Securus Technologies and The Cellular Network Defense We All Need

It is said that the three harmful addictions of people are heroin, carbohydrates, and an employee’s monthly salary, and while this is true, it should also be said that doing evil has also been one of man’s most extended addiction since time ever existed. This form of evil is translated right now in the dynamics and series of events happening to Lee Correctional Prison Cell and the tragic event that happened to Robert Johnson.


The Robert Johnson Predicamen

The story of the tragedy of Robert Johnson had started in 2010, and since the event, he’s been sharing the story of how he almost died to serve the public repeatedly to anyone who’s interested to know. Robert Johnson already worked for the inmate facility for 15 years, and one day during his duty, he confiscated a contraband item that’s worth $50,000. That must have come from a malicious syndicate because that was the trigger why he was shot in his home two weeks later. Deflecting the intruder’s attack against his family, Robert Johnson faced the shots and was hit in the chest numerous times. Afterward, he recovered and sought justice. Good thing for him that the shooter was caught, and was put in jail. Interestingly, the shooter was a former convict.

The shoot to kill order that Robert received was related to that contraband item that was confiscated two weeks before. If that confiscation didn’t happen, he wouldn’t have been shot. He wouldn’t have almost died twice on the operating table, and he wouldn’t have to confront the finality of the mortality of his life. That experience shaped his outlook on life, and I think that was also the reason why he is now chosen by Securus Technologies to be part of their team. Being part of the company means that he would now be in charge of making sure that what he had unfortunately undergone would be something that other people won’t. Robert Johnson now leads in making sure that he can implement the Wireless Containment Solutions that Securus is planning on supporting to achieve its security goals.


Wireless Containment Solutions: The Answer to Security

From the word go, it is evident that the main point of the practice of civil justice tech of Securus is to secure as many lives of prison officials as possible without also putting the lives of the inmates in danger. With Securus’ Technologies Wireless Containment Solutions, Securus can hang up, disconnect, filter out and bar the cellular calls that go through the prisons’ network systems. That means no shoot to order call or any cellphone conversation can take place inside the prison. This would also mean that that horrific Facebook Live Stream inside the jail reported in BusinessWire could also be prevented, or at least addressed.



Securus Technologies-Restoring Peace in the Correctional Facilities.

A family is essential in our lives. It is one of the factors in our life that keeps us going. Whatever the case, we always have the back of our loved ones. This is why when one of our family members is caught on the wrong side of the law, families lose their fortunes trying to save them from going behind bars. No one wants their family members to be somewhere they cannot communicate regularly. Other members are afraid of their family members because of the dreadful things they have heard about jail life. Lucky for inmates and their families, Securus Technologies has erased all these fears.

The Securus Technologies has been in the lead of high tech provision since time immemorial. The company is highly innovative and has been able to maintain its position in the market. Securus Technologies provides his services for a million inmates and 2600 correctional facilities. It also protects the data for prominent businesses.

Securus Technologies has provided the correctional services with gadgets that allow the administration to monitor what is going on in the cells. This is to ensure that the inmates are safe from the aggressive inmates. It has also reduced massive killings. These massive killings were as a result of corrupted officers who cooperate with outsiders to kill the convicts. This is an effort to bury any trace of evidence. Families with members in jail say that this development has given them peace of mind. With this Securus Technologies, they are assured of the safety of their family members.

Inmates who have been in jail for a long time say that the bullying has reduced. They say that this has facilitated the transforming process. This is because they’re no longer frustrated. With the observations, even the officers observe their human rights, and they are treated with dignity.


Rick Smith; Technological Genius in Safety and Security

Rick Smith got his amazing start with his education, getting an Associate’s Degree in Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo, a Master’s in Engineering from State University of New York, and an MBA from the University of Rochester. His career has been just as impressive having held various positions at Frontier Corporation such as operations, IT, finance, plus business development to name a few. He was Chief Financial Officer at Eschelon Telecom Inc., later becoming President/COO. While at Eschelon, Smith grew the revenue of the company from roughly 30 million to 350 million and was successful in getting Eschelon IPO in 2005.

In June 2008, Rick Smith became CEO of SECURUS Technologies. SECURUS is an American for-profit prison technology company based out of Dallas, Texas, but with offices in Carrollton and Allen, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. The company has approximately 1,000 employees, and serves over 2,200 Correctional Facilities across the United States and Canada. The company provides top-of-the-line civil and criminal justice technology solutions, which improves the safety of the public and modernizes incarceration experiences. The technology is the best, as SECURUS has thinkers of innovating solutions, technologists, designers, and engineers with hundreds of patents, for service of the highest quality, the most products, and provides the best solution economically for clients all the while maintaining great customer service. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

SECURUS connects correctional facility personal to needed information, connects emergency dispatchers and responders to those needing help, connecting inmates to technology, to help connecting leads in investigations, and connecting family and friends to those that are incarcerated. The technology is up-to-date and constantly evolving to meet client needs, collects information from more than 2,200 law enforcement and corrections agencies which assists in finding leads. The company is the largest of its kind in providing communications and the only full spectrum solution provider in the area. It is no wonder the company is successful, and it won an award; honored as a bronze winner in the 2017 American Business Awards. The customer pledge extends to all; agencies, inmates and their family and friends.

Rick Smith has the technological background and experience to carry SECURUS into the future and continue to serve. Currently the company serves over 1,200,000 inmates in North America alone and over 2,450 law enforcement and corrections agencies in addition to public safety agencies. The technology is advanced so that it can help in preventing and solving crimes committed by the incarcerated. The company receives many letters and e-mails regarding how much customers appreciate the services offered by SECURUS, and that is in part due to Rick Smith. Read more on

Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Officials Protect and Serve Safely

Securus Technologies has been in the limelight of the inmate communications world for many years and rightly so. The company has been making tremendous progress in the field and has helped develop some of the finest and most helpful products and services. The company has a broad range of phone, video, and e-mail services, which helps the inmates to communicate with their loved ones. Previously, it was much more difficult for the inmates to get in touch with their loved ones, but thanks to the advanced technology, now it is very much possible.


Securus Technologies reaches out to over 1.2 million inmates across the country today, and more than 3,500 law enforcement agencies use the company’s products and services. The company recently published a news release online where it showed few comments from the letters it regularly receives from the law enforcement officials. The law enforcement officials find the services of Securus Technologies highly useful, and express their gratitude towards the company by sending them an email or a postal letter with kind words to thank the company for making the incarceration experience modernized and providing services that secure the law enforcement officials.


Securus Technologies, in their attempt to uplift their goodwill in the market, published a press release recently where it showcased the letters from the law enforcement officials. The letters showed what the jail officials and police agencies’ officials feel about the company’s products and services. Most of the law enforcement personnel around the country who have used the products and services of Securus Technologies believe that the firm helps them protect and serve safely and securely while doing their duties without any complacency. It helps them in ways more than one by getting the information needed to arrest the offenders as well as by obtaining the evidence necessary to convict them in the court.


Securus Technologies’ Eleven Field Officers are Now Holders of BICSI Certification

According to a recent article posted on PRNewswire, the Senior Vice President of Securus Technologies, Danny de Hoyos, announced that eleven of the company’s field specialists acquired training from the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). At the end of the training, the field technicians were issued with a BICSI certificate. BICSI is a professional body that supports the ICT sector by offering project management, sound, video, data, electronic safety and security solutions. The body comprises of competent personnel who focus on designing, installing, managing, and maintaining ICT-related projects. Watch more on


ICT projects include wireless-based infrastructure and fiber optics systems. BICSI is known for handling more than 20,000 ICT experts through publications and conferences in 100 countries. When asked about Securus’s new initiative to train its field specialists, Danny said that BICSI was the perfect institution because, through its ICT solutions, Securus is now reliable in performance. The field experts chosen for the certification program had an average of 15 years of expertise. Danny believes that the certification will enable the recipient to provide excellent services to the clients.


Securus Technologies in brief


With its central Headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Securus is the leading provider of inmate communication systems across North America. The firm was formed as a result of the merging of Evercom and T-Netix in 2004.  Securus’s clients include inmates, correction agencies, law enforcement departments, and public safety agencies. The company is mainly driven by its customers and strives to provide services such as inmate self-service, biometric analysis, emergency response, investigation, communication and public information access. Securus Technologies has $600 million in investments. The company aims at using this money to develop new technology solutions & products, for acquisitions, and patent filing.