyone and everyone has a place here to contribute their gifts and talents to praise and worship the Creator and to help others in need around them.
Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor and has served actively in the ministry for over 30 years.  As a minister of the Gospel Bishop Williams wants to bring the applicability of God’s Word to the people of the Church.  His mission is to help those people see the power and wisdom of the Word to overcome sin, moral decay, and the current rebellion against God. As the Senior Pastor, Bishop Williams wants to see reconciliation in every aspect of life for each individual.
This is the Beauty of the Mighty Fortress Church.

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Neurocore Brain Performance Centers: Providing Adequate Mental Health Care

Approximately 6.7% Americans are affected by major depression annually. This figure depicts that depression and mental health is a vital issue in America. Depression doesn’t discriminate, and it can affect any person at any given age, but it affects most adult women. The month of May is for Mental Health Awareness, and Neurocore is determined to show the real face of depression.

A fraction of the people is affected by depression never seek medical attention. Research has proven that this is due to the victimization involved with depression and several mental health conditions. Moreover, most people don’t understand that depression is a treatable condition and people who have it are not pretending. Given this Neurocore has compiled a comprehensive list that shows that depression is a permanent condition that may have a huge blow to any individual’s life.

There are numerous forms of depression. They include Postpartum Depression, Major Depression, Persistent Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Postpartum Depression occurs soon after childbirth and may persist for two weeks to even a year. Major Depressive Disorder is an episode of distressing feelings that last daily for two weeks. Persistent Depressive Disorder is a sense of having painful feelings that continue every day for two years. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression where distressing feelings occur at winter time or periods of time when sunlight is minimal.

There is research that says that Depression has a genetic link and people who have had a family history are likely to suffer. Nevertheless, other issues that might lead to depression include individuals who have gone through abuse and stressful life episodes. Other factors are money problems, unemployment or death of a close person. The signs and symptoms of depression include immense sadness, feeling numb and empty inside. Other individuals who have depression may have eating and sleep problems, lack of interest in anything, fatigue and much more.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are positive performance hubs that assist people in handling different stressful situations. Neurocore was started in 2004 and has nine centers spread all over Florida and Michigan.

The centers use applied neuroscience to combat sleep impairment, lack of concentration and difficulty in stress management.

From A Dentist To A Fierce Businessman – Dr. Chris Villanueva

In dental industry, merging the business and medical aspects of the profession seems almost impossible. One has to possess knowledge within dentistry while also being a versatile businessman, which most people are unable to do at the same time. The area of business requires one to familiarize with issues such as profitability, taxation, customer retention, and more. Dentistry, however, is a science-based discipline where a certified professional has to receive credentials before getting involved with the industry. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has found a way to merge these two very different areas. He is the founder of MB2 Dental, an organization that partners with private dental offices around the nation. By doing so, they provide the resources and guidance to success, while growing a platform of doctors from around the nations who can help each other.

Dr. Villanueva is an Ohio native who was raised in a few different countries. He graduated high school in Caracas, Venezuela, and spent a large portion of his childhood in Asia and South America. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Microbiology from the University of Florida as well as a Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree from NOVA Southeastern University. During his career, he had a chance to work as a dentist’s assistant and be on the corporate side of the business. This has given him a perspective on how things operate from the business side. Therefore, he united the high-quality education he obtained with the hands-on experience in the administrative side of the profession.

MB2 Dental
Currently, MB2 Dental is affiliated with over 70 locations in six different states in the United States. Dr. Villanueva is in charge of 533 employees who help his company thrive, and his operations are led out of Texas where he resides with his wife and four kids. The business model of the company is based on improving the service that the patients are offered. This is done by facilitating support between doctors, providing resources, enabling upgrades for growth, and implementing technology in general. Some of the main areas that the company focuses on are:

  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Compliance
  • Legal Matters

By offering insight from other professionals who have been in similar situations, MB2 Dental has a wide range of corporate-like advantages. Professionals who implement these in their sole-proprietorships have been able to increase their revenue while growing the client base.

NuoDBL SQL Database for Today and Tomorrow

Technology keeps changing and therefore, the business environment keeps changing. In fact, business growth depends on a company’s ability to keep up. Because consumer’s expectations are centered on constant availability, high-performance and new feature development, “NuoDB SQL Database” is swiftly setting the pace for preserving transactional activity while giving businesses room to scale as fast as they grow.

With such high consumer expectations, there must be a fast, accurate and continuous system in place to scale-out application performance despite other failures and outages. To meet a business’s critical requirements, and for cloud support, disaster recovery, elastic scalability, and application resilience, business owners are learning to stick with the NuoDB SQL Database.

NuoDB SQL database appears as a single, logical, SQL database to an application. Nevertheless, the transaction layer handles requests from applications and caches statistics for speedy access, whereas the storage layer guarantees resilience of data by writing it to a disk, thus providing ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability).

The NuoDB SQL Database takes a strict approach to maintaining the integrity of valuable data by combining the critical requirements of the on-demand economy and delivering high-value to organizations across multiple industries. This cloud database not only delivers today but prepares applications to deliver tomorrow.

NuoDB SQL Database

NuoDB is a company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts that develops elastic database systems. NuoDB was founded in 2008 by co-founder Barry S Morris and co-founder Jim Starkey. The companies name was changed from NimbusDB to NuoDB in 2013. To date, NuoDB has raised over $59 million is funding.
Modern database systems, such as MySQL, struggle to allow the users to scale out their systems easily. The NuoDB database system is SQL compliant and allows the user to deploy into cloud systems. NuoDB New SQL database system also retains traditional SQL traits but the added capabilities allow the user to avoid sharding and bottlenecks in the system. NuoDB new SQL database is ACID compliant.
The functionality of this SQL database system is based on a tiered approach. This tiered system is compromised of transaction engines and storage managers. This allows NuoDB SQL database systems to scale data in a predictable manner within a cloud system.

Honey Birdette is Pushing Boundaries to Enhance Customer Experience

Honey Birdette, top Australian Lingerie brand, recently launched an e-commerce site dedicated to its US customers. Over the last one year, the US online sales for Honey Birdette has grown by over 374%. The e-commerce platform will support this growth and enhance the shopping experience. It will also enable Honey Birdette showcase more of its products, deliver faster and process customer returns easily. There is also an incentive for customers who place orders above 50 dollars.

As part of their strategic plan 2018, they intend to increase the store networks in the UK from three to forty. The US market is also listed as an opportunity for growth more so in the retail spaces. Their inaugural store outside Australia, opened last year and is situated in the Covent Gardens, London. Honey Birdette has lined up ten more new openings in Newcastle, Liverpool, Stratford and Westfield, UK.

About Honey Birdette
A discussion between two friends over a glass of champagne birth the idea that would translate into a successful enterprise. The friends saw an opportunity in the luxury lingerie and accessories market in Australia. By 2006, Honey Birdette began operations with a single store in Australia.

Honey Birdette offers bold, exquisite and energetic designs that help customers discover who they are. There are 55 Honey Birdette stores in Australia. The Honey Birdette Premium label also targets the high-end market in Europe. The label retails for a minimum of 35 euros and 60 euros for briefs and bras respectively.

They leverage fast fashion strategies, releasing four new line each month to keep the excitement among the customers. The Honey Birdette team actively engages its customers through social media to understand their needs and improve their services. The company’s desire to enhance the customer’s experiences makes them push boundaries, incorporate quality and creative designs, implement aggressive strategies and regularly keep in touch with the clients.

Honey Birdette’s goal in five years is to conquer the world.

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