James Dondero, The Philanthropist Accountant.

James Dondero is the current President of a globally acknowledged credit provider that he co-founded in 1993. The Highland Capital Management, launched in 1993, began dispensing its financial services the same year and offers credit oriented strategies among them being;
• as separate accounts and long-only funds,
• Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs),
• and credit hedge funds.
The company, with James Dondero at its helm, also provides credible firms with alternative strategies for making investments. Some of the alternative investment strategies it offers include;
• long/short equities,
• emerging markets,
• and natural resources
The companies, entities, and institutions that qualify to be and form part of the Highland Capital Management’s customer base include various public corporations, public pension plans, funds and foundations, endowments, financial institutions like banks, high-net worth individuals and entities, and governments.
James Dondero, the president of the Highland Capital Management, lives in Texas. He serves as the chairman of the boards for the;
• CCS Medical,
• Cornerstone Healthcare,
• and Nexbank
The credit and equity expert also serves as a board member in various other commercial entities including the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. and American Banknote. He majorly specializes in providing oversight for the Highland Capital Management’s investment operations and strategies. He has accrued over three decades’ worth of knowledge and experience in that market niche.
Mr. Dondero went to the University of Virginia where he graduated with the highest honors a double major in Accounting and Finance could achieve. He got certified as a Management Accountant and started off his career as a financial analyst in the Morgan Guaranty Training Program. At that time, he had all the access he needed to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
The phenomenal financial analyst and Managing accountant have another side though, one that has no regard for profit or balancing ledgers. He is a philanthropist who mostly supports public policy initiatives among many other initiatives. Other initiatives that he is known to have a keen interest in include veteran affairs and education. The philanthropist has over the existence of his three-decade career displayed an unwavering commitment to educational institutions and tourist attraction sites in Dallas. His charitable donations to such causes go towards building general public facilities and refurbishing existing ones. One of his charity ventures included construction of an updated hippo outpost at the Dallas Zoo. The donation was also planned to fund the construction of a 5000 square foot lodge. Other donations that Dondero has made to public institutions include the;
• the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute,
• the Snowball Express,
• Uplift Education,
• the Perot Museum of Natural Science,
• the Education is Freedom Charity,
• and the SMU’s Tower Scholars Program.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Introduces a Program for Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, an organization that is transforming the lives of cancer patients has announced to the world that it will be partnering with Allscripts and NantHealth. The partnership will help in coming up with a custom technical solutions that will make it easier to access decision support solutions and clinical workflows. The institution says that it will introduce the new program, known as clinical pathways to help inform the cancer treatment techniques to the patients.

According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, the new program will be designed to ensure that the doctor’s workflow is not interfered with. The program will be using an advanced technology that was developed by hundreds of doctors in the oncology department. The system is considered to be the best because the doctors are very experienced, and they have been treating cancer for a long time. The pathways program will have a comprehensive collection of all the evolving cancer treatment data in the United States to help the doctors in work.

George Danekar currently serves as the chief medical officer at the reputable Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and he was quoted saying that the new program represents the perfect treatment for individuals who are living with the deadly disease. George says that the program is the best way to eliminate all the guess work that the physicians are forced to do when treating the patients. The ongoing cancer research will make things easier for the professionals serving in the industry.

When designing the clinical pathways program, the experienced doctors had the interest of the cancer patients in mind. The doctors used the modern technology to ensure that the patients have the option of choosing the treatment that is suitable for them. The system used is transparent, and it ensures that the customer has confidence in the treatment they will be getting.

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Strengthening the Cloud with NuoDB

With use of applications, ranging from the alarm clock to dating people, in our daily routine, it is easily forgotten that these services need constant maintenance in order for it to work properly with each use. When it comes to digital up-keep, having the optimal amount of data storage is the best way to ensure that all data is pertinent and not slowing down the processes already in place. NuoDB is a database company that serves in compression that allows for more data to be stored within the memory parameter. NuoDB headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where they founded the patent for “elastically scalable database” that was authenticated on July 17, 2012. NuoDB, now armed with a $12 million capital gain, they are becoming pioneers in their niche industry of allowing apps to grow audiences and be able to provide the best experience of the app each and every time. NuoDB is the new protector in the cloud that is empowering our capabilities of living in the digital age, because the less space your apps and services use enables them to work consistently, as well as provide space for more apps. This small facet creates a huge impact into our lives.

Omar Yunes Makes It As The Best Franchise In The World

The contribution of Omar Yunes for Sushi Itto made him win the Best Franchise of the World (BFW) competition. This event had taken place at Florence, Italy, on 5 December last year.

This is recognition of the contribution of Omar Yunes to the brand that he is representing. He was aged 21 when he had taken this franchise of Sushi Itto. This food chain belongs to Japan. Omar Yunes owns 13 of such franchised units. These are located all over in Mexico City, and Puebla as well as Veracruz. In fact, 10% units of the brand are owned by Omar Yunes today.

Omar Yunes does not take credit for this honor. He says that he feels very proud, but he is only a representative. This is because it is a prize that has been won by all the 400 people who are employed in these units. It is their effort and work in the units besides the flexibility offered by the brand to innovate that has led to winning the award.

This is the 2015 edition of BFW which was a highly prestigious event as it was attended by people who represented 34 countries. These attendees came from Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, besides France. There were people from Italy, and Argentina besides Mexico too.

The parameters of evaluating the franchise were based on its impact on network. It included factors like how much the franchise could influence network and how it contributed with regard to knowledge. Also, the savings were considered besides the employee motivation factor. The invoice amount was another consideration besides the improvements being proposed by the franchise to business model.

Omar Yunes was able to win the highest award as he could take the franchise-franchisee relationship to another level. He could manage information in a better way. He was able to implement control boards. This allowed a better measurement of all units.

The CEO of Sushi Itto says that this award further strengthens the joint effort as they strive to offer their customers exemplary service along with remarkable flavor.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Contribution towards Cancer Treatment Taken a Notch Higher

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) has made a huge step in making cancer research easier and more efficient. The organization recently joined hands with two other stakeholders in oncological research, NantHealth and Allscripts Sunrise, to establish an informative patients’ cancer treatment platform labeled Clinical Pathways.

Clinical Pathways brings together electronic health records (EHR) and eviti® such that the latter can access clinical workflows in the former. eviti® is a clinical software that was developed by NantHealth while Allscripts Sunrise developed EHR. With Clinical Pathways program, physicians will be having an easy time since they will have a reliable source of patients’ treatment history.

Words from the Executives

According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America chief medical officer, George Daneker, Clinical Pathways creates an ecosystem in which clinicians will be able to get undiluted and factual research data. Patients, on the other hand, will be presented with a wide range of treatment procedures to choose. Since Clinical Pathways puts treatment regimens at the patient’s and clinician’s disposal, it creates room for clinicians and patients to discuss and reach a consensus on the type of diagnosis to be given.

On his side, Allscripts CEO, Mr. Paul Black, was happy to witness the launching of a project they had started way back in January. He took pride in his organization’s input in developing what will potentially revolutionize the traditional chemotherapy regimens.

Senior executive director of medical affairs at NantHealth, Bobby Reddy, expressed optimism that Clinical Pathways will be a success. He was happy to have helped Cancer Treatment Centers of America develop the program that he described as a game changer.

About CTCA

CTCA operates five cancer treatment facilities in America. On top of administering chemotherapy and surgery procedures on cancer patients, facilities under CTCA also offer side effects management services to their patients.
CTCA opened its doors at Schaumburg, Illinois in 1988. Its founder, Richard Stephenson, had been pained by losing his mother to cancer, and that served as an inspiration to start the firm. Four of CTCA’s hospitals were opened a decade ago.