Clay Siegall: A Scion of Passion in the Fight against Cancer

In addition to his chief executive officer duties at Seattle Genetics, which he cofounded, Clay Siegall is also an avid blogger. His posts touch on wide ranging issues that he perceives are crucial for the promotion of the cause of human beings. One such issue is recycling; a practice that has been touted for decades as one of the best ways of dealing with the ever burgeoning problem of environmental pollution through human activities. His post, which is a repost of an interview of researchers on the negative impacts of recycling, holds that there is a significant downside to recycling. The effectiveness of recycling is gradually promoting a culture of complacence as people pollute the environment buoyed by the comfort that the trash will be recycled. The research showed that the presence of a recycle can nearby encouraged people to use more recyclable materials and items such as cups and wrapping papers.

Passionate Search for Alternative and Effective Cancer Therapies

Clay Siegall’s passion and commitment to the cancer community began from an early age when he was in campus following a personal encounter with the pain associated with conventional cancer treatment options. He dedicated his scholarly life and professional career to finding alternative treatment for cancer that is more effective and less painful. After graduating from the University of Maryland with Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, he later specialized in Genetics for his doctorate degree at the George Washington University. He has authored numerous articles on the subject while also getting over a dozen patents for his inventions in the field following years of study and working as a research scientist in several organizations.

However, Clay Siegall’s commitment to fighting cancer is not confined to scholarly endeavors. In 1998, he cofounded Seattle Genetics. The company is one of the leading entities in cancer research and development of targeted cancer therapies. He has been at the forefront of the company’s efforts towards achieving these initiatives, which have already bore significant fruits including the development of an FDA-approved Adcetris conjugate. He has guided the company’s cancer research partnership initiatives with several like-minded companies including Pfizer and Bayer. Clay Siegall has also helped the company raise capital worth millions of dollars to finance its research efforts.

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