Betsy DeVos Adds To A Great Philanthropic History For The Michigan Business Family

Living in an impressive philanthropic environment can have a great effect on those who get the opportunity to explore a great deal of charitable giving and I believe Betsy DeVos has taken the mantle as one of the most impressive and important philanthropists in the world. The newly appointed U.S. Secretary of Education has played a key role in pushing forward a number of key issues through her philanthropic giving as part of the well known charitable donors within the DeVos family; a recent report I read about the work of Betsy DeVos and the DeVos family as a whole explained in 2015 the eldest members of the DeVos family provided more than $100 million in funding for various programs as part of an ongoing group of donations made in the name of the family.

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The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation seems to me to provide funding for the majority of programs identified by Betsy DeVos as the most important in the five areas the couple have identified in community, education, arts, justice, and leadership. I am always pleased to see any philanthropist backing their own areas of interest with a large level of funding provided by individuals like Betsy DeVos; the need for a high level of community involvement in Michigan and beyond is important to the Holland, Michigan born Betsy DeVos as she believes engaging the people of West Michigan in various different community based programs can have a positive effect on all areas of life in the state.

Like most people I believe Betsy DeVos is making sure each and every individual attending any form of educational institution has the chance of receiving the best possible level of education. Zip code based differences are an aspect of the education system Betsy DeVos hopes to remove as she seeks to help families make their own choices about where their children are educated and how this is completed. In her home state of Michigan I have been impressed with the role Betsy DeVos has played in developing the Detroit Charter School program that has been proven in independent studies to assist children in receiving a higher standard of education than is offered in the traditional public school system.

Through The Windquest Group and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation Betsy DeVos has developed, what I believe to be an innovative and unique charter school in the West Michigan Aviation Academy; after looking over the details of the school developed by Betsy DeVos the high number of low income students and those from minority groups has reached high levels over the course of its life under the leadership of Mrs. DeVos.

What George Soros Thinks About President Trump

George Soros, a hedge fund Billionaire, explained about his belief that President Trump is an impostor in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Mr. Soros who is at the age of 86 further said that he is sure that President Trump will fail and he doesn’t support democracy. George Soros is a Hungarian immigrant survivor of the Holocaust.

Mr. Soros said that President Donald Trump would be a dictator if he could but the United States rules are firm thus hindering such an instance. He also said that Trump ideas on are manifested by his advisors as he is at the peak of being undecided. It’s unpredictable to know the next Trump’s move as he did not have any expectations of winning the U.S elections as he was dedicating most of his time in generating more sales from his companies said, Mr. Soros.

On the topic of global trade and international relations On Politico, George Soros said that China would be a significant beneficiary of President Trump’s tenure. Mr. John Trump will make sure China becomes more acceptable as a leading country of the global community than the Chinese would do for themselves said, Mr. Soros.

It’s not the first time George Soros has spoken against President Trump. Coming to the end of 2016, Mr. George Soros described Trump’s proposed cabinet comprising of unqualified retired generals and extremists who would not be able to promote and protect democracy in the other parts of the world.

The George Soros who is a billionaire entrepreneur supported Trump’s running mate Mrs. Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential nomination and donated millions towards the pro-Clinton PAC and President Clinton’s campaign in 2008. In an article in The Wall Street magazine, Mr. Soros suffered a loss of $1 billion when Mr. John Trump won the election after he had made huge bets. Despite this loss, his fund gained 5% more than it did in 2016 according to the magazine.

George Soros Philanthropy
George Soros, a billionaire philanthropist, and investor gave $100 million to Human Rights Watch so that they could expand the firm’s ability to work abroad. Mr. Soros donation was the biggest gift of funds that the Human Rights Watch has ever received. With the money received, HRW will be able to add 120 new employees to its existing team of 300 members spread all over the world, open new country offices, and widen its translation of reports.

Mr. Soros also in the middle of the U.S recession donated $50 million to the Robin Hood Foundation on Snopes. RHF is a charity organization that eradicates poverty in New York; George Soros contribution was a part of the significant amount raised. On the same day, Mr. Soros also gave $200 to purchase supplies for every family on the welfare program in New York and $35 million grant that helped the state to gain access to $175 million in federal money.